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The grey flannel suit has become a wardrobe staple, particularly in the breezier months. Check out our guide on how to style it and master the look.

Looking for that stand out suit, to steer away from the plain black matchy matchy crowd? Then look no further than the grey flannel suit, suitable for all seasons, all events and it fits into your wardrobe with ease.

Thanks to the casual smart trend, you can even wear one with trainers and still look suave. Breaking down how to style it both up and down, with key pieces, you can master the trend.

The Suit

The material flannel has been around for centuries with farmers and the working class developing it for warmth. It was cheaper to make and easily accessible due to the population of sheep and other various woollen animals.

This suit then became renowned as work wear. In the 1950’s, grey flannel suits were strictly for office workers as they were completely impractical for both factory workers or day labourers. Thanks to its basic style, the suit was transitional for all seasons, allowing it to be taken through the whole year. It remained the standard businessman’s uniform even after synthetic materials that were lighter and easier to launder appeared on the fashion scene in the mid-1950s.

how to wear grey flannel suit

Since these morbid days, a lot has changed and the grey flannel suit has had a huge revamp finding its way into our modern wardrobes. It can be found both by high end brands and for us who prefer high street style, and in a range of grey prints.

Key pieces


Thanks to its neutral colour, you can match most colours to the suit. Mostly styled with a crisp white shirt, it can also be worn with electric blue if you’re looking for an edge, a checked shirt for a casual look, or even a daring red. Just make sure you have the right shade of grey to match it. Such as a light grey suit with the checked shirt or dark grey for the electric blue.

If you’re looking for an extra layer of warmth beneath the flannel, then why not add more flannel with a flannel shirt? Or if it’s a bit warm, team the suit with a sleeveless shirt making it casual smart.

how to wear a grey flannel suit


Just like the shirts, you can mix and match your jumpers depending on your mood. Stick to the thin to just chuck on over a shirt for a warm, causal look, or a cable knit jumper for the chiller days.

how to wear a flannel shirt


If you’re looking to dress your suit down, for an evening meal, the after party or chilled vibe, then team your suit with a wide range of coloured t-shirts without the hassle of wondering if they match, as they all will.

how to wear a grey flannel suit



It’s now acceptable to wear your suit with trainers and still look presentable. This makes life so much easier if you’re into your trainers and base your outfit around it. If you’re still opting for the classic look, then pair with standard trainers. If you want an edgier look, then mix it up with high tops.

how to wear a grey flannel suit

Chelsea Boots

Want that biker or Rock n’ Roll edge? Just add some chelsea boots of any colour to complete this look.

how to wear a grey flannel suit


If you’re going for the original classic look, then team your suit with the brogue. Add black or brown for a slick outfit.

how to wear a grey flannel suit- brogue grid


If you want something different from the standard brogue, then look for some loafers giving a Summer edge and younger vibe to the outfit.

how to wear a grey flannel suit

And On That Note

It’s not hard to see why the grey flannel suit moved from its renowned place as the office man’s attire, to our modern day wardrobes. Its revamp has made it easy to fit into everyday life, as you can mix it up with shirts or shoes which can change the whole outfit look taking it from day to night, and for special occasions to date night.

Thanks to its neutral colour, and the different fits available, it suits everyman of every size and shape enabling it to be your wardrobe staple taking you through the whole year.

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