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When the harsh weather of Winter bites it’s always best to have a jacket or coat that can tackle the weather’s extremities. However, you don’t want to be bogged down with a huge, thick coat that’s completely unflattering; this is where the best lightweight down jacket or lightweight down coat comes into play.

Lightweight Down Jacket

Autumn and Winter can be a tricky season to get your head around, especially here in the UK. Sometimes you can look outside and the weather looks relatively warm, but in reality, it’s frost bite weather and vice versa. This is where lightweight down jackets come in very handy as they can adjust to the temperature outside and keep you just right.

When looking at lightweight down jackets especially thin down jackets, it’s important to know that a waterproof insulation or heat insulation ay be within the lining, most likely made from a duck feathers, much like bedding. These types of insulated coats and jackets aren’t great for a layering piece as they will be sufficient enough on their own.

mens puffer jackets how to wear a puffer jacket for men

Men’s down filled jackets have become a main stay on the street style circuit with numerous people sporting them over a traditional overcoat or jacket. Down jackets and light weight down jackets can either be fitted or quite loose, depending on what your own styling of it is, so have a play around and see what style of light down jacket suits you.

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Lightweight Puffer Jacket

When you hear the word puffer jacket, many of you will start to think of a rather questionable childhood jacket that your mother made you wear. But the puffer jacket has come a long way since it’s inception. Perfect for the Spring seasons, lightweight puffer jackets are perfect for when the weather is starting to get a little warmer.

You’ll want to be careful as a lot of down jackets have a feather down, and these feather jackets are extremely warm, much like bedding that have a feather down, it traps the heat in. Waterproof puffer jackets are an easy piece to wear as they’re both practical and stylish; perfect for the city dweller who doesn’t like to be caught out in the Wintery rain.

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Lightweight Down Coat

When the weather really likes to bite then a coat is probably the only item that will help battle against it. A light down coat or lightweight coat are sufficiently warm enough to get you through the bleak wintery months. The humble parka, steeped in history and practicality, it maintains it’s style and ease of wear whilst keeping you warm. Down filled parkas are probably the best winter coats for the extreme cold as they’re the warmest winter coats. Cheap parka coats maybe an affordable luxury, but if you really want to have something that fights against the cold then invest properly.

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Mens Down Coat

Waterproof down coats and jackets, or long down jackets are usually the go-to when it comes to down filled jackets. With practicality and style combined, it’s easy to incorporate ones of these coats into your everyday Winter wardrobe. Some of the warmest coats are made from goose or duck down linings, which make these some of the most expensive jackets, but they’re definitely worth the money and a padded down coat will last you a lifetime, much like this lightweight The North Face Jacket below.

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Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

If you live in a particularly wet and cold environment then investing in a lightweight waterproof jacket is a necessity. There are many different types of jackets out there that will help combat the wet weather, but the best down jackets are usually the waterproof ones. Avoid synthetic insulated jackets as these will be a complete waste of money and will be as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Look for durable materials and brands that you know make their pieces with quality. Barbour, The North Face and Rains are great brands to invest in when it comes to waterproof jackets. Padded down jackets are, on the whole, waterproof, making them one of the best jackets you can invest in.

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How to Select a Lightweight Down Jacket

  • Look for durable materials and fabrics.
  • Make sure that the down lining is made from goose or duck feathers.
  • Try on a few styles to make sure you know what will suit your and your wardrobe.
  • Invest in quality and avoid cheaper alternatives.

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On That Note

Choosing the right lightweight down jacket is simple. What you need to remember is that you must always look for quality over everything, else if you opt for cheaper alternatives, you may be spending more in the long run replacing them over and over again. Goose or duck filled down jackets are some of the best around as they incorporate natural materials and methods to keep you warm throughout the harsh Winters.

Of course, there are many different style of lightweight down jackets for you to choose from, but what you need to do is try a few on to make sure you know what you’re looking for and which one will suit your style.

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