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Some of the nicest shirt and tie combinations are often achieved by incorporating darker ties on your business work outfits. If you don’t mind contrasting your suit with some blue shirts and let’s say with a burgundy tie, you will love this look! Men who love to look cool & who love to wear a unique combination will find our top 7 must-have shirt tie combinations very helpful & super trendy. Ready to look your best for your next big and formal event? Keep on reading and find your ideal suit & tie combo.

What Color Tie Goes With A Blue Shirt?

Usually, you can pull off many different dress shirts with your favorite silk ties. Guys love to wear a classic formal black blazer with almost any white check shirt they own. However, if you were to wear your outfit properly, you’d have to incorporate some accessories & interesting color patterns. So, how about this time you stay away from dark outfits, plain black & white combos, and you add a bit of color to your wardrobe? According to many fashion experts, you will look best if you were to follow a color wheel chart.

How Do You Match A Tie And Shirt Color?

As you can see, the chart can tell you which colors are complementary once placed one next to another. Choosing your perfect color to pair your suit with often means going for color from the opposite side, and from the other spectrum. You have to have an eye out for these things since often orange can look tacky yet amazing, it is all about the proper pairing-up you end up doing! The best choice is sticking with bold contrast colors and pairing them up with a plain striped tie and with a white shirt. If you feel like you need something a bit more subtle try out a white shirt with your typical black blazer. However, if you wish to stand out and you are all about that orange tie, we bring you the top 7 must-see suits and ties! All of these combinations will teach you how to wear light blue, dark blue or navy blue shirts & suits with your favorite ties.

What Color Of Tie Goes With A Blue Suit? Top 7 Shirt And Tie Options

1. Blue Shirt Blue Suit Red Tie

blue shirt blue suit red tie
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Your favorite blue shirt will look amazing once placed next to a red or burgundy tie. It can also look beautiful next to a brown tie along with some smart casual items. If you prefer formal wear for your office you will love this shirt and tie look since it screams ”business” ready. If you need something a bit more relaxed go for a darker navy blue suit & blue shirt, along with a dark dark burgundy tie.

How to wear it?

Match your favorite blue shirt with a dark tie. Don’t forget to wear a pair of dark shoes (preferably brown) and don’t forget some smart accessories. Formal shirts such as this one will look the prettiest once matched with a watch, as well as a satchel. You can also go for some darker red, burgundy or brown sunglasses, they will truly make the outfit pop!

2. Blue Shirt With Light Pink Tie

blue shirt with light pink tie
@Alex Robinson via Unsplash

A light blue shirt and a dark blue suit will look beautiful on their own. However, once you pair them along with a pink tie, you will love the look! These lighter shirts often look amazing next to light pink colors, while the dark navy suit ”ties” the whole look together. If you own several different pink pieces you can easily pull off this look, no matter the event.

How to wear it?

Wear your suit with a black belt and make sure you tuck your shirt in. This outfit combo & color combo would also look amazing on a pink shirt, but it is all about your personal preference & your style. You can go for any casual or formal hairstyles, just don’t forget many stylish accessories to pull off this vibe.

3. Blue Shirt & Suit With Yellow Tie

blue shirt & suit with yellow tie
@Ben Rosett via Unsplash

A light blue shirt mixed with a patterned tie (especially yellow) can look amazing & like a true fashion statement! This color harmony is unusual yet appropriate for men who love to stand out. If you love textured cuts, cool solid colors and you want to combine some unusual outfits you will love blue & yellow on their own.

How to wear it?

Wear this yellow tie with a light blue shirt and a gray top or your favorite dress shirt. This color combo is light yet appropriate for younger men and guys who love everyday casual options. You should add a stylish watch and also think about incorporating a beautiful bag.

4. Blue Shirt With Green Tie

blue shirt with green tie
@ Maxime Doré via Unsplash

A dark blue navy suit, when matched with a light blue shirt, looks beautiful! But once you throw on a green tie you will love the look. It is a smart casual look and is appropriate for formal events. Usually, it suits men who follow trends & who love to wear a tight-fit suit. It also looks a bit better on bigger, taller & more buff men.

How to wear it?

You can wear this shirt & tie suit for the wedding, or any other event. If you want to make it pop a bit more try to break rules and go for some unusual stripes, or any pocket-square details, as well as cotton napkins.

5. Blue Shirt With Navy Blue Tie

blue shirt with navy blue tie
@NONRESIDENT via Unsplash

Blue on blue can look beautiful! Colored suit with a blue tie will look amazing if you feel like wearing two-three different shades of blue. This outfit will look the best once matched with a white shirt, but if you feel brave and you want some unusual shirts and ties go for the blue shirt. It will look amazing on younger men, as well as if you want some of the prettiest shirt and tie combinations. Make sure it is well tucked & ironed since blue is an unforgiving color to work with.

How to wear it?

Wear your suit shirt and tie with style from the start of your day till the end. A sky blue shirt with a navy tie will look amazing for the prom, and you should wear something colorful such as a pair of red or yellow sunglasses, any jewelry or a watch.

6. Blue Checked Shirt With Checked Tie

blue checked shirt with checked tie
@Rann Vijay via pexels

A checked shirt or a suit covered with checks as well as a bold tie will easily ”tie” the knot! Guys who need something appropriate for the wedding and they want to look like a bold groom will love this look. If you aren’t afraid of some pattern acction and you love when some things aren’t matching, you will love this suit & tie!

How to wear it?

Our guide is to wear a light blue tie instead of a dark or navy blue tie. You should create something colorful & you should go for shirts such as blue, yellow or white. Your favorite tie color on this suit can be any, but a checked tie is also a must-have for formal events.

7. Blue Suit With A Purple Tie

blue suit with a purple tie
@mentatdgt via pexels

A striped shirt, as well as a dark purple tie, will look amazing on many men. This color choice is usually prettier and more appropriate for more mature guys. If you love the harmony of darker colors, a pink shirt, as well as a blue suit on top you will love this look. This is one of those shirt and tie combinations which looks daring, and it ain’t for everyone.

How to wear it?

Just make sure you wear your favorite striped shirt and a suit with some of the prettiest hairstyles. If your suit & tie screams attention – why shouldn’t your hair do the same? Guys should wear something white or knitted underneath the suit with their purple tie. It is also the perfect choice for the winter season since it is a colder & cooler more muted color.

On That Note

So, which of these shirts and ties outfit combos is your favorite? There are many different shirts which can go with our suggested tie combos. However, the right tie color will make any white outfit pop in a heartbeat! Wear something colorful & stay away from all black or brown outfits. We highly recommend going for a blue shirt or suit – as long as you are not afraid of matching it to your perfect tie! As you can see, red, purple, green and yellow can look amazing! It’s all about mixing & matching it with the right details, accessories, and confidence!

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