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Not all of us can afford a tailor made suit, so for those of you who haven’t got the cash to splash then this guide is here to help you suit look even better.

The suit – it’s a classic piece of men’s tailoring that turns boys into men, is worn by Bond 24/7, and can be more expensive than a second hand car. Now there’s nothing wrong with a suit that costs the earth (posh people need clothes too) but there are lots of ways to turn a cheap suit into something that rivals even the priciest designers. Remember! “It’s not the suit that makes a man, it’s the man the makes the suit”.

Wear The Right Shirt

So you’ve got a cheap suit. Maybe it’s not tailored so it doesn’t quite fit perfectly, or the material is a cheap blend. Whatever the case, nothing makes a cheap suit look cheaper than pairing it with a bad shirt. It’s best to go with something classic, so avoid any brash patterns and just go for a plain colour made from 100% cotton.

Anything polyblend will just make you sweat, and that’s the last thing you want. You don’t even have to splash out on a stupidly expensive shirt either, just as long as it’s slim fitting, is long enough in the body and doesn’t have a stain down the front you’re good, and your suit is gonna look smarter next to it.

Wear The Right Shoes

A good pair of shoes can really pull an outfit together and no matter what Shawshank Redemption tells you, people do notice what shoes you’re wearing, so let’s make sure they’re sharp. It’s easy to get it right when it comes to suits though – just go for a classic pair of lace ups and make sure they’ve had a good polish before you go out.

For a light coloured suit you could pair it with brown or tan shoes, and for a darker suit a black or dark brown pair. Go for something with a bit of a pattern etched into the leather if you feel your suit is too plain. It’ll add just enough interest without being too flashy.

Base London Derby Shoes | Base London Brogues | Hudson Brogues Brown

Wear The Right Accessories

An expensive suit doesn’t need a lot of dressing up, as the cut and overall look of it is usually enough, but sometimes cheap suits need a bit of extra help, and a few well chosen accessories can make all the difference. A piece of silver jewellery can fancy up a suit, as long as the design is kept simple. A small flash of a silver bracelet can compliment a plain suit, and give it the added boost it needs.

Vitaly Kusari x Stainless Steel Bracelet Silver

If jewellery isn’t your thing, then a watch can be even better. Nothing looks classier than a well-made watch paired with a simple suit (especially if the watch is actually set to the right time) You don’t need to go over the top with the design, and a classic analog watch with a leather strap is the perfect suit companion.

Unknown Watch | Sekonda Watch | Unknown Watch

The most important and successful way to pull off a cheap suit though is to walk like you’re wearing an expensive one. How much you spend on clothes is your business, and if you’re confident in a in a twenty pound suit, you’re gonna look a whole lot better than someone whose awkward in a two grand one.

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