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You may think that as the weather gets warmer you have to say a regretful goodbye to your trusted denim. Well, think again. We’re here to tell you exactly why denim is perfect for your summer style. Continue reading our guide on how to rock your denim this summer.

It’s a common misconception that denim is not a suitable material to be wearing in the summer. They’re not completely wrong, but they’re far from right, too. Denim fashion actually works great in the summer if you know how to style it and what to wear it with. That’s where we step in. This style guide will inform you on the best denim pieces to pick this summer, how to style them, and where to wear them.

Summer Jeans

Summer denim is easy when it comes to jeans. You may be wondering how one could get away with jeans in hot weather, but it’s easy. Firstly, not all jeans have to be skinny. In fact, loose fitted jeans are more on trend this summer. Not only will they look cool, they’ll also feel cool as they won’t be stuck to your skin.

At the height of the summer denim trend, we have the white jean. Every summer, people bring out their white jeans in their masses. We can’t deny, white jeans are a great choice for incorporating denim into your summer wardrobe – we just recommend you avoid sitting on dirty park benches or spilling your lunch down your lap.

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are a good way of keeping ventilation in your denim. It may sound ridiculous, but it’s pretty effective. Ripped, or distressed detailing gives your jeans character. Match your jeans with a pair of trainers and a plain T-shirt for the ultimate cool.

Summer Shorts

Shorts are bound to make an appearance this hot summer, at least we hope so. Styling jean shorts is straight forward. You can either dress the shorts up, dress them down, or go for smart casual if you’re sitting on the fence. Even though this outfit is styled with a shirt, the trainers make the look casual. To smarten it up, wear a pair of loafers or boat shoes instead.

The Denim Jacket

A men’s denim jacket should be a staple piece every man’s wardrobe. It’s one of those garments that keeps in the warm when it’s cold and keeps in the cold when it’s warm. Whether you’re striving for the James Dean look, or merely looking for a summer jacket, these jackets make the perfect summer layer.

If the blue jacket doesn’t do it for you, we have them in plenty of other colours, too. We love the white denim one; it brightens up an outfit and is great for summer. Even though we enjoy a touch of denim on denim, avoid wearing white and white – that’s just tempting fate. Our top tip is to invest in a couple of different colours so you’ll have a choice for every outfit.

The Denim Shirt

If a denim jacket is a bit heavy for the hot weather, fret not – denim style shirts are here to help. We are giving you a cheat pass here. Most, if not all, denim style shirts will be cotton… no one need know.

Looking After Your Clothes

Denim garments have the tendency to fade during washes – for this reason, we just don’t tend to wash them. Mr Black create products which are built for this exact purpose. The Denim Wash acts as a detergent; you put it in your wash of denim pieces, and it cleans away the dirt without being too harsh on the material, thus keeping its colour and quality intact.

If you don’t fancy taking that risk, and you like to leave your denim so unwashed that they start developing a mind of their own, you need the Denim Refresh. The Refresh product’s purpose is to prolong the time between washes by attacking bacteria and oils and preventing stains from occurring in the first place.

How to Wear Denim in Summer

  • Wear loose fitted jeans instead of skinny. They’ll give you more room to breathe and be a look cooler. They are also currently more in trend than the skinny jean.
  • Ripped jeans are great for ventilation, just don’t go too ripped.
  • A denim jacket is a must-have for summer. Invest in a few colours so you can change up your look.
  • Go for a denim-look shirt if the weather is too hot. It probably won’t be made of denim, but it sure looks like it.
  • Keep your clothes fresh by using products. They’ll keep your denim from fading and smelling during the warm weather.

On That Note

Denim clothing doesn’t have to be heavy and bulky. Have a look around for some light denim weight pieces that will add a stylish layer to your outfit. Don’t rule out summer jeans for men. A pair of white ones will be your best friend, so long as you keep them clean!

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