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Growing a moustache is a quintessential symbol of men’s style. Whether you’re attempting to grow some face fuzz for Movember, or you just want to try something different, there are many looks you can go for. Learn everything you need to know about growing a moustache in our ultimate guide.

Grooming a Moustache

No matter what style of moustache you prefer, it’s important to look after it. By keeping your tash well trimmed, hydrated and smooth you stop it from becoming scratchy or messy, and ultimately keep your facial hair looking stylish. Your journey of proper moustache grooming starts with trimming it.

Moustache Maintenance – Trimming

  1. Wash your moustache with warm water and some shampoo.
  2. Use a fine-toothed comb to detangle your facial hair and keep it even.
  3. Use a small pair of moustache scissors to trim, using the line of your lip as a guide. Remove as much as you want.
  4. slowly begin to work up towards your nose, cutting the thicker areas as you go.
  5. Tidy the sides with some electric clippers, however, be careful to not cut too much.

Moustache Styling

After you’ve trimmed your facial hair it’s time to start thinking about styling it into some exciting moustache designs. Before you start putting styling products in it’s important that you keep it as soft and healthy as possible. Get your hands on some good quality moisturiser to stop it drying out and to make it easier to work. The various selection of beard oils, waxes and clays make shaping your

The various selection of beard oils, waxes and clays make shaping your tash easier than ever. Apply a small amount of oil or wax to your moustache and work it through the hair, pinching and twisting the sections that you want to style.

Moustache Tips – Shaving

Shaving is the easiest way to shape or remove your moustache completely. However, depending on the length of your facial hair, there are certain procedures you should take to make sure it’s as smooth as possible.

  1. Trim your moustache with some small scissors to make it more manageable and easier to shave.
  2. Apply some pre-shave oil to moisturise the facial hair and prepare it.
  3. Use an electric razor to remove the majority of your tash.
  4. Apply some shaving cream to the stubble that is left and use a manual razor to remove it.
  5. Use some post-shave balm to keep your skin hydrated and soft.

Moustaches Styles

Thin Moustache

This is easily one of the best moustaches around. Whether you’re going for a pencil moustache or a goatee combination, there’s something for everyone. This minimal moustache style works best on men with a thin and chiselled face. Grow some extra stubble to add some detail and create a more rugged or natural look. ook

Thick Moustache

Looking for some bolder moustache shapes? Growing some thick facial hair is a great way to stand out from the crowd whilst keeping a subtle style. In addition to this, the longer your hair, the easier it is for shaping a moustache. It’s a good idea to grow some stubble when rocking the thick look so there isn’t as much of a contrast between your tash and the rest of your face.

Moustache with Beard

If you have naturally thick hair and want to add an extra dimension to your facial hair style, then rocking a moustache and beard combo is the way forward. If you have a particularly thick tash, then growing a beard is also a great way to make it appear less intense and blend the look. Out of all the styles of moustache, the beard and tash combination works best on men with a rounder jaw line as it can help to frame your face.

Be sure to regularly apply lots of beard oil and moisturiser to keep your facial hair looking smooth and healthy. For a neater and more formal look, trim the beard with scissors. However, if you’re going for a more rugged style then you can let it grow out.

Famous Moustaches

Tom Hardy Moustache

Notorious for playing some of the hardest men in cinema, Tom Hardy is also famous for his collection of cool moustaches. Whether you want a thin pencil moustache with a clean shaven face or a rugged and bushy look, he’s probably styled it.

Jude Law Moustache

Other than being one of the UK’s biggest heart-throbs, Jude Law is also known for growing a stylish bit of face fuzz. As he possesses a relatively small and round face, the thin style seems to suit him better. However, he isn’t bad at rocking a thicker beard either. Grow out your sideburns and combine them with your tash to fully complete the Jude Law look.

The Ultimate Moustache Guide

  • Decide how long you want your facial hair and grow it to the appropriate length.
  • Trim your moustache with some scissors and a comb to keep it even.
  • Use a selection of moisturiser, oil and wax to style your tash into any number of different styles.
  • Shave it with shaving cream and a manual razor for less irritation.

On That Note

The moustache is an absolute classic of men’s fashion. Although different styles go in and out of fashion, it remains a staple look that any man can wear. Whether you’re going for a sleek thin style or want something a bit more bold, as long as you spend a bit of time and effort, you’ll have one of the best men’s moustaches in no time.

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