How To Wear A Pocket Watch – It’s Worth Taking The Time To Figure It Out | Curated Mint

You might be forgiven for thinking pocket watches are more at home in a scene from Peaky Blinders than in the wardrobe for the modern man, but you’d be very much mistaken.

A timeless yet elegant accessory, the humble pocket watch has its beginnings in 16th century Italy, but has since been outflanked by the modern wristwatch during the first half of the 20th century. Despite this, the pocket watch holds a strong and defining place in the world of formalwear, and has also seen a bit of a resurgence as a cousin of the wallet chain in accessories for casual style.

This guide will explain how to wear a pocket watch with a waistcoat and other less formal outfits.

Pocket Watch
Image Credit: Vogue

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