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As spring is very much upon us you may now be thinking about giving your wardrobe a much-needed clear out. If that is the case, then we have the tips for you. It’s probably around now that you have realised that the current state of your wardrobe needs a bit of a sort, especially now the colder days are (hopefully) behind us.

Right about now you’re probably looking to invest in some new spring pieces for your wardrobe. Before you do however, we recommend really giving your current situation an assessment. Is your wardrobe bursting with clothes that you haven’t worn in quite some time? Does your wardrobe now spill onto your bedroom floor? Do you know that there are clothes in there that you are never going to wear again? If the answer is yes to at least one of these then you really need to have a clear out.

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, but it really is a simple case of mind over matter. Once you get down to it (and especially once you’ve completed the task) you will be grateful that you had the will power to plough through. We are here to give you the steps you need to take when it comes to how to spring clean your wardrobe.

mens spring clean wardrobe

A tidy wardrobe

Throw It All On The Floor

That’s right, we mean that. Quite literally empty your wardrobe and throw it all on the floor. This way you won’t have the choice but to sort it ALL out. This will also help you to see what exactly you have collected over the years. Until you do this you cannot give your wardrobe the spring clean it really needs.

Sort It Into Piles

Once you have got everything out of your wardrobe we recommend creating space for three piles. One for the things that you are going to definitely keep (the things you wear daily and know you will wear at one point over the next season), one for the things you are not quite sure about (you know, the jumper you love to wear, but everybody else is sick of the sight of) and one for the things that you definitely want to chuck out (why do you still have that school hoodie?).

The Chucking Out

You need to be in the right mood for this part. If you are not in a very decisive mood then there is no point even getting started with this. Here you need to know exactly what you are going to wear for the next season and what you are not. Will you still wear that wooly jumper that saw you through the past winter next winter? Chances are no, so why don’t you give it to charity or try and put it on eBay.

Make a Spring Cleaning Checklist

This is a great idea and will really help you to decide what pieces you actually want to keep. Here you should be thinking about what events you may have coming up and this will actually help you to decipher the opportunities at which you will wear half of the things in your wardrobe. Say you’ve got a wedding coming up – it’s best you keep that suit in case you don’t find another that you want.

Here though you need to be selective. If you list every occasion where you may have a slight opportunity to wear something, you could end up keeping most of your wardrobe. Be clever and think ‘but am I seriously going to wear that again?’

wardrobe mens spring clean ideas

Spring clean ideas

The Next Step

Once you have sorted out your stuff into piles (this may and most probably will take a few hours to achieve) you need to double check over everything. This is the final stage of having a spring clean. For us a great sprung cleaning hack is to come back after a few hours of going away and doing something else. Much like those essays you used to check over when you were at school, it really helps to have a fresh mind here, so go off, do something else and then come back.

It also really helps if you can have a friend to help you here. A second pair of eyes may just give you the nod in the right direction when it comes to those ‘maybe’ pieces in that pile (that is probably much too big right now).


Now that you’ve made a solid dent in that much-needed spring clean of your wardrobe, you can begin to put the stuff you are keeping back. For the stuff that you said maybe to, we recommend placing this in a separate wardrobe or chest of drawers. That way you will notice if you never go near them and definitely will notice if you never wear these items. If that is the case, then next time you decide to do a spring clean, you’ll know which things need to go straight away.


Now that you have made room in your wardrobe and got rid of the things you will probably never wear again in your life (well you definitely won’t now that they are long gone and down in the charity shop or on Depop), you can start to think about replenishing your wardrobe with some transitional items that you know you are going to wear through one season and into the next one.

Here you should be thinking about investing in pieces that you know you are going to make the most of and not clog your wardrobe up (again) with items that you will probably wear once and never again. Things that are worthwhile include lightweight macs, polo shirts, a range of T-shirts, good selvedge jeans, a pair of chinos, and the list goes on. You basically should stock up first on things that you know you will wear through each season and then buy a few seasonal items to spruce your wardrobe up a little. Here you can experiment a little, maybe chucking in a revere collared shirt for the warmer days or a pair of shorts. You should invest in a few spring wardrobe updates, but do not get too carried away as these really will only see you through spring and summer.

tidy wardrobe mens spring clean

A minimalist men’s wardrobe

On That Note

A spring clean is a much-needed task whether it’s your shoe rack, your kitchen or your iPhone. In this case, your wardrobe is the object of scrutiny and you really should do this at least once a year. In our above spring cleaning guide we have given you some rough spring cleaning tips which hopefully will help you in sorting out your wardrobe for the season ahead.

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