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Check out our complete guide on how you can wear a scarf and blazer with style, including; different ways to wrap a scarf, different styles of scarves and how to wear a scarf with a suit.

Scarves are one of those items of clothing that can be found in most men’s wardrobe, but are very seldom seen actually donning a fully grown man. Often this is due to a lack of confidence or knowledge. But, with a little help a carefully chosen scarf, worn well has the power to turn heads and win hearts.

The vast majority of scarves out there on the market are catering to women, but don’t be deterred by this fact, a well-worn scarf can truly elevate many an outfit. So if you’ve got a blind spot in your sartorial vision when it comes to scarves, then check out guide below which will walk you through how to wear a scarf with a blazer.

How To Wear A Scarf

Scarves are simple things, sheets of fabric, made from various materials that, in some cases have been used for crafting clothing for thousands of years. You’d think that with such a fundamental clothing item, we’d all be experts by now. Alas, there is something that has held us back from making the most of this most fundamental of clothing for too long now. So, if you’re tired of not knowing quite how to get the very best from your scarf, then this is the guide for you.

Ways To Tie A Scarf

For over two millennia, scarves have been the staple clothing item that has adorned men’s necks all around the world, originating in ancient Rome, as well as being worn by the soldiers of the Terracotta soldiers of China. Over that time, the wearers of this simple, yet very effective neck decoration have developed a number of ways to wear the humble scarf, in order to turn a simple strip of fabric in to something beautiful and spectacular.

For a quick visual guide for a few ways of how to tie your scarf, check out this handy video tutorial demonstration on various scarf tying techniques.

The Ascot

This is one of the genuine classic knots for scarf wearers everywhere. The scarf should be wrapped fairly snuggly to the and then knotted close to the neck line. Both ends of the scarf should be exactly the same length and lie one on top of the other. This is a very precise and smart look and so attention should be paid to the details.

The European

One of the simplest and most traditional of scarf tying techniques is the European knot and probably a knot you’ve deployed before. Simply fold the scarf so it is half of its original length, now place the scarf around your neck and thread the ends of the scarf through the loop created in the middle.

The Loop And Tuck

This is a knot which may take some practice and assistance from a helpful friend. Drape the scarf across the front of your neck, so that both ends hang behind your back. Next throw each end over the opposing shoulder, so the ends now hang in front of your torso. Now, bring the two ends of the scarf together and loop through the part of the scarf that is around your neck, they should now hang across your chest.

The Loose Knot

This is considerably less fussy and considerably more casual than the previous knot. To achieve this look, loop the scarf once around your neck, leaving both ends hanging equally and then simply tie a loose knot at the bottom of the scarf.

Ways To Wear A Men’s Scarf

Unlike a lot of women’s scarves, men’s scarves tend to be less flamboyant. However, this doesn’t mean that men’s scarves have to be boring. The choices to men tend to focus around bold colour and patterns. A good choice is to pick a colour which compliments the blazer or other outfit item that you’re wearing with the scarf. Other popular choices include plaid or bold geometric patterns.

It’s worth avoiding scarves with tassels or other adornments, as these tend to look more feminine than simply patterned and shaped scarves. It’s also probably advisable to steer clear of pinks, pastel colours or scarves that are decorated with patterns of animals or characters, these will not exude manliness. Also worth avoiding are scarves that require a scarf pin, again these are probably for you.

A chunky knit scarf is a great way to add interest and luxuriousness in the colder weather, doubling up for the perfect combination of form and function.

How To Wrap A Scarf

There’s a couple of really great ways of wrapping a scarf to achieve great, powerful looks, the single wrap & over the shoulder and the double wrap. The benefit of wrapping your scarf, is that there’s no tying or knots required and yet it’s a look that still exudes sophistication.

The Single Wrap & Over The Shoulder

Simply wrap the scarf around your neck once, leaving both ends of the scarf lying on your chest, now as the name suggests, throw one end of the scarf, the choice of which is yours, over your shoulder. You are left with one end of the scarf in front and one behind.

The Double Wrap

All the skill that is required for this imperious look is to take the scarf and wrap it twice around the neck, leaving both ends hanging in front of your shoulders.

How To Wear A Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves have enjoyed a massive surge in popularity amongst men over the last couple of years and wearing one is certainly a bold look and it’s one that can really make you stand out from the crowd. The blanket scarf is only suitable in a casual setting, but there is far more license to be liberal with colour and patterns with this variety of scarf, the whole point is that it’s a statement accessory.

There’s a couple of ways to wear the blanket scarf, the first is to simply drape the scarf over your shoulders, although this is only advisable when there’s no danger of the wind blowing the scarf all over the place. The other choice is to wrap the blanket scarf loosely around your neck. This is perfect for when the weather is less favourable.

Men’s Scarf Styles

Scarves have the dual purpose of being both functional and serving an aesthetic purpose, therefore there are a number of styles to choose from. Obviously, one purpose of a scarf is to provide warmth in colder weather, but it is also serves the purpose of elevating an outfit. Here’s a selection of some of the best scarf styles out there.

Dress Scarf

This is a fairly formal scarf, which is ideal for a smart/casual social event. The dress scarf is often made from luxurious natural fabrics, such as cashmere or other fine and soft textured wools. A typical pattern for the dress scarf is something like a check or plaid print, this type of scarf his perfect to add interest and detail to a neutral coloured, un-patterned overcoat.

Business Casual Scarf

Perfect for any time and season of the year, the business casual scarf is truly versatile and a great addition to a blazer or suit. In warmer weather, this type of scarf will be made from lighter, cooler fabrics such as silks, linen or cotton. This is the perfect scarf for a smart casual outfit and the workplace.

Summer Scarf

The summer scarf acts more as a fashion accessory, rather than a protective layer from the all the elements the weather has to throw at us. These scarfs can be worn with both smart and casual wear and because of the fashion element, this type of scarf is available in a wide range of prints, styles, colours and textures. Again, like the business casual scarf, the summer scarf is usually made from cooling fabrics such as silk, cotton and linen.

How To Wear An Infinity Scarf

An infinity scarf is the absolute definition of simplicity when it comes to knowing how to wear it. There is basically only one way to wear an infinity scarf. If you don’t know what an infinity scarf is, it is basically a looped piece of fabric. Simply place the scarf over your head, form a figure of eight and loop over again. Adjust the length of the loops so that one is lightly shorter and sits inside the other. This is a perfect accessory, to bring interest to a plain tee or jumper.

How To Wear A Scarf With A Suit

A good choice if you choose not to wear a tie, is to match up your suit with a scarf. There’s a number of different ways to wear your scarfs with your, here’s a few different looks for you to try out.

  • The Drape: This look is the definition of simplicity. All that is required, is to simply hang or drape the scarf around your neck, underneath the suit blazer. The scarf should then be visible on the inside of your suit jacket lapels.
  • The Once Around: This is a scarf look that should be worn on the top of the suit blazer. Start by draping the scarf over your neck. Ensure that one end of the scarf is longer than the other and simply loop the longer end of the scarf around your neck.
  • The Toss: Take the scarf, initially draped over your neck and toss one end of the scarf behind your shoulder of choice. Again this is ideal to wear over the top of a suit jacket or blazer.

Scarves To Wear With A Suit

When donning a scarf with a suit, it’s best to go with a heavier fabric than you might opt for when going for a more casual look. A simple woollen scarf is probably the best bet in this case. For professional occasions, it’s advisable to go for a scarf that is a fairly neutral colour, greys are more flattering than black, or alternatively pick a colour that compliments another element of your suit and match with that.

To pair with a suit it is also safer to avoid patterns, especially if pairing with any patterning on the suit or shirt, as a patterned scarf could end up looking confusing and messy, the exact opposite of the look we’re hoping to achieve here.

Scarf Outfits

With A Coat

Obviously, no winter outfit is complete without the addition of a good scarf. A quality scarf will elevate any coat or jacket, bringing both interest and the obvious functional benefits that the scarf brings.

With A Tee

Don’t worry that scarves are only a winter item, scarves come in numerous styles and fabrics and there’s many that can help transform a simple man in a t-shirt, in to a veritable style icon.

With A Blazer

If you want to take your work attire to the next level, then look no further than pairing up your scarf with a blazer, there’s no simpler way to add a dash of class and sophistication to your blazer, than a well-chosen scarf.

Men’s Winter Scarves

We all know how unpredictable the British weather is. In summer, the blistering heat is often interspersed with torrential downpours and howling winds and in winter, almost arctic conditions can, in the blink of an eye revert to glorious sunshine. So in the completely temperamental weather of all the British seasons, the scarf is the perfection fashion accessory for our tumultuous weather.

In winter, the mighty scarf really does come in to its own, for obvious reasons. Winter scarves are often knitted and often thick and bulky. High quality winter scarves are usually made of good quality wools, like cashmere or alpaca. Less costly winter scarves are also often made from man-made fibres or wool blends. Ultimately, scarves in winter offer great versatility, in terms of being able to respond to the changing weather, as well as acting as adding a touch of class to any look.

Your Quick Guide Of How To Wear A Scarf With A Blazer

  • Keep it masculine: No frilly tassels, feminine colours or animal prints.
  • Stay smart: When wearing with a blazer or suit, always make sure you pick a scarf that matches the rest of your attire.
  • Tone it down: If your donning your scarf at a formal or work event, make sure it’s neutrally or tastefully coloured and patterned.
  • Be comfortable: Like with all fashion advice, this is the key, be comfortable in the clothes, or this case scarf that you’re wearing, that includes the style and knot you choose to deploy.

A Final Note

So if you were in any doubt around just how great scarves can be, then doubt no more, make 2016 the year of the scarf, it’s a staple item that every man should be packing in his fashion armoury.

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