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Whether you’re into monochrome or are just wary of going too gaudy, we’ll show you how to introduce colour to your wardrobe whilst maintaining style and class.

Wearing colour can be difficult for a lot of people. Nobody want’s to be the person that looks like a traffic light and stands out like a sore thumb. And Jay Z did say, “All black everything​.”  But A/W 14/15 has a few trends involving colour.

St Lauren, Paul Smith and Lanvin all had drops of colour all throughout their runway looks. Having just a trickling of colour in  an outfit seems a key winter style, which is all the better for people who prefer neutral clothing a la Kanye West.

Try Coloured Socks

Easy does it as they say, so start off simple and try wearing some colourful socks or socks with interesting patterns and prints. We’ve got a few colourful socks ourselves from Happy Socks. You wont really see your socks during the day but from time to time people will get a glimpse. This is a great way to ease your way into colour.


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Experiment with Accessories

You can also add colour with some of your accessories, ensuring a subtle burst of colour that won’t overpower the rest of your outfit. Start off simple with a basic beanie or cap in a block colour, or incorporate colour into your everyday look by trying out a primary coloured bag. As long as you’re selective about what you pair together it shouldn’t look overdone and will simply add some interest to your outfit.



It can be daunting working out how to pair coloured clothes with other pieces, but as long as you tone down the rest of your outfit then there won’t be any harm of looking like a 90s cartoon. Try subtle items at first, such as a pair of shoes so you don’t have to worry about too much clashing. If you’re feeling bolder though, try a coloured T-shirt or jumper to create a more vibrant look.


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Checked Shirts add Colour

Checked patterns are a great way to add colour and come in a variety of colours, not just the lumberjack red. They can also help create a subtler look, as the pattern separates the colours out, creating a less structured appearance.

lumber jack shirts for men

Experiment with Prints

Florals and prints are another sneaky way of getting some colour into your wardrobe. They’re a little more out there than a simple check shirt, so if you want to make an impact then they’re a good choice. Don’t feel you need to restrict yourself just jackets, go for shirts, and even trousers for a bolder look.


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