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How To Style a Bucket Hat

Wondering what type of hat you should wear? Whether you love it or you hate it, the bucket hat is one of those iconic pieces that just keeps coming back for more. If you’re sitting there filled with dreaded visions of your early 2000s bucket hat styles, you aren’t the only one.

Nevertheless, the bucket hat has now been doing the rounds for a few years at festivals and on the UK music scene, especially bucket hats with string. Before that, Britpop made it cool and before that again – hip hop made it even cooler. Today major labels from Carhartt to Fred Perry, Wood Wood and Rains are all releasing their own versions of the iconic hat, so rid yourself of old prejudices because the bucket hat is back.

Look #1: How to Wear a Bucket Hat With a Casual Outfit

For those of you looking to incorporate the bucket hat into your casual day wear, you’ll be pleased to know there is a load of ways to do it. The bucket hat is a great men’s casual hat. If you want to play it safe, stick to a plain design. You can definitely get away with subtle patterns too if you’re feeling bold; think checks, stripes or tonal prints.

Team with jeans, joggers or pin rolled chinos on the bottom and a simple t-shirt or sweatshirt on top. Try colour matching the hat with another piece you’re wearing, for example, your bottoms, and use the top half of your outfit to break the colour up for a balanced and tasteful look. The ultimate way to modestly style your bucket hat, we think.

Look #2: How to Wear a Bucket Hat with a Smart Outfit

Believe it or not, you can incorporate the fashion bucket hat into your smarter looks as well as casual day wear (perhaps not for a wedding or formal event, though). We all know wearing hats at work is questionable, but mixing street and smart pieces have never been easier, and a bucket hat can fit seamlessly into your less formal outfits. Keep your bucket hat plain, and match with knitwear, an Oxford shirt and a decent mac to complete the look. Waterproof bucket hats are a great option for those rainy commutes.

Look #3: How to Wear a Bucket Hat with a Streetwear Outfit

The classic way to wear this iconic piece of head wear is to opt for a street-inspired look. Forget all the rules about modest colours and simple pieces and opt for interesting prints and colours instead. The leash really is off here but, to make it look its best, we’d still suggest matching the colour with something else you’re wearing, maybe try this with your joggers.

Ever wondered when you were going to wear that floral bucket hat that is stashed in the back of your wardrobe? Well, today is your lucky day. When styling the bucket hat for street wear, any print or pattern goes, and that includes floral. Men’s bucket hat patterns are totally okay.

Which Hair Styles Suit the Bucket Hat?

Have you ever asked yourself ‘what type of hat would suit me?’. Well, we have it all figured when it comes to hats and hairstyles. Whether you struggle with unruly tresses, straight locks or a short do, the bucket hat is the perfect style for pretty much every hair type. Short, long and curly hair types all work well with the bucket hat due to its wide coverage and simple design. Take a look below so you never have to wonder ‘what style hat should I wear?’ again.

Short: For shorter hairstyles, a bucket hat is definitely a viable option. Slightly grown out, blunt hairstyles work well as they frame the face and balance out the proportions of the hat.

Long: Longer hair works best with the bucket hat; balancing out proportions of the wide brimmed hat with lengthy tresses is the easiest way to make the bucket hat work for you.

Curly: Curly hair compliments the edgy, laid back ‘street’ feel of the bucket hat. If you have curled or wavy tresses, your hair is probably your focal point, so the simple unfussy design of the bucket hat will compliment this perfectly.

How To Wear a Bucket Hat

There’s an abundance of ways you can work a bucket hat or a wide brimmed bucket hat into your wardrobe. We’d advise sticking to its streetwear roots and mixing with casual ensembles. Perhaps try mixing a printed option with a fitted polo shirt and some slim joggers? Easy, comfortable and stylish – win!

On That Note

That’s your lot! With the selection of outfits above you should now have a good idea of how you can work one into a multitude of different looks, regardless of season, suiting a variety of different men’s styles. Winter hats aren’t exactly what comes to mind when thinking of this style, but bucket hats in winter, summer, spring or fall will work well thanks to their multitude of material options.

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