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A coloured blazer can add a unique touch to your outfit but it can also be tricky to navigate. From which shades complement each other to which trousers to wear them with, this ultimate guide will show you exactly how to style and incorporate a coloured blazer into your look.

Men’s fashion is fast becoming more diverse. Gone are the days when all a man could hope to wear were a few boring staples from his wardrobe on repeat. Contemporary style is about owning your personality and having a bit of fun with your clothing. A coloured blazer can do just that.

For those of you that consider yourself conservative in your dress sense, a coloured blazer can be a great statement piece to bring out for the right occasion. It certainly doesn’t have to become part of your everyday look but it’s a good way of breaking out of your mould from time to time. A coloured blazer is the perfect introductory statement piece for your wardrobe. It’s easy to wear and easy to remove if you’re not feeling the look when you’re out.Coloured Jackets for Men

We’ve already been through the basics on blazer jackets for men, so let’s move on to colours.

When you think of coloured jackets for men, an image of loud, overly bold and bright jackets come to mind. Well, this isn’t the look we’re specifically going for here. Colour doesn’t have to be in-your-face and loud. You can get pastel colour, faded colour, deep colour and many more, as well as something bold. Adding colour can be as subtle as you’d like it to be.

Another thing to note, when we refer to colour we don’t simply mean ‘not black.’ We are referring to something other than your typical neutral palette of black, grey or navy blazer. So those of you thinking you’re pushing the bar out with deep blue can think again. Here, we will help you discover how to wear colours that aren’t traditionally used for suiting as we take you through the main styles.

What to Wear with a Light Blue Blazer

A light blue blazer is one of the most stylish coloured jackets you could opt for. It makes just enough of a statement to draw fashionable attention without being over the top. It works especially well in the summer with its pale colouring, keeping you looking and feeling cool.

What Colour Pants to Wear with a Light Blue Blazer

If you’re going for a casual look, simply pair your blazer with dark coloured jeans. But if you’d like to mix it up, beige or burgundy trousers with a white tee work really well with light blue. For a smarter look, classic navy trousers will formalise your outfit but if you want a bolder statement try a pair of beige or white trousers. Add a tie to complete the look.Red Blazer for Men

The thought of a red blazer may sound scary and over the top but it can look really good in the right shades. Wear brighter red in the summer months for casual occasions or choose a subdued burgundy for winter and more formal events.

Men’s Red Blazer Outfit

Tone the brightness of the red down by pairing your jacket with a neutral coloured shirt such as light blue or grey. You can opt for navy trousers or dark blue jeans depending on how casual you’d like to be. If you like the idea of wearing red but don’t want to be too bold in block colour, you could always go for a patterned type to break down the intensity.

Men’s Burgundy Blazer Outfit

Burgundy is a very stylish choice for a formal occasion where you’ll mostly find black, navy and grey. The great thing about this colour is that it makes a statement without actually sticking out. Wear with a white shirt to contrast the burgundy or with black and grey for a slick look.

A favourite during the warmer months, pastel blazers are often on trend. The pale colours look great in the bright sun and also do well to keep you cool, as they don’t absorb as much heat as darker colours.

Generally, colours that work well with pastels include soft shades in blue, beige for warmer colours (such as pink, peach, yellow), grey for colder colours (such as blue or green) and white.

Men’s Green Blazer

There’s no reason why a green blazer shouldn’t take a prime position in your wardrobe, it’s a very subtle way of introducing colour into your outfit. It could be because a green blazer brings up images of the lurid grassy shade but let’s not forget the sophisticated bottle or forest green.

These two moody shades are very versatile and suit anyone. So why not try it out? Pair with black for a dapper look or tan for a contemporary edge.

Men’s Tan Blazer

A very inoffensive colour, tan blazers are a great addition to the usual suspects. They lighten up your outfit unlike traditional navy or black yet can almost work as a neutral at the same time. This makes tan an extremely versatile colour. It looks sophisticated with black and white, stylish with burgundy and summery with pale blue. Take your pick!

If you have a deep skin tone, a saturated tan colour veering towards orange will really compliment you.

Men’s Purple Blazer

Moving onto something less common, purple can look surprisingly good in the right shades. Less Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, more dapper gent. Think deep wine coloured and less artificial. Purples that are slightly more muted and subdued work well with grey trousers whereas the richer tones look good with grey or navy trousers. White shirts are a staple for this look.

If you want to try something super suave, opt for a deep purple velvet blazer paired with black trousers. This can be worn with a white shirt for classic style or a black shirt for a dark, mysterious look. Because of purple’s historical association with being royal, this colour most often works best in a smart look.White Blazer for Men

While not technically a colour, when it comes to blazers, white is considered non-traditional. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can slip into looking tacky so take the guidelines below on board.

A white blazer looks great with a darker coloured shirt underneath to create a focal point. Even better is a patterned shirt that uses white within its design to help the shirt and jacket look more cohesive. In terms of trousers, blue generally works best. Black is good for very smart occasions but otherwise can look a bit too formal. And for the height of summer, try a matching pair of white trousers.

Patterned & Statement Blazers for Men

You may not think it but patterned statement blazers can sometimes be less bold than total block colour. This makes them a great piece to start with if you’re uncertain on which colours would suit you.

A pattern is made up of more than one colour so it’s less harsh than wearing a single colour and it’s a lot easier to style as you can match any of the colours within the pattern to the rest of you outfit. This look can be as simple as choosing pinstripes or checks, or bolder with geometric patterns. It’s a subtle way to start introducing a bit of colour or a great way to show off a bit of your personality.

Tips for Wearing a Coloured Casual Blazer

It’s that old debate: what exactly is smart casual? A blazer is typically seen as a smart or formal piece of clothing so you’d be forgiven for wondering how to integrate it into a casual look.

Here are a few tips to consider that will help you out:

  • Wear your blazer open with buttons undone.
  • Pair your blazer with casual items such as t-shirt and jeans.
  • If this looks a bit too casual, smarten up the trousers by swapping your jeans for chinos.
  • If you choose to wear a smart shirt, wear it open collar with a few buttons undone and definitely go without a tie.
  • Choose colours and patterns that complement your blazer or stick to neutrals such as blue, grey and black.

We’ve also created a quick video for you to show you exactly how to wear your blazer with a pair of jeans:

Tips for Men’s Bright Coloured Blazers

Bright does not have to mean garish. The key is to wear it with confidence and allow your blazer to stand out. It should be the main focus of your outfit with everything else built around it. Choosing similar colours is an easy way to pull it off and make a very strong statement.

Bear in mind the colour wheel and try to keep the rest of the outfit complementary to the colour of your jacket. A patterned shirt that incorporates the colour of your blazer will also look great. If you’re struggling, a simple white shirt is a safe bet.

Saying that, don’t be afraid to go bold with your accessories. Contrasting colours and patterns in small amounts can make your outfit that much more stylish and adds levels of interest. The key is in the details, looking great from afar but also up close.

Your Quick Guide to Wearing a Coloured Blazer

To recap the key and essential points to remember:

  • A coloured blazer should be the statement piece in your outfit. Avoid looking too bold and brazen by letting your blazer stand out alone.
  • Build your outfit up using neutrals and complementary colours.
  • Add interesting touches to your outfit through accessories with hints of colour that complement your blazer.
  • If you decide to wear a collared shirt with your casual blazer, opt for no tie. This will keep your look from being too formal.
  • Use patterns that incorporate the colour of your blazer to achieve a cohesive look.

On That Note…

Hopefully you’ve seen a whole new side to the coloured blazer. Far from the garish nightmare is the well-put-together, layered look in complementary shades, exuding style.

Why restrict yourself to a limited palette when there’s a whole range of colours to explore, adding a unique touch and bringing out your personality. Start with subtle shades and build your outfit using neutrals. Then slowly work your way up to become a coloured blazer aficionado. And above all, wear it with confidence.

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