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Johnny Depp is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors of his generation. Over the years, the heartthrob has moved through a catalogue of unique hairstyles. Read our complete guide where we’ll look at some of Depp’s most iconic hairstyles and how to get them.

Are you a huge fan of his movies? Are Pirates of the Caribbean your old-school favorite? Ever since the Amber Heard drama, he has been everywhere, and is probably working on a new movie as you’re reading this! If you wish to know more about Johnny Depp’s haircut and copy his look, keep on reading! Here is how to copy his look!

Johnny Depp’s Haircuts

johnny depp's haircuts
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As one of Hollywood’s biggest names, Johnny Depp has achieved success in music, acting, and producing. While making his name for his art, from fresh-faced wannabe rockstar to celebrated actor, Depp has triumphed with his disheveled mane.

Johnny Depp’s Mullet Hairstyle

Before fame, marriages, and a certain dog smuggling incident, Depp was nothing more than an unknown teenager from Kentucky trying to make it in a band. During this period of the early 80s, yes, he had a mullet. The less said, the better.

johnny depp's long side parting
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In 1987, Johnny Depp first appeared as a fresh-faced heartthrob, Officer Tom Hanson in 21 Jump Street. Have you seen his first movie? The age of the mullet was over, and in its place, a side parting, complete with floppy fringe. Unlike the mullet, this style has, to an extent, stood the test of time. Depp’s cut has longer layers on the top and is tapered around the back and sides. It can be parted or quiffed. It’s low maintenance, and one of the 80s better offerings. While Depp’s style may appear slightly dated, a modern look can be achieved by drawing inspiration. Nowadays he is such a big public figure who can pull off everything.

How to Style the Side Parting

  • This style is suited to medium to thick hair, ideally with a slight wave
  • If you have a diamond shaped-face like Johnny Depp, this style is ideal – it accentuates the bone structure
  • Length on top should be approximately 10cm, while length at sides is optional
  • To style, add some volumising lotion while hair is damp, part, and then comb dry with a hairdryer
  • Finish off with matte clay

Johnny Depp’s Cry Baby Hairstyle

johnny depp's cry baby hairstyle
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Long before Alex Turner showcased his new style in 2014, Johnny Depp showed us how it’s done with a quiff in the 1990 film, Cry Baby. While Cry Baby was not well received, Depp’s hair certainly was. This rockabilly style is the perfect complement to a plain white tee and leather jacket. The Cry Baby is a difficult haircut to pull off without looking like an Elvis Presley impersonator or a Danny Zuko wannabe, so it is essential that the style is in keeping with your overall personality.

How to Style the Cry Baby

  • This style is suited to medium to thick hair
  • It works for most face shapes – diamond, oval, square, heart, or triangle
  • Length at the top should be 12-14cms, and length at the side should be around 6cm (tapered at back and sides)
  • Wash with a good quality shampoo, towel dry and using a comb, dry backward with a hairdryer
  • Rub a small amount of pomade between the palms, and work backward into your hair while still damp
  • Continue with a hairdryer until dry (reapply pomade once hair is dry until hold is achieved)
  • Comb the sides back so they are tight to the head, and flick a couple of strands forward at the front

Johnny Depp’s Long Hair

johnny depp's long hair
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By 1992, Johnny Depp had grown his hair out and the following year, this was the result. A long flowing mane of slightly wavy locks. Johnny Depp’s hair was the perfect marker for the beginning of grunge culture, and a style that equally suited his character in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, alongside a young Leonardo DiCaprio. Depp’s clean-cut look was gone. This cut is also very Paris like, don’t you agree?

How to Style Long Hair

  • Face shapes – think oval, heart, and diamond
  • Straight hair does not work particularly well, at least a slight kink will be needed
  • The main issue in achieving this style will be growing it out – you must persevere
  • To reach shoulder length, your hair will need to be 30-40 cms
  • Part at the side, center, or sweep back. Alternatively, tie it up in a bun (or a Johnny Depp ‘Blow’ ponytail)
  • Make sure to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair in good nick
  • Try to only wash a few times a week – let the natural oils flourish
  • Style with a hair mousse to add volume, and salt spray to add a little texture (both optional)

Johnny Depp’s Buzz Cut

johnny depp's buzz cut
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Yes, this is Johnny Depp. The days of long hair were in the past as he temporarily donned a buzz cut while promoting Donnie Brasco in 1997. Unlike many of his other hairstyles, Depp has not reverted back to this in almost two decades. He favours longer styles but showed us how the buzz is done. This cut is always both in and out of style. It’s never been mainstream, but in the same light, it’s not a haircut that will be ridiculed anytime soon.

How to Style the Buzz Cut

  • If you don’t like the shape of your head, it’s probably best to avoid the buzz
  • It’s best suited to straight, square or angular faces
  • As there will be very little hair, any hair type works
  • Length of a buzz cut can vary between 0.5cm and 3cm
  • Your hair can be shaved at home if you’re looking to save some cash (make sure you buy good clippers)
  • If you decide to shave, shave against your hair direction, and remove the guard to trim around the hairline
  • Alternatively,  get your hair cut with scissors and comb at your barbers. They will use the shape of the head to give a more flattering look and add a little texture with this technique
johnny depp's short hair
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One of Mr Depp’s older styles is having short hair. Whilst the long hair is more of a signature look for the Cry Baby star, there was a time when he rocked the short hair that you see below. Achieving this look is simple enough and doesn’t take long in the morning either. You’ll need some good pomade or hair clay, a white T-shirt and a simple jacket.

How to Style Short Textured Hair

  • Works with all face types
  • Ideal for thicker hair
  • Length will be 4-8cm
  • It’s all in the cut – show your hairdresser a picture, and make sure to ask for plenty of texture and layers
  • Style with a little matte clay or wax
johnny depp's chin length hair
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Perhaps the most well-known of Johnny Depp hairstyles – shoulder length with an off-center parting. As Captain Jack Sparrow hit our screens, Depp’s hair was long again, and this time lighter. Now into his 40s, Depp refused to give up his youth, and the result speaks for itself. Depp hair at its best.

How to Style Shoulder Length Hair

  • This style works for most face shapes
  • If you’ve got straight hair, you’ll look more like Iggy Pop. A slight wave is best
  • Grow for approximately a year from short. Cut regularly to ensure layers grow out
  • If dyeing, opt for a tone slightly lighter than your natural hair colour (particularly if you’re slightly older)
  • Make sure to invest in a colour-treated shampoo and conditioner (moisture-rich), and wash in cold water
  • Style with a little salt spray (optional)

How to Style Cropped Hair

  • This best suits oval, square, and diamond face shapes
  • Works with medium to thick hair, straight or wavy
  • Grow your hair out a little, and ensure your hairdresser keeps your layers top heavy
  • To style, apply mousse while damp, blow dry and finish with a little matte clay

Johnny Depp’s Public Enemies Hairstyle – ‘The Dillinger’

johnny depp's public enemies hairstyle - 'the dillinger'
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In 2009, Johnny Depp played bank robber John Dillinger in Michael Mann’s film Public Enemies (recommend you watch it if you haven’t). As ‘Public Enemy No. 1’, Depp was given a classic prohibition-era hairstyle, not one million miles away from the one he’s sporting currently. I very much doubt he’ll get a better cut for a role, ever. Overall sexy & stylish, even more-so with this stylish scarf.

How to Style the Dillinger

  • Like the undercut, it’s suited to most face shapes
  • Get your hair tapered to the skin around the back and sides, and move to a slightly longer length at the temple
  • Keep extremely long at the front, and graduate with smooth layering as hair goes to the back of the head
  • To style, blow dry backward with a comb and  a little wax
  • Finish with a high shine pomade to create the 1930s look

Johnny Depp Facial Hair

johnny depp facial hair
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Depp’s facial hair has been a regular feature since 1998. It would be difficult to call it a beard. It’s extremely thin and wispy, and he has little to no hair on the sides (obviously in this picture his cheeks are shaved). This may look good on Johnny but try to avoid, it probably won’t look as good on you.

Johnny Depp’s Hairstyles

  • Long Side Parting: Easily swept back to give a relaxed finish.
  • Buzz Cut: Gives a striking look that’s great for accentuating facial hair or strong bone structures.
  • Johnny Depp Long Hair: Long wavy, shoulder-length locks that give a subtle, grungy finish and can easily be texturized.
  • Chin Length Hair: Works for all hair types. Can be left wavy or straight.

On That Note

As you can see, Johnny Depp’s long illustrious film career has been matched with a beautiful hair story. While he tends to favour longer cuts, there are styles out there for ‘get out of bed and go’ people. More than anything, Depp shows that the cut is only half of the equation and that styling is everything. So, do you fancy him in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, or is this pirate movie a bit too much for you to pull off? If you can’t rock his new braided hairstyle you can still opt for some newer shorter looks. So, which one is your must-do?

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