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David Beckham’s hair is pretty iconic, and plenty of guys love to copy his haircut. Are you one of them? If so, how about we give you an idea of how to style your natural hair? Styling is pretty easy, just find the perfect David Beckham haircut that suits your length & personal preference. Also, know that women love David and that they will fall in love with your haircuts.

What Color Is David Beckham’s Hair?

The best way to describe David Beckham’s hair is chestnut brown. It is not a dark brown or even a neutral brown, nor dark blonde. However, he did bleach it before. He also loves to add some dimension every here and there with some highlights. But if it had no products, colors, or bleach, his natural hair color would be entirely chestnut brown, just as the color of his eyebrows. You can always experiment with different looks till you find yours ”the one” ideal David cut.

What Is David Beckham’s Hairstyle Called?

David has switched up many hairstyles in his lifetime. However, he is mostly spotted wearing either a faux hawk, high or low fade, as well as a taper fade haircut. He doesn’t really do a lot with his natural texture, but he does have naturally long & healthy strands. Some would even say that his genes are perfect, since even at the age of 44, he still has all of his hair in place, and he is not going bald!

Top 7 Different David Beckham Hair Designs

1. David Beckham Hair Faux Hawk Short Haircut

david beckham hair faux hawk short haircut
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David Beckham obviously has an amazing barber. This haircut used to be his go-to hair during his younger days. Usually, guys who love playful hairstyles that do demand a somewhat level of styling will enjoy this and similar hairstyles.

How to style it?

If you have naturally voluminous hair at the top, make sure you emphasize it with hair pomade. Brush the top up and set the strands in place and try to incorporate some facial hair.

2. David Beckham Hair With Slick Back Hairstyle

david beckham hair with slick back hairstyle
“UNICEF Event on Youth with Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham” by United Nations Photo via WordPress

David Beckham’s hair has changed a lot throughout the years. His hairstyles have been playful and easy, as well as super sophisticated (such as this one). If you are someone who likes hairstyles that can be your go-to for formal events, this is it.

How to style it?

Comb through your hair with a wide-tooth comb and pull back all of your strands. You can also go for an undercut detail if you are not a fan of old-school and defined hairstyles. Set your hair sleek with some products such as a hair gel or some pomade.

3. David Beckham Modern Hair Pompadour Haircut

david beckham modern hair pompadour haircut
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David Beckham can rock his pompadour for formal events. He looks perfect with a bit more volume at the top. This is because hairstyles such as this one suit his head shape. Styling is a bit time-consuming, but it is a formal and seamless style.

How to style it?

The search for your perfect everyday hairstyle is over! Embrace this pompadour hair with an undercut detail, but make sure you set the top with your go-to and favorite hair gel. Be gentle with your hair-care products since less is sometimes truly more.

4. David Beckham Hair Short Buzz

david beckham hair short buzz
“David Beckham comes to Kansas City – KC Wizards Game (36)” by ramseymohsen via WordPress

While playing football, David loved to rock shorter hairstyles. This cut, in particular, is perfect for men who don’t like to do a lot of styling, and who are all about low-maintenance. If you need a short cut that is as close to his, get a buzz cut.

How to style it?

You won’t need to use any hair products on top. Simply let your hair air-dry on its own, and run out the house! The perks of this cut and similar hairstyles are that you won’t need to spend way too much time early in the morning when styling your hair. Simply visit your barber every 2-3 weeks, and you’ll be set and ready to go!

5. David Beckham Hair With Spiky Quiff Haircut

david beckham hair with spiky quiff haircut
@Yahoo Pressebilder via WordPress

David Beckham can always look clean & sharp. This is because he has masculine facial features, as well as a classy way of dressing up. This quiff haircut is perfect on him since it is not too long or short, perfect for guys who love in-between looks.

How to style it?

Emphasize the quiff and know that it will stand a lot, just as your face and head shape. A cut like this is only for men who like their facial features and their head shape. David Beckham is one of those men who can look great with a beard, but with this cut, you may want to get shaved.

6. David Beckham Haircut With Natural Texture

david beckham haircut with natural texture
@”Victoria and David Beckham” by friskytuna

David Beckham has a lot of texture, and his hair is naturally so healthy and strong. If you want a cut that is perfect for younger men and true football players, Beckham recommends this!

How to style it?

Just set your spiked up portion with a comb and some hair gel. Get as close to your roots as possible since you will sweat a lot, and you will need more support around your scalp. Don’t forget some subtle facial hair that you will connect with your hairdo. It will add so much to your look.

7. David Beckham Hair With Taper Fade

david beckham hair with taper fade
@”Cup final Draw Event with the Premier and David Beckham” by The Democratic Alliance via WordPress

A low fade or even a high fade has become very popular in the last 2-3 years. David Beckham shows in this picture that he can even rock his grays! If you feel like you are slowly noticing some gray hairs and you are in your mid-30s or 40s, you will enjoy this stylish cut the most.

How to style it?

Beckham can style this hairdo with some gel on the sides, and only a bit of gel on the top. It is vital to get regular haircuts for this fade. If you are someone who has a trusted barber + you prefer minimalistic looks, get this design.

On That Note

The great news is that this hairstyle and similar haircuts can look amazing on many guys! David Beckham’s hair is an often go-to at many hair salons and barbershops worldwide. Do you like the idea of copying something that looks as good on David? Let us know which one out of his seven different haircuts you’re going to get sometime soon; we would love to hear your thoughts!

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