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As one of the biggest sports brands in the world Adidas is a must have for everyone. Adidas trainers and apparel you need to own and how to style them.

How to Wear Adidas Superstars

Adidas have two lines of their iconic Superstar – the original ‘shell-toed’ Superstar and its modern iteration, the aptly named Adidas Superstar 2.

The main difference between the two is that the original Adidas Superstar trainer is more traditional in its design, with the Superstar 2 featuring a more sturdy construction with a full grain leather upper and increased padding around the heel.

Both Superstar trainers come in black and white, which are timeless and can be mixed with a range of colour palettes.

Originally designed as a basketball trainer, Superstars are the ideal in style trainers to add to your wardrobe if you want to nail the sports-lux trend.

Try teaming the trainer with some slim chinos, focusing on folding the cuff to highlight the shape of the shoe. To finish the look, throw on a simple t-shirt or sweatshirt.

How to Wear Adidas Stan Smiths

The Stan Smith trainer has risen to become one of the coolest streetwear shoes around. A classic court shoe, Stan Smiths were originally designed with tennis players in mind, and are suitable for any smart-casual look.

These all white Adidas shoes look great when teamed with some joggers. Creating a casual style allows you to play around with additional details in your outfit. This look can be easily finished off with a work shirt and a fresh bomber jacket.

How to Wear Adidas Gazelles

Adidas Gazelle trainers have been a major hit since 1991. Stepping up a notch from the Adidas iconic three stripes detail, the Gazelle comes in 53 colourways. The wide range of colours means this is a go to trainer for any mood or outfit you want to create.

The suede fabric of the Gazelle’s is a perfect way to experiment with textures. The narrow shape to the trainer helps to slim your silhouette, so try to go with a straight leg chinos or some slim jeans to really emphasise the shoe.

Finish the look with either a white jersey or shirt, to create a simple colour palette based around the trainer. To complete the look, take advantage of the summer weather with a lightweight jacket.

How to Wear Adidas High Tops

When the hot summer weather starts to pass, these Adidas classic trainers are essential footwear for seasonal transitions. Creating more of an urban style, the high top can be put together to create a great streetwear look. Skinny jeans or baggy chinos work perfectly for this when finished with a long-line tee and a coach jacket or overshirt. This creates a look that is heavily inspired by celebrities (and huge Adidas fans) such as Jay-Z and Kanye West.

How to Wear Adidas Tubular’s

Adidas Tubular is one of the top performing active wear trainers from the Adidas sneaker archive. With a range of collaborations and exclusive designs, such as the Adidas Tubular x Primekit, which was first spotted during New York Men’s fashion week in 2016, the Tubular is the inspirational running line from the 1990’s.

The design inspiration came from tire tubes, with the trainer’s unique styling allowing it to stand out from other sneakers.

The trainer is a completely different shape to your typical Stan Smith and Gazelle but holds more of a modern, sporting look. Partner all black Adidas trainers with some simple chinos and a colourful track top to really nail a contemporary streetwear look.

How to Wear Adidas Outfits

Just as important as the iconic trainers, Adidas sportswear has emerged into the must-have street wear. When integrating these items into an outfit avoid dressing head-to-toe in Adidas trackies, unless you want to look like a knock off Stormzy. Instead build the outfit together with a signature Adidas t-shirt and slim jeans, or an Adidas jacket and plain jersey.

Further Reading: History of Adidas

The iconic three stripes have been a major statement detail for years, not just for athletes but also for style icons worldwide. Since its launch in 1949 Adidas has risen to become one of the most in-demand brands. From the must-have Stan Smith trainer to the iconic Adidas Predator boots, the brand has become a leading name in both the lifestyle and sporting business.

Started by Adi Dassler, Adidas came from early beginnings establishing itself alongside Puma, founded by brother Rudolf Dassler. The two brands originally worked together, sharing factories and offices, before parting ways in the 1950s. Since then Adidas has gone from strength to strength and has transformed into the ‘cool’ sports brand we know today.

Adidas gained attention from a range of musicians and fashion icons and was heavily involved in the birth of sneaker hip-hop culture. In the 1980s Adidas worked very closely with Run DMC, with the group even penning a song called My Adidas.

Since then Adidas have been hugely influential in both style and music, with one of their most iconic adverts coming out in 2013 starring Run DMC and DJ A-Trak.

Adidas Celebrities

Not only is the trainer seen to be taking over bloggers style recommendations worldwide, Adidas has been seen on big names such as Jay-Z and David Beckham with an addition of the anticipated collaboration with Kanye West.

However, over the last couple of seasons, one of the UK’s biggest up and coming artists has become synonymous with Adidas. Stormzy has taken the niche genre of Grime music to a level of international popularity and has done it all wearing his Adidas tracksuit.

How to Wear Adidas

  • Get your hands on some Adidas Superstar trainers for a classic look that isn’t too sporty.
  • Adidas Gazelles are perfect for a retro look. Try out some more unique colours for the best results.
  • Avoid dressing in head-to-toe in Adidas. Keep your look mixed for a varied style.
  • Adidas Tubular’s are great for a more athletic style.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear your trainers with smarter trousers. The smart casual look can work well.

On That Note

With Adidas’s diverse range of styles, colourways and designs, now has never been a more relevant time to introduce the Adidas trainer into your outfit. With the variety of iconic shapes to choose from, there is something for everyone, no matter what outfit and occasion. Following this step-by-step guide will provide you with the confidence to wear some classic Adidas street shoes without looking like you’re off for a run around the park.

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