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Slick back hair is one of those hairstyles which is stylish & definitely attention-seeking. It is also one of those hairstyles which you need to blow dry properly to get the right outcome. It usually looks the best on younger men & those who love stylish hairdo options. If you love to wear your hair slicked back, and you don’t mind its styling process make sure you get one of our 8 slicked back hairstyles.

What Is A Slicked Back Hair?

Slick back haircuts were worn mostly in the 20th century since men thought of it as a smart look. Also, this haircut dates back to military days where guys had undercut details. Yup, you’ve read it right. This is one of those cool classic slick looks which guys who have medium – long hair could rock. A slick back haircut will suit many different head shapes and hair lengths, and it truly emphasizes your face features. Make sure you are fine with your volume, skin & texture before you commit to this slick back cut.

A slick back haircut is exactly what it sounds like – one of those slick back hairstyles which looks a bit wet & defined over your entire head. It is dragged and styled with a blow dryer, and it can look great on hair with highlights.

How Long Does Your Hair Have To Be To Slick It Back? How To Slick Back Hair?

Usually, guys should grow out their hair between 4 and 6 inches to get the right slicked back hairstyles. These haircuts should be done on men who have thick or even curly hair. However, the right way on how to slick back long hair, curly hair, or even taper haircuts we will explain down below.

Top 8 Slick Back Hairstyles For Guys To Wear

1. Long Hair Slicked Back

long hair slicked back
@Marwan Ahmed via Unsplash

Long slicked back haircut with a fade is a look, but especially if you can blow dry it straight and leave it shiny! Slick back hair looks great on men who have naturally straight & thin hair, as well as on those who love low-maintenance haircuts. If you are not that into grooming no reason to visit your barber. Slicked back straight hair can look great on its own, even if it is styled quickly. Just make sure you properly blow dry it from start to finish and you’ll have an amazing day-to-day cut.

2. Slick Back Undercut

slick back undercut
@In Lieu & In View Photography via Unsplash

This cut was popularised in the 30s and is a must-have for men who love staple looks. It is usually cut short on the sides but there is an undercut detail somewhere underneath the slicked back strands. This is considered as both a staple and an easy to style daily solution. If you are someone who loves taper haircuts & you love a bit of definition you will love this slick cut.

3. Slick Back Fade

slick back fade
@Putz Adrian via Unsplash

If the slick back undercut doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there are other short hair cuts for you to considers – such as a fade. If you are wondering how to slick back haircut with fade know that you’ll need the right cream to tame down the sides. A fade is a strong haircut which should be cut as close as possible to your head without taking away the attention from the slickness.

4. Combed Back Slick Hair

combed back slick hair
@Redd via Unsplash

Slicked back hair which has been properly combed should be set in place with a strong hold gel. Even if you have short hair, it is crucial to set it in place. These hairstyles are very beautiful & super versatile since you can wear them to many different events, but make sure you are in control of your volume & the way your hair is swept. Don’t let it get too frizzy, and make sure you only use trusted hair brands to tame down the strands.

5. Wavy Hair Slicked Back

wavy hair slicked back
@Ralph Rabago via pixels

This hairstyle is very popular & full of life & volume! You’ve probably seen this curly hair somewhere on a fashion show, haven’t you? Well, this cut will suit men who have naturally curly hair, and who are not afraid of wearing these bold hairstyles to some formal events. Slick back curly hair with a gel or a pomade, and make sure it has a stronghold which will give you flawless style for 8+ hours! Make sure you wear this haircut only if you are not afraid of volume, and if you love ”sleek” looks.

6. Bun Slicked Back

bun slicked back
@Jake Young via Unsplash

Taper haircuts should step aside once the slick back bun comes along! Longer hairstyles are beautiful and bold, ideal for guys who love the attention. If you have naturally thick, long & luscious hair you can tie it in a bun and slick back with only a hair tie & some gel! Some hairdressers also like to share their tips on how to secure your bun; with bobby pins, believe it or not!

7. Slick Back Pompadour

Your slick back pompadour needs to look healthy. This means that you need to invest in your image, your products, and definitely in your conditioner. Hairstyles such as this one are usually appropriate for formal events such as weddings & proms. If you love defined haircuts, you are going to enjoy this one.

slick back pompadour
@emre keshavarz via pexels

8. Side Part Slick Back

side part slick back
@salah amrani via pexels

Slicked back hair which is more shaped & pushed in one direction looks effortless & bold. A slick back fade haircut would also work well with the side-part slicked-back hair. If you are someone who loves to wear their hairstyles on one side & you love the asymmetrical look know that you can wear the side part haircuts to both formal and casual events.

What Do Guys Use To Slick Back Hair? Is Pomade Good For Slicking Back Hair?

Top Hair Products Which You Need To Own


Most barbers usually stick with a hair pomade since it does wonders for slicked-back hair. Pomade comes in three variations, such as natural, oily, and water-based. Natural pomade usually leaves your hair matte while oily and water-based pomades can leave your hair looking wet & shiny.


Wax is a common slick back hair product which can give you many versatile outcomes. It will leave you with an impressive amount of hold, but it will also keep all of your texture in place.


Clay is used on days when you want to wear something a bit lighter & more natural. It can give you just enough of texture, while its hold isn’t as impressive. Clay is often used by men with sensitive & thin hair.

Comb vs Fingers

All you need to get the perfect slicked look is a comb and your fingers. Everyone styles their hair differently, but using your two most-trusted tools is often good enough. You should use your fingers when running out the door & when you are running out of time. On the other hand, a comb will come in handy for precise looks & when you are trying to get the right structure & shine for your strands.

Celebrities With Slick Back Hair

Many celebrities have smooth hair, and the key lies down in their styling methods. Here are the top three celebrities who’s hairstyles we had to share with you:

Mark Wahlberg Slicked Back Hair

Mark Wahlberg has changed his hairstyle numerous times by now. He is a Hollywood star who easily sets the styling trends for older men, as well as guys who look up to him. He has beautiful locks & the perfect length which will also allow you to achieve the slicked-back look with just 2 styling products!

Shia Labeouf Hair

Who doesn’t love Shia Labeouf and his content? He is a young stylish actor who knows how to rock his curls, waves & still look sleek when rocking the slick back style. His hair is always groomed, along with his beard. He definitely invests time into styling it, and he looks quite perfect.

David Beckham Slicked Back Hair

David Beckham is one of those men who can rock everything, but this modern slick back hair looks amazing on him. He doesn’t love to shop on his own & he has several different hairstylists who shop for his products & allow him to create this hairdo over and over again.

How Do You Slick Back Your Hair? Our Guide

Wondering how to slick back thick hair or how to slick back hair in general? No worries, the process is pretty much the same for all the hairstyles. If you want the ”perfect” hair, make sure you:

  • Begin by using a comb: Brush your hair once you are out of the shower. Slick hair looks the best once it is clean & blow-dried. Brush it out from your roots to your ends.
  • Apply some sea-salt spray: This one is amazing if you need to add texture & shape your curls. Usually, this product is a must for men who want to achieve slick back hair yet they have frizz.
  • Allow the hair to dry naturally: If your hair dried down naturally it will have the perfect bounce & volume all on its own. You can also use a hairdryer if you need to shape the back, or if you are in a rush.
  • Use some pomade, wax or clay: Choose your preferred product and style your hair. All you need is a pea-sized amount and 5 minutes of your time each morning. These three products are crucial if you are trying to slick your hair and have it stay like that for as long as possible.

On That Note

The slick back hair look is timeless, as you can tell. Men used to wear the slick back hair even in the military, and they aren’t planning on stopping any time soon. If you are someone who likes a slick back or you are willing to experiment with this hair, why not give it a go? Just remember to look up after your hair & to use the right set of products. Not only that these are crucial for the slicked-back look, but they will also give your hair a bit more shine, volume & texture.

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