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Beanies are a staple piece during cold weather. They are a classic and a must-have item for the winter season for men & women. Try to wear beanies with some key pieces and make your fashion fresh & on-point with just this one accessory! If you want to look into some styles & you need a beanie inspo, you will love our ten beanie outfit ideas.

Is It Rude To Wear A Beanie Indoors?

This is a huge question that bugs both men & women. It can be hard figuring out how to wear a beanie & when is the right time to take it off. However, you should try and follow this guide:

  • A beanie can be worn indoor if you are in a hotel
  • Wear a beanie at the airport
  • Beanies should be worn to train stations
  • Elevators & corridors are also beanie-proof
  • Wear beanies when in a cab or any public transportation

Follow this rule if you’re wearing any hats. Some men still leave their beanies on when out the door & when enjoying their casual time/events. Some local cafes or where you’re a regular could also work and will allow you to wear a beanie, just don’t push it.

Is It Bad To Wear A Beanie All The Time?

Yes, unfortunately. Although beanies are the perfect classic winter wear, you shouldn’t wear them too often. Why?

  • Our hair is prone to friction – this means possible breakage if you over-wear beanies
  • Your hair could break – you’ll constantly pull it in the same direction & will experience some breakage
  • It will appear flatter – a beanie will ruin your hairstyle, especially around the scalp
  • Your scalp won’t breathe – your hair & scalp need air, sun & oils to grow properly

Top 10 Different Ways On How To Wear A Beanie

1. Stylish Sporty Outfit With A Beanie

how to wear a beanie 5 looks you need
Sporty outfit @natenate323

Are you someone who is all about adventures? Always try to throw on a hat or a beanie on top when going for that perfect match! This outfit is stylish & will suit guys who love outdoor activities the best. Also, add some Timberland boots to complete this vibe.

2. Grey Beanie With A Black Hoodie

1660657728 247 how to wear a beanie 5 looks you need
Black top @asennesurf

Try to add a lot of staple pieces in the winter to keep yourself warm & cozy. This cool look with a grey beanie is a perfect match for men who love to stay warm while looking casual. Wear this hoodie with a beanie for your everyday casual events, and don’t forget a pair of stylish sunglasses.

3. Black Beanie With A Casual Plaid Shirt

1660657729 109 how to wear a beanie 5 looks you need
Guy smiling @funkyjunque

If you are into hats & beanies, you will fancy this look. You can roll-up your beanie or leave it a bit slouchy. Make sure your ears are always tucked & try to wear this beanie with a red plaid shirt. This look is stylish & perfect for men who enjoy just a dash of color when it comes to their wardrobe.

4. Slouchy Loose Outfit With A Grey Beanie

1660657730 131 how to wear a beanie 5 looks you need
Casual outfit @peteymajik

Loose pants, as well as a loose neck shirt, should be your go-to during cold weather. Do you love streetwear & other casual styles? Wear this look when out on a date and make sure to take a photo or two. Capture that moment & enjoy your stylish outfit. This fit is perfect for spring & autumn wear and will look the best on younger men.

5. Red Beanie With Denim Pants & Green Jacket

1660657730 23 how to wear a beanie 5 looks you need
Stylish guy @unjadedmike

Add some of the most unusual colors with one another. Try to make red & green work and go for this outfit if you’re not afraid of the attention. Don’t forget some high-quality & sturdy boots to complete this fit, and also go for a backpack and enjoy the relaxed vibe.

6. Green Beanie With A Simple Shirt

1660657730 805 how to wear a beanie 5 looks you need
Retro outfit @josephlycettbarnes

Make sure your head is warm & that your hairdo is on point! This green beanie is pretty simple on its own, but once styled with a bright orange shirt & a clean cut – you will get a cool casual outcome. Also, go for a statement necklace & wear this slouchy look to school, college, or elsewhere where it’s relaxed & casual.

7. Black Beanie With A Black Leather Jacket

1660657731 947 how to wear a beanie 5 looks you need

If your closet is filled with black items (and you love to wear black from head to toe), you will fancy this outfit. Try to wear all-black and go for a comfy shirt underneath. This outfit is pretty popular for the fall season since it is so cool, versatile & casual to wear.

8. Dark Red Knitted Beanie With Denim Jacket

1660657731 45 how to wear a beanie 5 looks you need
Dark red knitted beanie @damen_hastings

A stylish & unique beanie such as this one will look amazing on any head shape! Wear this dark red/burgundy color with your favorite denim shirt or jacket. Don’t forget some accessories, such as a stylish watch or bracelets. Once properly paired-up, this look will be an amazing go-to for Saturday night outs.

9. All Black Leather Outfit And A Grey Beanie

1660657732 180 how to wear a beanie 5 looks you need
Black leather outfit @actormbowen

If you want to rock a beanie to your work, but you are not too sure how to do it, settle for this outfit. All-black fit with some boots & a simple grey shirt is appropriate for some semi-formal events. You can also go for a knit beanie if it is in the middle of winter and throw on a thick scarf.

10. Blue Beanie With A Classic White Shirt

1660657732 687 how to wear a beanie 5 looks you need
Simple fit @bibi_tricotin

This is the perfect example of how to wear your beanie in summer! Don’t spend too much time in this outfit since you may end up feeling extremely hot. This beanie can be fitting if you are running out to the supermarket, you’re enjoying some backyard moments around your house, or you’re taking your dog out for a walk! Roll up your beanie & enjoy some simple events & embrace this look.

Can You Wear A Beanie In Summer?

Men who have short hair may pull this look off a bit easier. You can wear a beanie during the summer seasonbut don’t wear it once it’s over 20-25 degrees Celsius. You can throw a beanie on top & wear it if you’re trying to hide dirty hair, oily scalp, or if you’re having a bad hair day.

How Do You Make A Beanie Tighter?

Is your beanie too slouch or loose? You can quickly fix it up & enjoy a whole new style, just make sure you follow these steps:

  • Place your beanie in a washer and throw in mild detergent
  • Go for a short cycle but use hot water
  • Once the cycle is done, take your beanie out of the machine
  • Put a beanie in a dryer and use the medium setting for 30 minutes

Once it is completely dried down you should have a tighter beanie.

On That Note

Styling your beanie is pretty easy, as you can see. We’ve presented the top 10 ways & different beanie styles that you can choose from. Make the look work by going for a beanie in the winter & make sure you don’t overwear it. Every couple of days is fine since you don’t want to break your hair. However, try to style a different head-piece every now and then since you will prefer versatile looks over simple & typical ones.

Feature image from Pinterest

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