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Unsure on how best to pull off the all grey look? Wondering if grey on grey really is in fashion. Well, sit back and let us take you through our very own guide on how to wear an in fashion, grey on grey outfit.

If you’re a rather more cautious bloke when it comes to fashion, you probably have doubts about rocking an all grey outfit. Even better, it can be done without an obsession in colour matching, and gives you a look that’s simple, sophisticated and stylish all rolled into one.

From Instagram and fashion blogs to the catwalks of London, New York and Milan, all grey has become somewhat of a style sensation. So, even if you think you haven’t quite got the minimalist image to pull it off, you’re wrong! This is a look that can compliment any wardrobe. Unlike black on black, grey on grey doesn’t evoke images of the Matrix and it can be brought out in all seasons.

all grey mens catwalk fashion outfits

Matching Shades

This is arguably the most important aspect to consider when rocking the all-grey look. Instead of creating outfits composed of a single block shade of grey, designers are getting increasingly creative coupling up darker and lighter shades to great effect. The key word here is texture. You can combine a grey jacket or a grey overcoat, with grey chinos or jeans and a grey jumper or shirt underneath.

Just remember to vary the shade within the grey on grey outfit. Opting for different fabrics and textures will allow the different pieces of the outfit to differentiate from each other providing a suave contrast that takes minimal effort. Even if you’re not feeling particularly adventurous, the slightest touch, matching a charcoal suit with a lighter grey shirt, to create the perfect grey on grey outfit. Which brings us swiftly on to…

Grey Suit Combinations

Let’s start as we mean to go on. Grey suit combinations have in the past been negated for the classic navy or black options. However, we’re here to tell you that grey suits should be the new suit staple in your wardrobe. Unlike blue, and its association with flashy bankers and traders, a grey suit captures a more relaxed vibe will unmistakably maintaining its own sophisticated image. A grey coloured suit is also a  far more versatile when dressing down your outfit. Blue and black have a fixed and formal image, layer up your grey blazer or jacket with some knitwear and it can look effortlessly casual.

When choosing your grey suit one of the most important considerations to have in mind is the hue of grey. Nearly all shades of grey suit are, conveniently for you, work and pleasure appropriate. Wear a light grey suit or a charcoal suit and you’ll be able to jump from the office to a social destination and still maintain a smart and classy appearance that doesn’t give off the ‘about to make a pitch for dragons den’ vibe. Here are some tips about picking a hue that will suit you. If you’ll pardon the pun.

shirt and tie combinations

Light Grey Suit

A light grey suit is a perfect acquisition for someone of a smaller or slimmer build. Not only can it make you like you’ve put on a bit of size but its neutral colour allows you to pair it up with a variety of shirt colours.

Try putting on a darker grey shirt underneath and an even darker grey tie to maximise the contrast in your outfit while keeping your grey on grey in fashion. A more summery vibe that doesn’t mirror the miserable grey of winter can be achieved with ease – grab a tie or a shirt that has a hint of blue and this can work wonders for taking your outfit a step away from winter glumness.

photo collage daniel craig in grey suit

Another easy way to keep your all grey look varied is by wearing different textures. Instead of silk or cotton, grab a grey wool tie and watch as your outfit gains another dimension. You can even try rocking a grey wool suit with a cotton shirt and grey wool tie for an autumnal style that exudes class.

On another note, grey suits can also work well for men with fairer skin tones and lighter hair colours, however, don’t be disheartened if you are a bigger guy with dark hair; a well-tailored suit in a lighter grey hue will always be a winner.

Dark Grey Suit

Yes, you’ve guessed it… Go darker! In recent years the men’s fashion world has seen the rise of the charcoal suit. A less formal, yet, distinguished and less traditional alternative to black; look no further than David Gandy and Daniel Craig for some charcoal suit inspo.

There are many benefits to the dark grey or charcoal suit. While it is considered a more formal option than light grey, the charcoal suit can be paired with lighter grey hues underneath the jacket giving the outfit greater personality and freeing it from its monochrome boundaries. While you might be wary of pairing a light grey suit with black shoes, this is far from the case with a suit in a darker shade of grey. And just like light grey it also works effortlessly with brown or tan shoes. Guys of a bigger build may also want to consider a well-fitted charcoal suit.

man in grey suit variation

The fact that dark colours make you appear slimmer to the eye is not just an old wives tale, it really works, while the dark hue is extremely complimentary when sporting a watch, cufflinks or a ring or two. As if with the lighter grey suit and its flattering abilities for men of a lighter complexion, the same can be said for those possessing darker features. Summed up, the charcoal suit is sleek, functional and very much in fashion.

How to Wear a Grey Suit

As with any suit, the jacket should fit snugly around your shoulders and slim in the waist. Don’t go too tight in these areas as you won’t have the space to layer your outfit. You don’t want your suit jacket to fit like a straight jacket so make sure you have enough flexibility whilst keeping it trim. Keep the sleeves at a good length. You don’t want them too long or baggy as unlike jackets, rolling up the sleeves of a suit jacket is a cardinal sin. Getting the fit right is of utmost importance to how the outfit looks. Get the fit right and even a relatively inexpensive suit can be made to look a million bucks.

What to Wear on Your Feet

With a formal suit, you really want to a nice formal shoe to round off the outfit. The obvious choices are oxford shoes or brogues, both classic lace up shoes that will complete any suited outfit. You could also opt for a pair of loafers when you’re dealing with warmer weather. Matching the colour of your shoe with your grey suit also doesn’t have to a challenge.

Unlike blue and black coloured suits, grey suits compliment a much broader array of shoe colours so anything from tan, dark brown, black, blue and even burgundy can suit different tones of grey. Blue and burgundy can also present a more exciting and stylish alternative to the classic tones and can help add a bit of warmth to your outfit. This can be useful in the summer months when you don’t want a completely grey outfit that matches the winter sky.

david gandy grey suit

All Grey Outfits For Men

If you want something that’s more casual and less corporate but still radiates the same refined, cultured air then we’re here to help. Swap out the all-grey suit for a grey blazer, taking away the heavy feel of a suit jacket while preserving the same opulent aura. And I know what you’re thinking, every bloke out on a Saturday night has a grey blazer. It is true, the grey blazer has become a popular feature of the fashionable man’s wardrobe.

all grey mens smart casual outfits

Throw on a plain grey T-shirt (importantly this must be a different texture or shade) and a pair of grey jeans or chinos, lighter than the hue of the blazer. Now, with grey being the neutral colour it is nearly any colour shoe will work with this outfit. We recommend you steer clear of anything that doesn’t quite suit the tone of the look (tacky trainers, clunky books or god forbid, sandals) and you my friend are onto a winner.

How to Wear a Grey Jacket

The grey overcoat is a bit like an overstated blazer.  Only this beauty is currently being flaunted around the fashion blogs, Instagrams and catwalks of the world. The perfect antidote to your severe lack of variation in the jacket department. The grey overcoat is an absolute must-have for this winter season, and what makes it an even better purchase is that after donning the grey overcoat not only will you feel like David Beckham dropping his kids to school on a cold January morning, but you will be wearing an item that completely dominates your look.

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Just throw on a pair of jeans or chinos in a darker grey tone. Then slip into a cotton t-shirt or shirt to allow a bit of textural contrast. This will create two distinct blocks of grey, adding both continuity and difference to the outfit.

Grey this Season

The Autumn/Winter collections demonstrated how designers are working grey into their collections in interesting ways right now. Worn as more statement pieces or as subtle tones in a more colourful look, grey is an essential colour this season as it’s just so versatile. Whether you want to go all out and wear an all grey look or just want the subtle tones with a colourful outfit, it can really work for you.


Many brands collections were almost entirely grey. Referencing the mammoth popularity of nineties minimalism over the last few seasons the tone of various collections, which focused on various formal tailoring styles, all with a masculine edge, was defined by the presence of a fine crew neck jumpers under everything. No embellishment, no unnecessary details, just soft tailoring in fifty shades of grey (probably).

Try wearing this grey crew neck jumper from Farah under a black or grey overcoat. Teamed with a pair of black slim legged jeans and some white trainers and you can have a causal look that’s spot on for this season. Worn with a simple white button down shirt and a pair of black trousers for a more elevated look that’s perfect for this season, and who doesn’t love a bit of tweed.

grey tweed blazer


We’re seeing a massive rise in vintage trends this season with brands displaying their own versions of 1920s/30s shapes. Wide legged trousers have become the new go-to for many men with the slim shapes taking more of a back seat. These Dickies wide legged trousers in this light grey colour will work perfectly with a darker grey tee on top, a pair of white trainers and a black over coat. This keeps the look fairly minimal whilst still having the full impact of the grey.

dickies trousers


Now don’t run n fear of pattern, you can easily pull it off without looking like you’ve dressed in the dark. This jumper from Cheap Monday with this all over fly print is spot on – the print is subtle enough to get away with yet still has the full impact of the detailing which won’t over power the outfit you team with it.

For a more classic look then why not try this long sleeved T-shirt from Selected. Everyone needs a striped tee in their lives and this number is spot on – teamed with a pair of slim legged black jeans, loafers and a leather biker jacket you can have a cracking transitional look that’s perfect for this season.

mens grey jumpers

Your Quick Guide on How to Wear All Grey

  • Use different shades of grey in your outfit to avoid looking like you’re in a prison jumpsuit.
  • Mix up the textures – cotton, denim, wool, suede in grey can all add an extra dimension to your outfit.
  • Don’t wear a shirt and tie in the exact shade or colour of your suit.
  • When rocking the grey overcoat, let the jacket do the talking. Keep the rest of the outfit simple.

On That Note

So there you have it. All the information you need to style out the all grey look.  You can go out feeling and more importantly be looking utterly dapper with a style that’s bang on trend. Forget Orangegrey is definitely the new black. You can look on point with as little or as much effort as you chose.

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