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When it comes to wanting to model yourself on someone who had unwavering amounts of sophistication, an understated style and a discreet arrogance, then JFK is your man. Always well presented, always in-line with fashions and always low key but powerful in his appearance, he continues to be a style icon for many.

To start with, you need to look at JFK’s wardrobe as a whole and not just the one that was in-keeping with his presidential duties. Kennedy would always achieve his confident and relaxed style in all areas of his life, from work commitments to family holidays, and we’ve collaborated a list of top styles that Kennedy fashioned.

Mis-matching Your Suit

For the less formal of occasions, Kennedy would often team a pair of trousers with a different coloured jacket, giving him a more down to earth style for everyday duties. Something like a pair of light chinos or trousers with a darker jacket is ideal, and great for smart-casual and work events.

Slim fitting and classically cut, it will make the perfect accompaniment to these straight legged chinos. Team these with a classic boat shoe to top off the look, or, maybe even a loafer.

mis-matching your suit
“Public Domain: President John F. Kennedy with Robert F. Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoover by Cecil Stoughton (NARA)” by via WordPress
keeping it cool on the beach
“John F. Kennedy, wife Jacqueline and daughter Caroline.” by thesmuggler- Night of the Swallow’ via WordPress

On family holidays, JFK wouldn’t always be pictured chilling out on the beach in a white t-shirt. Instead, to keep his dapper look alive, he chose a white oxford or linen shirt to do the trick. Giving him a sophisticated edge and one that doesn’t look out of place with some tailored shorts; this is the ideal getup when you’re wanting to look a little smarter on holiday.

Try wearing a crisp, classic white button down shirt. Teamed with a pair of twill shorts from ourselves as well to heighten the look and keep it casual.

Don’t be Afraid of Trainers

When he was out and about John F. Kennedy wasn’t afraid to wear some smart chinos with a pair of retro trainers, and a simple shirt and jumper. It offered an understated and casual style but without him losing any of his sophistication.

You may not own a yacht, but your footwear can certainly make people think otherwise. JFK was often spotted manning his boats in a pair of white plimsolls, for grip and comfort I should think. So, why not try emulating this by wearing this pair of white plimsolls from Vans, perfect for those casual days out, or, maybe even manning a boat of your own.

“President John F. Kennedy” by U.S. Embassy New Delhi via WordPress

Know How to Rock Sunglasses

Another iconic accessory that you’d often see JFK wearing was his sunglasses. Always suited to his face, these accessories added to his refined appearance and they are also great for making you look confident when you might not necessarily feel it!

Sunglasses are the perfect way to heighten any look, formal or casual, and no man did it better than JFK himself. Try wearing a pair of classic Ray-Ban’s in black, the perfect pair of sunnies for any man. Or, if you’re after something a little bit different then why not try wearing a pair in tortoiseshell. This pair from Persol are spot on

know how to rock sunglasses
@manhhai via WordPress

Bow Ties

When you do have to attend a formal event, don’t be afraid of the bow tie. It’s a classic winner and really adds to that air of self-assurance that you’ll need to adopt to get across the true character of JFK.

The Long Overcoat

Finally, if you want a piece of clothing that’s going to make you look important no matter what it is you’re doing, then you need to invest in the long overcoat. Paired with an outfit of your choice (as long as it’s not your pyjamas or slacks) it instantly provides that confident edge to your outfit.

And, if you opt for a black one, you’ll know it’ll go with almost any outfit and is the true classic colour, making it ideal for work and social. This one from Selected is spot on, classically designed so it hugs your body and you know it will go with pretty much anything and everything in your wardrobe.

the long overcoat
“President John F. Kennedy, Mayor John F. Collins, and US Speaker of the House John W. McCormack” by Boston City Archives via WordPress

And On That Note

To achieve the look and style of JFK, you’re going to need to make sure your wardrobe oozes sophistication and that you bring confidence to the clothes you’re wearing. Pick out the sharp shirts, the tailored trousers and the designer sunglasses and put on your ‘I’m serious but still fun’ face and you’re bound to rock John F. Kennedy’s style, and rock it well.

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