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Nothing, I repeat, nothing is more essential in your wardrobe than a black blazer. Doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman; you need a black blazer in your life & as well as in your wardrobe! Black blazers are usually the perfect smart wear and they look beautiful on every body shape and any age group. If you want to know which shirts to wear with your black blazer keep on reading and start combining your perfect outfits!

FAQ: What Goes Well With A Blazer?

Q1: Can You Wear Khaki Pants With A Black Jacket?

You can! A black leather jacket or black blazers can look amazing when worn with all-black outfits. However, these can also look beautiful with khaki pants, beige pants, or brown pants. This is a look that guys love to wear to the office, especially once paired with suede material and during the summer season. Lighter colors won’t attract as much of the sun, while the blazer itself can be taken off whenever you feel the need to.

Q2: Can I Wear A Black Blazer With Black Pants?

Black on black screams sophistication, class, and trend. It is a beautiful fashion-statement piece that you can wear to any event. When shopping for your key pieces always make sure you invest in your black outfits. The pricier they are – the prettier they will be. Also, a black blazer, shirts, shoes, or even jackets should be purchased at a pricier rate since you’ll enjoy them for more time to come. Don’t go for that black which can easily wash out. Stick with some key pieces that are from highly-recommended brands and you’ll love the look.

Q3: How Do You Style A Black Blazer?

Wondering what goes good with black blazer? Put your light grey blazer or any navy blazers aside and start rocking a stylish black blazer! It is perfect for easy and effortless styling, just find the right blazer and consider one of these looks!

A) Casual style – a simple white T-shirt, black shades, and a black blazer will look retro and casual. Finish the look off with dark denim pants and consider this outfit for everyday wear.

B) Smart casual look – go for your favorite tee and suit pants for a smart casual look. Consider chelsea boots and light blue pants to spice it up for important moments. Business casual is often a must-do for after-hours.

C) Formal look – usually, a polo shirt and an entire monochrome look are a formal must-do. Aim for a tweed suit jacket or plaid with pocket squares and show off this due for formal events, such as your boy night-outs or weddings.

Top 8 Black Blazer Looks

1. Smart Casual Classic Black Blazer For Office Wear

smart casual classic black blazer for office wear
@Alena Darmel via pexels

Are you into black blazers, especially for your office wear? You should complete your look with stylish beige, khaki or chinos pants. This is an ideal look for guys who love simple yet fashionable looks. Stay away from black jeans and look fashionable in your favorite beige trousers!

2. Formal Stylish Black Blazers With White Hat

formal stylish black blazers with white hat
@cottonbro via pexels

Do you want to look chic? Especially during winter & fall? If so, this classy & casual outfit will look beautiful on you during those colder days. You can wear this black blazer with a stylish white hat, as well as with a coat if necessary.

3. Timeless Black Blazer Outfit With Smart Casual Denim Jeans

timeless black blazer outfit with smart casual denim jeans
@Mushtaq Hussain via pexels

Wondering if you can wear your black blazers super casually? You can! Why not pair it along with beautiful blue denim pants (you probably own these so no need to search or shop for them) and finish off the look with your favorite shoes. Men who love super-easy day-to-day options and who love sports will love outfits such as this one.

4. Black Blazer Look With Trousers And Brown Shoes

black blazer look with trousers and brown shoes
@Antony Trivet via pexels

If you need a black blazer which you can wear during winter, go for a thicker fabric as well as a double-breasted fit. Go for fabrics such as wool or cotton and enjoy matching your favorite black shoes with this outfit. Also, go for warmer & thicker scarf around your neck. This is crucial because it works as a staple piece for your blazer outfits.

5. Formal Blazer And Black Pants With White Dress Shirt

formal blazer and black pants with white dress shirt
@Artem Podrez via pexels

Black blazers which have some stylish additions such as these golden buttons are a must! Men love them since they add so much to their outfit. All you have to do is wear an interesting print underneath (such as zebra or cheetah) and you will love the look. Go for a pair of white sneakers to complete the vibe.

6. Classic Black Blazer With White Shirt

classic black blazer with white shirt
@Yan Krukov via pexels

Denim pants with a black blazer are a classic, especially once paired up with a white dress shirt. If you aren’t that much into black leather and you prefer more casual wear, go for this stylish outfit. It is usually worn by men who love something that is quick & easy to throw on and is a must for those who are always on the go.

7. Black Blazer Outfits With Tie & Dress Shirt

black blazer outfits with tie & dress shirt
@Felicity Tai via pexels

Your suit & tie fit can look very professional, and just like you’ve copied it from a celebrity! Men who love their black blazers and who need the perfect solution for their office will love a washed-out black blazer, as well as black pants & a colorful tie. If you are wondering how to wear this outfit make sure you also incorporate a watch, a bag, as well as a sturdy belt.

8. Black Blazer With Black Skinny Jeans

black blazer with black skinny jeans
@Ketut Subiyanto via pexels

Black leather and all-black outfits look beautiful on their own. It is all about pairing up proper fabrics with your black blazer. Go for tight skinny jeans and make the black leather pop by going for a stylish watch, a necklace, as well as some rings! This fit is perfect for the club or the night outs and will look the prettiest on men who wish to stand out.

What Shoes Go With A Black Blazer?

To complete your look and to enjoy the perfect pair of shoes, go for:

  • Back leather formal shoes
  • Black, white or beige loafers
  • Go for white sneakers or navy shoes if you prefer a casual look

Wear any darker & more mystical color, but stay away from unusual yellow, red, orange etc.

On That Note

Planning your perfect outfit combination and enjoying trends can be a bit challenging. However, after reading through this guide and looking into these outfits, do you feel like you can come up with a unique black blazer look? Women love when guys wear blazers, and only some can make the black leather outfit work! If you are wondering when is the right time to wear a blazer, know that you can reach for it 24/7! Doesn’t matter if it is in the middle of June or December, a stylish black blazer is a key piece in everyone’s wardrobe.

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