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So, you’ve got a healthy amount of trainers and you’re worried about how to keep them. We’ve all been there (us in particular). When it comes to looking after your trainers there is a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Sunlight, temperature and how you’re trainers are being kept all add up to how long they will last. It can all be a bit too much when it comes to looking after all those pairs. How do you cope?

Thankfully for you, we’re big into trainers as well so we’ve put together this handy guide on how to look after your trainers. We’ll talk you through everything that you need to know as well as a few secret tips from us. Read on so you know exactly how to look after your sneaker collection.

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One of the most common mistakes that sneaker heads fall victim to is how they store their shoes. It’s one of those things that people often can’t help but it needs to be addressed. How you store your trainers is one of the biggest factors on how long they will last. Sunlight, room temperature and air are all out to destroy your shoes. Over time, the glue and material in your shoes will start to break down if they’re not looked after properly. You might not have the biggest sneaker collection in the world but it’s important to look after them.

Sunlight, room temperature and air are all out to destroy your shoes. Over time, the glue and material in your shoes will start to break down if they’re not looked after properly. The shoes themselves will start to deteriorate out of age or lack of care. World famous sneaker collector The Perfect Pair, who has one of the most expensive sneaker collections on the planet, stores his shoes in bags which don’t allow sunlight, air or dust. If you’re not that hardcore then don’t worry, we’d recommend putting them in a spare room if you can. Make sure you have a shoe tree or shoe insert in every pair in order to keep the shape as well.

If you have the space in your house then keep your shoes in a room that you know is quite dark. It might sound a bit weird but if you’re looking to keep those 2006 Jordan III’s around for a long time then we suggest taking our advice.

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This is one of the most obvious things to do if you’re looking to keep your shoes around for a long time. Although you might not have a crazy sneaker collection, it’s important to look after all of them. Cleaning your shoes should be a labour of love. You want those shoes looking brand new for as long as possible and the easiest way to do that is by cleaning them. Knowing how to clean your trainers is vital.

One thing we do have to stress is that under no circumstances, at all, ever, should you put your shoes in the washing machine. Although it might be a quick fix, it can cause long term problems for the shoe itself. The water loosens the glue that holds the sole to the upper. This means that you could be walking through the middle of London and your shoe could, quite simply, fall apart. Washing trainers is a no go. Let’s face it, you don’t want to ruin those prized kicks of yours, so keep don’t be lazy. It could be the sole cause of ruining your shoes.

If you’re trying to keep your trainers fresh then cleaning them is essential. The best way to clean your trainers is by using certified cleaning products like Crep Protect. It’s a great product that can bring even the dirtiest of trainers back to life and we’d recommend getting a kit. They also do trainer wipes for those quick clean moments! The video below is proof to how good this stuff is, check it out (if you don’t believe us).


I know that some of you live in your favourite pair of shoes until you have worn holes in the bottom, but every once in a while try rotating them around with another pair of shoes. This allows the material of your shoes to have a well needed break, as constant use and wear will deteriorate your shoes even quicker.

When you finally do give your shoes a break, make sure you air them out properly, leaving them in a cool dry place, then store them away properly. We are all victim of just throwing our shoes into our wardrobes, but making sure to store them away properly will ensure that they are well kept and last a lot longer.

When shoes are thrown into your wardrobe they tend to be at the bottom of the heap at some point, which isn’t good. This will damage your shoes even further creasing the material and making them crush out of shape. Shoe trees may seem a touch extreme just for trainers, but having something in there to keep the shape is well recommended.

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How to Look After your Sneaker Collection

  • Storage – store your shoes properly and they will last a life time. Avoid sunlight, damp and make sure the temperature is right.
  • Cleaning – don’t put them in the washing machine, use the best trainer protector you can and wash them by hand
  • Rotate – change up which pair you’re wearing, don’t wear a pair out and they will last

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On That Note

When it comes to looking after your collection, it’s important to remember what we’ve covered. There are a number of things that are out to destroy your shoes so make sure that you store your trainers properly. Cleaning them is just as important. NO washing machines either, you’ve got to do it by hand. Rotate your kicks as much as you can otherwise you’ll wear them out. If you’re ever stuck, refer back to this handy little guide.

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