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Denim jeans are the ultimate go-to for every season and they’re bound to look good no matter how you style them. With so many different types of jeans to consider these days, things can get a little overwhelming. To ease your future shopping experience, check out our complete guide to the types of jeans for men and the best denim jeans for your body type.

Types of Jeans for Men

Do you find yourself wondering “what kind of jeans should I buy?”. Well, not all trends will suit every man and his body shape, but that’s okay. The trick is to get to know your body shape and choose the style that will work best for you.

Here are some of the most common styles:

  • Slim Fit (Straight Leg & Skinny Fit)
  • Regular (Boot Cut & Flare)
  • Relaxed (Classic Fit)
  • Loose (Wide Leg)

Finding the style that feels the most comfortable trumps all. You want your denim jeans to glide onto your body, to let you move around with ease and feel as though they were made for you. This is what good denim jeans are all about! Got your chosen style? Good. Now let’s find out your body type.

Best Fitting Jeans for Your Body Type

Very few men are aware of their body type because it’s not a topic that’s often spoken about. However, read on and we’ll teach you all you need to know about body shapes and finding the perfect style of jeans to complement them.


While slender guys are often advised to choose clothing that balances out their body shape, such as oversized sweaters or wide fit pants, when it comes to jeans they should always fit your body.

If you’re frame is slender, you have two types of jeans to choose from – straight leg and skinny fit.

  • You should always choose denim jeans which offer a slim fit. You also want to look for a style with movement. Avoid wide-fitted styles as they’ll only make you look bigger than what you are.
  • Both of the options above will offer you the slim fit that you need. The straight leg will feel most comfortable as it will allow you to move but still feel quite stylish. Whereas the skinny fit is all about style, you will have less mobility, but they’ll look amazing with a pair of really chunky trainers.

Best Jeans for Skinny Guys

For slender guys, I’d always suggest a pair of skinny jeans. They’ll look amazing this season as they’re fresh, edgy and perfect for your denim-on-denim looks in the summer months. Plus, you can never go wrong with a light denim wash. Pair these jeans up with your favourite T-shirt, chunky trainers and a bomber jacket for an effortless, yet stylish look.


We’ll use the term ‘medium’ quite loosely, as it accommodates several different types of men. Would you say that your body type is average? Do you go the gym often? Maybe you have a busy lifestyle? All of these factors can point towards having a medium or athletic build.

Finding denim jeans for a medium build can be quite a task, as you have to account for your thick calves and thigh muscles. If this is you, then you’ll suit a straight leg.

  • You should always stick to wearing a straight leg because this is the best-fitted style for you. You want your denim jeans to show off your muscles without them looking restricted, so you need to ensure that you have plenty of room in the leg. Always avoid any tight fitted styles, you may think that they’ll compliment your muscles but they really won’t.
  • The straight-leg will is easily the best type of jeans for athletic legs. They sit comfortably on your body, particularly on your thighs, making them ideal. If you’re looking to show off your toned bum you’ll want to find a pair that has small-sized back pockets which are spaced apart.

Best Jeans for Medium Build Men

The denim jeans by Nudie below are some of the best fitting jeans for men on the market and a good pair of men’s smart jeans as well; hugging you in all the right places. Not to mention, the dark wash will look great throughout every season and will match up nicely with almost anything in your wardrobe. If you’re looking to dress up this summer, pair them up with a casual shirt and Oxford shoes. Going on to work? Don’t forget your blazer!

You could also get yourself a pair of the best men’s skinny jeans out there. These work well with your build – sometimes the best black skinny jeans are more forgiving given the colour balances out your shape.


Being heavily-built isn’t always what you think. It doesn’t mean that you’re overweight; it means that you either carry a few extra pounds or you’re naturally ‘big boned’ as they used to say. Guys who are heavily built often struggle with finding denim jeans, as not every style provides the best comfort. For example, skinny or slim jeans for bigger guys is typically a no-no as it can create dramatic unbalance in the body’s silhouette. If this is you, then you should mix it up between these two options – wide leg and classic fit.

  • The key is to find a style that feels comfortable. You don’t want your denim jeans to suffocate your body, nor do you want to struggle in putting them on. You also want to avoid anything that has a flared effect, as it will only draw eyes to the areas you may wish to hide.
  • Both the wide leg and classic fit are styles which will provide a lot of room. They’ll allow your body to breathe, and they won’t restrict your movements or put pressure on your joints. However, if you want a smaller and firmer looking bum then you should opt for styles with large sized pockets that sit closer together.
  • Get yourself a pair of the best black men’s jeans you can – black is a slimming colour and always will be.

Best Jeans for Heavier Men

Edwin is one of our favourite brands for denim jeans as they offer quality material which is perfect for the relaxed fit. They also support the breathability factor; with its 14oz denim weight, you’ll surely feel comfortable while wearing them. Plus, they’ll work great when styling, as their unwashed effect really stands out. Finding the best jeans for athletic legs can be tricky, but there are enough out there to have a pick of different options.

You want to think about comfort every time you shop. So, pair these up with a bomber jacket, your comfiest T-shirt and plimsolls. If you’re slender, athletic or heavily built, you now know how to shop for your denim jeans – and we generally do not recommend skinny jeans for bigger guys. But what if you have the added complication of being tall or short? Well… we’ve got that covered for you too!

Best Fitting Jeans for Your Height


When you’re tall, it can be difficult to find a pair of denim jeans which accommodate for your height and body shape. You need to find the right leg length while also incorporating your body type too. It’s not that simple for tall guys!

Depending on your body type, your choice of denim jeans might alter. However, the most common styles for tall guys are – straight leg and regular fit.

  • Tall men should always look for long cuts. You want to make sure that you get your leg length spot on, so always try on your denim jeans before you buy them. The majority of jeans length sit between 30″-36″, but it all depends on which brand you choose.
  • For guys who are tall and slender, you’ll want to stick to a straight leg. This will help to showcase your long legs while also making them look toned. However, if you’re more athletic and tall, you’ll need a regular fit as this will help to balance out your body. Avoid the skinny fit no matter what as it won’t flatter your tall figure at all.

Best Jeans for Tall Men

You don’t always have to opt for the traditional denim. Men are now pushing the boat out and going for vibrant colours. Want something a little smarter? Pair them up with your smartest T-shirt, a plaid bomber jacket and some formal shoes for an extra stylish edge.


Shorter guys don’t have it any easier! Again, it’s all about accommodating for your height. Shorter men should also be looking for styles which will help to elongate their legs. Of course, it’s important you still need to accommodate for your body type too!

Depending on your body type, your choice of denim jeans may alter. But the most common styles are – straight leg and high or medium rise.

  • For shorter men, it’s all about making your legs look much longer than they are. You should ensure that you purchase the correct leg length, even if that means dropping down a few inches!
  • To avoid the scrunching, choose styles with a straight leg. This will help to balance out your frame and make everything look even. Ultimately, it’s all about the rise for shorter men. Go with a high or medium rise – this will help to create the illusion of the long legs that you’re after.

Best Jeans for Short Men

To draw your eyes away from your height, pair this style with a good belt and chunky trainers.

Fitting Your Jeans

Now you’re all updated on the best denim jeans out there, it’s time to learn all about their fit. This rule goes for all body types, as every man needs to ensure that their jeans feel comfortable, as well as being fitted to the body.

Type of Rise

All rise! Considering the type of rise is a vital part of your hunt for the best denim jeans. But why is it so important? Will it make a difference to your style? Well, actually, it’s crucial, especially if you want your jeans to stay up!

The rise is the upper part of your jeans, the middle area where the buttons and zippers live. This area is measured between two points; the centre mark (which is usually the crotch) and the top line of the waistband. It’s then put into a category, which we call a type of rise. You can measure your own rise at home by simply taking a tape measure and noting down the space between these two points.

How to Find the Best Jeans for Your Body Type

  • Always pick the right style for your body shapeand as sad as it may be, this means it’s best for heavier men to avoid skinny jeans.
  • Avoid wider legs if you’re shorteras this will only accentuate the stockiness of short legs.
  • Shorter men should also pay attention to leg length. Get your jeans hemmed to hit right at the ankle – bunching fabric around the ankles isn’t a good look.
  • The quality of your jeans does matter – investing in a good jeans will make you look your best and just makes more sense over time instead of constantly re-purchasing lower quality ones.
  • Skinnier men should go for slim fits rather than skinny fits to make the body appear more streamlined.

On That Note

If you want your denim jeans to look their best, it’s vital that you choose the right style for your body type. You have plenty of styles to choose from – it doesn’t matter what type of body shape you have because there is something for everyone. Denim jeans are here to stay. They’ve been around since 1853 and it doesn’t look like they’re about to go anywhere! They’re great for all occasions and every season. They look great on every man and will match up brilliantly with all your outfits. Denim jeans are the most crucial item in a man’s wardrobe and I think we’re all happy with that. If you were often asking yourself “what are the best fitting jeans for my body type?”, we hope our guide has answered that for you.

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