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Eminem is undoubtedly one of the most famous rappers of all time. Over his controversial career, the artist has maintained a distinct casual look that is both comfortable and stylish. With a little inspiration, you’ll have everything you need to dress like Eminem.

Eminem Hoodie

eminem hoodie
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Arguably the most famous element of Eminem’s casual style is his zip-up tops. From hoodies to bomber jackets, these complete his outfit perfectly, particularly when he puts his hood up for his performances, creating his signature style.

When you’re trying to get the ultimate Slim Shady style stick to dark block colours like black. Their basic colour and versatility mean they will pair with anything and allow you to create a wider selection of outfits. So, experiment with your Eminem style jumper and see what outfits you can create.

Eminem T-shirt

eminem t-shirt
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If you’re going for an old school Eminem look then a classic T-shirt and jogger combination is a quick and easy way to achieve it. Back in the 90s Slim Shady was famous for wearing exceptionally baggy T-shirts and jogger bottoms. Although this was stylish at the time, nowadays things have gone a bit skinnier. Unless you want to look like you’ve just stepped out of a bad rap video, it’s probably a good idea to modernise this look and get your hands on some skinny or tapered joggers.

Eminem Dress

Other than the period where he disappeared and got really fat, Eminem is also known for styling a tight fitting vest. His skinny body shape is perfect for wearing a tank-top and compliments his a smaller frame well. If you team this with some joggers or shorts then you have a great outfit for working out. However, for a more everyday look team your vest with some classic navy jeans.

Eminem Smart Casual

eminem smart casual
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If you’ve admired Eminem’s style over the years, but want to achieve a smarter take than his sometimes grungy appearance, then the key features are leather jackets and smart headwear. Often pictured wearing a loose leather jacket and trilby, Eminem smartened his act up for some occasions, whilst still being defined in his rapper-style appearance.

In order to get his smartened up look, opt for a leather bomber style in a baggy fit, or a looser leather jacket, remember Eminem isn’t rock n’ roll. You want oversized for a street vibe. Leave it undone to show a hint of your tee.

Eminem Jacket

eminem jacket
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As Eminem has got older his fashion sense has become more modern. You won’t see the bleach blonde rapper walking around stage in baggy joggers anymore. Instead, Slim Shady has opted for a more slim line and refined outfit. An integral part of this is his choice of jacket. Try wearing a classic khaki bomber jacket with some tapered cargo pants and a plain white T-shirt.

eminem hats
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Baseball Caps

One of the most defining features of Eminem’s closet is his headwear. Again, this is something that has varied over the years but has always followed a similar pattern.

Firstly, there’s the baseball hat or snapback. He’s worn many of these over the years, and it’s often been one with a logo or emblem to add a further twist to his outfit. Worn beneath his hoodie or on its own, it added a cool street edge to his outfits. Or, if you’re looking to emulate the earlier years of Eminem’s career, then why not opt for the baseball hat with a bandana underneath?

Beanie Hats

beanie hats
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If he’s keeping things really casual, Eminem will often opt for a beanie hat. It’s perfect for giving him that roguish look and offers a piece of clothing that will always adapt to the baggy jeans, loose jacket and t-shirt combo. It dresses up your outfit without any effort, exact Eminem style. Another accessories addition to mix up his outfit. Again, the perfect colour to ensure you’re in-keeping with his wardrobe is black.

One of Eminem’s most famous looks consists of a pair of cargo shorts and a loose fitting hoodie. This is an excellent outfit for any casual event and is a simple way to emulate Slim Shady’s style. Wearing a good pair of colourful trainers is also a great way to add some extra detail and flare to your ensemble.

Eminem Accessories

eminem accessories
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No Eminem outfit is complete without some classic accessories, including watches and pendants. Often opting for an oversized watch, Eminem always makes certain that his outfit is complete with detail. Stick with a more casual watch for a cool street vibe, and mix and match your pendants. Also, opt for gold if you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your Eminem look.

How to Dress like Eminem

  • Remember to keep things casual when you’re going for Eminem’s style, this guy doesn’t dress up smart very often.
  • Get your hands on some dark hoodies or an Eminem jumper for a base to any Slim Shady outfit.
  • If you want to look less casual then try wearing a leather jacket and some black jeans.
  • Wear different hats and accessories with watches to add the finishing touches to your Eminem style.

On That Note

To help you achieve an Eminem look, but without blowing the budget, we’ve put together some top must-haves from his wardrobe. Ultimately, if you’re going to pull of Eminem’s stylish look, you’re going to have to make it look like you haven’t tried too hard. With casual components like a zip-hoodie, a beanie hat and some oversized t-shirts this shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. If the baggy look is a bit outdated for your liking then modernise the style with some more tight fitting items. Accessorise with a hat of your choice, stick to black and top off with chunky trainers, an oversized watch and long chain.

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