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Your suit & tie fashion outfit can look even more fashion-forward. How? If you throw on a trendy coat on top! Mens pea coat options aren’t as versatile as women’s, but there is still some peacoat with suit options that you should look into. In this guide, we will let you know what are the classic & optimal solutions for colder days, and what you should be wearing from September- March! Although a coat is not the typical summer solution, it is still a staple piece in every men’s wardrobe.

What Do You Wear Over A Suit In Cold Weather?

Men who need a warmer outfit during winter should wear a wool coat on top of their suit. You can also wear your favorite double breasted peacoat, as well as any trench coat. A stylish leather jacket is also an option, but if you want to end up with that formal & smart design you should wear an overcoat for that comfortable, warm & cozy fit. Leave your leather jacket during some hotter days.

Top 8 Overcoat Outfits

1. Mens Camel Overcoat With White Dress Shirt

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If you are a fan of men camel pea coat & stylish suits overall you will love this one. It screams sophistication & is a cool choice for colder days. You can wear these light-colored coats along with your favorite suit & tie underneath. A pair of leather fabric gloves will add life to the outfit and will come in handy during the Fall season.

2. Double Breasted Dark Brown Trench Coat

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Check print coats with a casual suit underneath are a must-have for the office. If you prefer to wear comfy, stylish & cozy coats with a tie, as well as your favorite white shirt you will enjoy this cool outfit. It will look the best with your favorite & trustworthy brown watch, as well as with your boots.

3. Light Grey Casual Trench Coat

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If you prefer a peacoat with a suit over a simple jacket, and you love lighter colors – get this grey coat. Once worn with a black shirt underneath & some skinny jeans this suit & coat look will look the prettiest for semi-formal events. It is an amazing day-to-day wear & will look better on younger men (preferably those who are in their mid-twenties).

4. Wool Coat For Business Wear

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Shop for tailored coats & dare to create! This dark & mystical green is a popular coat & color choice for the Fall season. It is a must-have if you are a fan of simple pieces, and if you wish to pair the coat along with some stylish sweaters, tops, or shirts instead of your dress shirts.

5. Dark Red Mens Single Breasted Pea Coat

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Men who love a bit of color and who want to stand out in their coats should get a dark red or burgundy coat. It is usually the prettiest once worn with a suit, but also with a warm black turtleneck! Wondering how to style this? Just make sure you focus on black elements. Go for dark skinny jeans, brown shoes, as well as any accessories.

6. Dark Mens Peacoat For Winter Wear

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If you are not a fan of navy colors go for a black men peacoat. You should wear it during winter since it is a thicker coat which will suit your colder days. Make sure you pair it along with your favorite skinny jeans, as well as with a practical bag. The look itself is business-smart, so wear it with accessories.

7. Dark Green Breasted Overcoat

dark green breasted ovecoat

A pair of beige trousers will look amazing once paired along with a dark trench coat, or with an overcoat. If you need a coat which is sophisticated and not that common to wear – get this one. It is bold & beautiful + it won’t be that hard to style. Just wear some other muted colors & you’ll be good to go!

8. Light Blue Coat With Denim Pants

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Last, but not least, try to style a light & attention-seeking blue coat every here and there. Not too sure how to wear it and with what clothing items? The best solution is some simple denim pants, as well as comfy white shoes. If you want to make your casual & sporty look work, go for this outfit! It screams style, and is a must-have for the spring!

What Do You Wear Over A Suit In The Rain?

Nowadays some brands are coming out with waterproof & high-quality raincoats, but as well with topcoats and overcoats. If you are worried about this jacket not looking business-smart; stop worrying – you are in the clear. You can check out some jackets online & read through their specifications. There are many options to choose from, and these should be your go-to coats if you live in a humid area.

On That Note

And now you know how to style your coat options! Do you prefer overcoat vs peacoat, or are you someone who loves classical double breasted wool jackets? Either way, all of these can look beautiful with your business suit. Just make sure you pair the right colors over one another. Wear your suit unbuttoned but make sure your overcoat is always buttoned & protecting you from low temperatures, as well as wind. Don’t forget a stylish scarf and you’ll love this design!

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