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How to wear a denim jacket for guys can be a mission, especially if this is your first time trying to find the perfect denim jacket. You can choose between a dark wash jacket, street style, oversized fit, black denim, cropped jacket, and so on! Our advice? Make sure you find something that you will easily pair along with the rest of your wardrobe & your favorite outfits. In this guide, we will help you follow all the latest trends and we will teach you how to style a denim jacket. Are you a fan of dark denim, lighter wash, or a staple shade? Either way it may be just scroll down below & find your perfect style!

Do You Button Up A Denim Jacket?

Make sure your denim jacket fits your body type, always. It should sit around your waistline and you won’t need to button it up. Usually, the jacket is left loose & casual. Also, the best way to wear a denim jacket is unbuttoned and with a stylish street-style T-shirt underneath. However, some casual tops, turtlenecks, as well as hoodies can be your go-to. Aim for a comfy & high-quality cotton shirt or sweater to get that look.

Are Denim Jackets In Style?

Luckily for you, denim jacket outfits can be worn by anyone and at any point. Jean jacket outfits will forever be in style and won’t go out of fashion since they are the timeless solution. A denim jacket look is beautiful when worn during fall, winter, spring or summer. You can incorporate many different leather elements & different color on a daily, as well as jewelry with your favorite denim jacket! Versatile outfits will always seek attention, and luckily for you, a denim jacket looks beautiful with any clothing piece you throw underneath.

What Pants Go With A Denim Jacket?

Usually, a pair of blue pants, white, grey, or black look the prettiest with your favorite denim jacket. You can also rock your jean jackets with denim pants, as long as you know how to pair up denim on denim. Don’t worry too much about your garments – it all comes down to wearing it with confidence.

How To Wear Denim Jacket Men Edition: Top 6 Different Ways

1. Denim Jacket Style With White Levis Shirt

how to wear a denim jacket 6 looks any
Levis outfit @justbelieve.inyourself

If you are looking to dress down your denim jacket and you are a fan of Levis, you will love this fit! Usually, a simple white T-shirt once paired with your denim jacket will look the best & super casual. If you need to run some errands or you are just grabbing a beer with your friends you will love this look. It is also super relaxed and perfect for day-to-day wear. A blue denim jacket will leave you with the ultimate casual look, no matter the event.

2. Denim Jacket With Hoodie

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Hoodie look @ricky_bosch

If you’re wondering what pants to wear with a jean jacket just know that black is always the solution. You can also incorporate a stylish black hoodie and enjoy the street style. This outfit may not look appropriate for your office or any formal gatherings, but you will enjoy it for the fall & once you end up needing to layer & throw some pieces on top.

PS: This hoodie can also act as an amazing gift for your friends. If you have a friend who is obsessed with oversized hoodies & they also love denim jackets make sure you surprise them with this stylish idea.

3. Denim Jacket Outfit With White Shorts

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Denim outfit @bidjanobejeraque

How to style denim jacket? Well, during the spring season your choice should be a stylish denim jacket along with a white shirt, as well as simple white shorts. If you are someone who is all about stylish & on-the-go looks you will love this one since it is easy to wear for simple activities & everyday events. Khakis are also great color to consider when it comes to summertime and lightweight fabrics.

4. Dark Blue Denim With Black Jeans And Trainers

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Men in denim @fashion_and_grooming

Wondering what to wear jean jacket with? How about you throw on some simple shoes, black or grey shoes, as well as black skinny jeans? Men who are into wearing casual & athletic classic wear will love this combo. If you are out of ideas try to wear this old-school fit since it can look great during the week, but especially for your Monday-Friday casual events.

5. Distressed Denim Jacket With Chelsea Boots

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The Chelsea boot style has been around for 150 years! You also probably own one pair in your closet, right? Chelsea boots can tie the entire look together no matter the event. However, you should wear this outfit to formal, semi-formal, and business-appropriate events. Stay away from super simple shirts and make sure your upper portion suits your formal shoewear as well.

6. Light Wash Street Style Denim On Denim

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Guy in denim @aabstract0

Lastly, if you want to wear your denim on denim to date night, do it! This is a cool fit that is stylish & perfect for the fall! You can throw on a hot beanie on top and enjoy your outdoor life! Denim on denim does look beautiful, but you should always pair up the same colored denim in order to make your outfit ideas work. This is why you should shop at one store in particular where someone can assist you on how to match denim properly.

How Should A Jean Jacket Fit?

Your newly purchased jean jacket should fit snugly around your shoulders but should be loose down the torso. Men usually wear a denim jacket one size up from their actual size. This is especially important if you are into that street style wear. However, if you prefer to wear chinos trousers & you need something fancy you should go a size down. This way the jacket will fit perfectly & will look business casual. For instance, Levi Strauss is made in such a way that it can suit any age group and will make a statement, even when styling double denim.

Is A Denim Jacket Business Casual?

Although it is usually considered street style wear, denim jacket outfit can be business-casual. In fact, if you end up pairing the right pair of comfy shoes with dark wash denim you will achieve the perfect professional look. Women also love to see guys wearing denim, and they especially love the oversized distressed denim jacket style. If you are off to the office & you are wondering how to make your denim jacket work, make sure you:

  • Go for a light wash color such as brown for your pants, belt, watch & bag
  • Stick with a white shirt or a turtleneck for that professional outfit
  • Wear your denim jacket unbuttoned and opt for navy blue jeans
  • Stay away from black & also wear white sneakers or brown shoes

How To Wear A Denim Jacket? Top 4 Denim Jacket Looks


1660570916 820 how to wear a denim jacket 6 looks any
Denim jacket winter @jackandjones_varnamo

During the winter it can get a bit hard to express your street style, and it can get hard trying to incorporate denim into your outfits. Men who are wondering how to style a denim jacket in the winter should stick with as many leather items as possible. Leather pants, boots, and a sturdy belt will keep you warm when you are headed out of the house. Also, as long as you stick to an oversized denim jacket you’ll feel warm! You should go for a black color turtleneck, along with the perfect pair of shoes. It isn’t that hard to figure out what to wear with a denim jacket, just make sure you have some key pieces.


white denim jacket

Your outfits in the Spring should be a bit more playful & lighter, as well as classic. We get to experience our fashionable & bold style the most during Spring. So while some women stick to a cropped T-shirt or a flowy dress guys usually go for a lighter jacket. You should choose something vibrant & try to pair it up with a white shirt, pants, or white shoes. Stay away from black since it isn’t your typical go-to Spring color. The black jean jacket outfit is usually worn either in Fall or during Winter. Also, a black denim jacket will look lovely when paired with some accessories.


1660570918 63 how to wear a denim jacket 6 looks any

Once the climate gets hot many will go with their basic T-shirts as their go-to choice. Many men will stop wearing their suit & tie to the office, but will rather incorporate something breezy & simple. However, if you are someone who can’t go without their denim jacket for a week, try to incorporate some airy & simple pieces in your day-to-day life. For instance, no reason to button up your shirts, and try to wear stylish pieces.


1660570918 395 how to wear a denim jacket 6 looks any

During the Fall many men return to their black denim jeans & jackets, but how about you stick with something a bit more unique? For instance, you can wear a denim jacket with a hoodie, or with your favorite belt or bucket bag. This is the ultimate street style wear & is ideal for men who are not afraid of some attention. You can also settle with some unusual prints & pants which only some men know how to wear! Make sure you go for a relaxed fit & comfy trousers and don’t forget a pair of stylish sunglasses or some bold jewelry.

Can I Wear Denim Jacket With Jeans? How To Wear Denim Jacket

1660570919 568 how to wear a denim jacket 6 looks any

A lot of men aren’t too sure if they can wear denim on denim, and what is the right way to wear their favorite denim jacket with a pair of denim pants? Well, you will be close to perfect if you were to pair the same colored denim pieces with each other. Jean jacket outfits can be hard to combine & color coordinate, but what you can do is shop at a store that sells high-quality denim: both jeans & jackets. Make sure to pick out the exact same fabric & the exact same street style wear. If you can find the same denim & break it off in the middle portion with a white shirt, you will know the right way how to pair up denim!

On That Note

And now you know how to wear a denim jacket. As you can see, there are many different ways & shoes that you can reach for to make your outfit work. Women also love when guys wear denim, therefore know that they will go crazy when they see you in our all-denim outfit. Ready to rock raw denim and show off a true classic blue fit? Let us know what trend is your favorite.

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