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Men’s jewellery is a hard thing to nail. There’s many do’s and don’ts based around this kind of accessory, so how do you get it right? Are you wearing too many rings? Can you wear more than one bracelet? And what do you do about earrings? There’s so much more than just wearing a watch, so here’s a guide on how to get your jewellery right without looking like a d*ck.

Jewellery for men has been around for years. With wealthy kings and ancient Egyptians loading themselves up with gold, it’s no surprise that men’s jewellery has always had a presence in fashion. With so much on offer, it’s the whole styling issue that guys need to focus on now, because how do you wear all this jewellery and still look cool? Are you wearing too much? Do your earrings match the necklace? And what do you do when it comes to wearing a bracelet and a watch? The struggle is real. We’re therefore going to give you the low down on all things jewellery so you can wear the pieces you really want.

So if you need to know how to wear jewellery, men, we’ve got you. Compiling a list so you know what you should do and what you definitely shouldn’t do. Men’s contemporary jewellery and even Men’s gothic jewellery may all have unique style points, but for every piece, there are a few mainstream rules you should be following.

Do Mix it Up

We want to see some creativity if you’re going for the jewellery look. Get yourself some unique men’s jewellery and create a personal look that adds to your outfit. Just remember when choosing the pieces, you need to keep your personal style in mind. If you’re not a bright coloured kind of guy then don’t go for something so bold. Stick to the classics – silver or gold. If you do want to add some colour then don’t be afraid to pair a coloured corded bracelet with a metal strapped watch. The contrast of the materials will mix things up and allow you to show some unique personality.

Don’t Pair Silver with Gold

You may have already heard this, but it’s a number one rule – you can’t really mix silver with gold. Silver men’s jewellery should be worn with other silver pieces and the same goes for your gold pieces. Think about your skin tone – some people suit gold and some people suit silver, so it all depends on how it looks on you. Your mate may be a gold guy and you may be a silver person, so make sure you know what looks best and don’t just go following the crowd. If you do end up mixing the two, it can be confusing and create an uneven, un-thought about outfit, so it’s always best to stick to one or the other.



Do Keep your Piercings Minimal

We don’t need to see you experimenting with piecing holes in weird and (not so) wonderful places. If you want a piercing then sure, go for it, but if it starts getting slightly over the top then we think you should slow it down a bit. Of course, everyone suits different styles and it’s all ultimately about personal preference but you should know your limits.

Do Consider Your Ring Fingers

Rings are a big part of a guys look. They can always be seen. Even when you’re out in a coat or jacket and the rest of your body’s covered, your hands are always on show, so they’re going to get noticed. You should therefore consider what fingers you wear your rings on and what type of rings you go for. The pinky is a favourite finger to opt for as it has that element of ease and coolness about it. The index finger is also a good one to chose because it gives off a sense of dominance (we’re not sure why, it just does).

When it comes to the style of the ring, you shouldn’t go for something that’s too delicate, you want something masculine. Big chunky rings work well, so think about the detail. It’s the little elements that make a look work so keep this in mind. It may be all well and good finding loads of brilliant rings that you want to wear all the time, but if you’ve got one on every finger then I think you’ve gone a bit too far. We all love to wear a few rings, but if you’ve got on more than three, we think you should stop.

Don’t go Crazy with Embellishment

We’re talking diamonds, crystals, anything over the top. You don’t have to buy the most embellished bracelet or the ring that has the biggest diamond in. Just because it’s got the most going on, it doesn’t make it the best. You can show off your style and status with something that’s a little less in your face – because sometimes (well, most of the time) the simpler styles are the better ones. They’ll get noticed just as much and for better reasons, so don’t just buy a massive gold chain because it’s a good way to show off all the cash you have to splash. You’ll be able to wear it a lot more and you won’t look like a d*ck.

Don’t Go for Cheap Men’s Jewellery

There’s nothing worse than your fingers turning green because you’ve gone out and bought a cheap ring. We don’t want this. Actually, we don’t need this, ever. Especially when the more pricey options (and we don’t necessarily mean full on designer men’s jewellery) are so much better. It’ll last longer, it’ll look better and you’ll be able to wear it all the time. Plus, getting your hands on some luxury men’s jewellery isn’t that hard with the amount on offer in today’s modern society. Men’s jewellery brands all range in price, from the very affordable pieces to the ones that are great for gifts or that pay day treat. Whatever your budget you’ll be able to sport some kind of jewellery – just make sure they’re not too cheap.



Do Know When to Wear it

There’s a time and place for everything, and this includes jewellery. If you’re going to a black tie event or off to an important business meeting then you don’t need to smother your fingers and wrists in jewellery. You should keep it subtle and think, ‘are these rings really appropriate for this?’ When it comes to casual situations then go right ahead, get out your best and cool men’s jewellery and show off your new jewellery style.

Obviously with a suit you should try and wear a watch. As a watch can be both professional and personal, it can bridge the gap between the two in an easy and sophisticated way. If you’ve dressed up for the occasion then make sure your watch it just as smart as the rest of your outfit. Think about the wrist strap and the detailing. A watch is a big thing for a guy, so you should make sure yours is up to date and a timeless piece.

Don’t Go Overboard

Hopefully now you’ve realised that you can wear rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, and as a guy you actually have a lot on offer to you. But, you don’t have to wear every single piece of jewellery all at once. Three bracelets, a watch, five rings, two necklaces and a pair of earrings may be acceptable if you’re living on a desert island and going for the hippie look, but if you’re out in town or running to the shops you don’t need all the extra jazz. Keep things subtle and make sure you keep the colours you choose to a minimum.

Wearing a bracelet and a watch can work well, plus putting on a couple of rings can help finish off a look. Maybe one day you go for a necklace and the next you opt for earrings and a bracelet. Many guys wear rings everyday as it just feels like second nature to them. You can get away with wearing rings everyday if you stick to only wearing a few at once because after a while, leaving the house with none on will leave your hands feeling naked and weird.

How to Get Away with Jewellery Without Looking Like a D*ck

  • Try not to mix silver with gold and remember there’s a time and place for every piece of jewellery.
  • Don’t go over the top. You don’t have to wear every piece of jewellery you own, keep things simple and you’ll be wearing it right.
  • Think about the detail and colours. You can mix and match but be sure to note that each piece should compliment the next.
  • Invest in your jewellery, as men’s cheap jewellery isn’t going to look as good. It’s something you’ll want to last, so try and splash the cash where possible.


On That Note

When it comes to jewellery, if you get it wrong, you may look like a bit of a d*ck. But there are a few simple rules to remember, so you avoid anything like this. Firstly, Don’t wear too much and don’t mix random pieces together. If you have a feeling two options don’t match then the chances are they probably don’t. Keep silver with silver and gold with gold, and choose the one that suits your skin tone the best. Finally, know when you should wear things and make sure you don’t chuck on everything at once. Once you’ve got this, you’re all good.

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