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Canvas jackets are becoming an increasingly popular piece of men’s outerwear. Perfect for a heritage aesthetic, this lightweight piece is a must have for this season. Here’s how to wear one.

Waxed Canvas Jacket

Waxed jackets are typically made from a tough cotton canvas fabric. It is only after a waterproof wax has been applied that they gain their unique texture and appearance. Made famous by British brand, Barbour, they’re a great winter coat having spent many years keeping the North East’s farmers and fishermen dry during the bitter winter months.

For a great smart casual style try wearing one with a smart Oxford shirt, a pair of blue selvedge jeans and finish it off with some leather shoes.

barbour wax canvas jacket street style

Canvas Field Jacket

The field jacket is another piece of menswear that comes from a military background. Originally designed to be worn in ‘the field’ they often have several pockets. If you want a jacket that can protect you from the elements but still keeps a streamlined design, the field jacket has to be on your list.

This lightweight item is great for transitioning between seasons. Try teaming it with some classic jeans and a warm jumper to layer your look.

canvas field jacket street style


Black Canvas Jacket

A black canvas jacket is great for the winter months. The darker shade will go with pretty much anything and matches the seasonal tone. It’s thin enough to wear it under larger coats, so it’s perfect for heading out in the evening (particularly to the pub).

This jacket looks best when combined with other plain colours like white or grey. For a casual outfit that looks good in any situation team it with a white shirt and some black jeans.

black canvas jacket dickies men

Tan Canvas Jacket

If you’re bored of black jackets you should seriously think about getting one in tan. The canvas fabric tends to suit a lighter shade and works well with lots of looks. It’s probably one of the most simple outfits to put together and when you wear a different colour on top, you can create a more visually interesting look, rather than running the risk of being bland in one shade.

As streetwear clothing becomes increasingly popular, workwear brands like Carhartt WIP are getting extremely fashionable. The tan Michigan jacket is fast becoming a staple of men’s winter style.

carhartt canvas jacket men streetstyle


Canvas Parka Jacket

Made famous by the mod movement in the 60s, the canvas parka has a rich history in fashion. It’s a staple piece of menswear and with a canvas material it’s even more appropriate for keeping you warm during the winter. Like a lot of the most popular items of menswear in the market, it has its roots in military wear.

The khaki colour that canvas parkas often come in is perfect for bringing some extra colour to any outfit. For a fresh winter look try wearing a coat with some light blue jeans, a crisp Oxford shirt and some dark trainers.

green parka men street style

Canvas Trucker Jacket

Similar to a worker jacket, a canvas trucker jacket is a short piece of outerwear that can easily be layered. Getting its name from American truckers, it works great in combination with other classic all American items of clothing. Try wearing one with a traditional denim shirt and some black jeans. The contrast between the colours is great for creating some balance in your look.

canvas trucker jacket mens


Further Reading: History

This fabric is all about sturdiness and that’s why its origins in menswear begin with the military. It utilises a plain weave rather than twill weave that you find in denim. Normally constructed from cotton or linen (although originally crafted from hemp) it’s perfect for keeping out the cold, and when waxed, it can be entirely waterproof.

Not just great for menswear, this versatile fabric can be painted or printed on, or even used for a simple tote bag. From accessories, to art and some impressive men’s jackets around – canvas is without a doubt one of the most versatile materials out there. Knowing the history of a piece of clothing can definitely draw it a little closer to your heart and this has to be the case with canvas. There’s a reason why men have been wearing this fabric for decades, it’s because it can be relied upon to keep you warm and dry all year round.

men field jackets

PHOTO CREDIT: Fashion Gate Crasher

How to Wear a Canvas Jacket

  • They’re great lightweight alternatives to thick winter coats.
  • The waxed canvas jacket is a winter essential.
  • A variety of colours available including tan or black.
  • The field jacket’s hidden hood is ideal for keeping dry without lugging a big coat around.
but canvas parka

PHOTO CREDIT: Parka London

On That Note

It could be a waxed Barbour or something a little more unusual, either way, the canvas jacket is a piece of clothing that’s perfect for so many men. Often made from reinforced cotton and then waxed, they’re prime for protecting you from the elements. If you do pick one up there’s no doubt you’ll be wearing this design for years to come.

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