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Got a fresh new suit but struggling on what shoes to go for? No problem. Here is our definitive guide on how to wear Chelsea boots with a suit. Whether you’re wearing a navy suit or a grey suit, we have the advice for you when it comes to what Chelsea boots you should be wearing.

Chelsea Boots are a classic mainstay in menswear and have been for some time. Stemming from practicality and comfort they can be seen on the feet of some of the most stylish men in the world. Worn casually with a pair of jeans or smartened with a suit, you can wear a pair of Chelsea boots for any season. “Can you wear Chelsea boots with a suit?” you ask. Well yes, and now so more than ever.

You only have to walk the streets around Bank and Canary Wharf to see the office workers teaming a pair of Chelsea boots with their suit for that classic look and feel, especially during the colder months. So if you fancy smartening up your suit keep reading, as this guide will show you how to wear your best suit with the alternative smart shoe.

How to Wear Chelsea Boots With a Suit

However, as simple as it seems, finding your perfect Chelsea Boots for your day to day suit can be a struggle. Lucky for you, we have narrowed down the boots you will be needing for your next commute to work.

Black Suit

The classic black suit will never go out of style. Its versatility and ease of wear make it the favourite for many office workers around the world. Not only can you wear it to the office, but you can also dress it up a little bit more for when you’re going out in the evening.

If you want to have a bang on trend look this season then try a plain T-shirt tucked into your trousers; mixing formal and casual wear is a massive trend this season, so teaming your suit with a T-shirt is the perfect look.

The Boots

When you’re wearing a black suit for your best dressed, it’s key to invest in a pair of black Chelsea boots. They are usually designed with a smoother leather (matte or patent) rather than a suede finish. As your black suit has the flexibility of being worn for work and your next formal occasion, we always recommend keeping your Chelsea Boots simple and sharp – so keep the detailing to a minimum.

Key Brands

  • Churchs
  • Joseph Cheaney
  • Saint Laurent
  • R.M. Williams

Remember it’s always important that you never tuck your trousers into the boot. This may seem like an obvious thing not to do, but believe me, it’s been done and I’m giving everyone a pre-warning.

Navy Suit

If you are wanting to opt away from monochrome. It’s slim fitting and classically cut, and will be the perfect option for wearing to the office or a more formal event. Always have the option of wearing this suit with a light pink button down dress shirt. However, if you are in need of an alternative, you could also go for a grey roll neck jumper, giving yourself a little bit of a different look and making it a touch more comfortable and warm this season.

The Boots

When wearing navy always avoid teaming it with black. Instead, team your navy suit with a pair of brown Chelsea boots as these colours work well against each other. The great thing about brown is that you can vary the shade that you wear, giving you a more personal look.

Try wearing this lighter pair with the double tabs from J.M. Weston. The lighter shade makes them more day-to-day appropriate whilst still being smart for the office. Don’t worry about the double tabs, as your trousers will cover them up. If you’ve got a darker navy suit then it would only be appropriate to wear a darker boot with them.

Grey Suit

For the man who likes a classic suit but enjoys mixing it up a little bit, then why not try the dark grey suit. Perfect for those colder days when you don’t want to wear black or navy, the grey suit can also work for day and night.

The grey suit is evidently perfect, as the fitting and cut make it a great buy for those who are after something smart and classic looking. Teamed with a black roll neck jumper and a pair of formal dress shoes, such as a pair of brogues or monk straps, you can have a great look this season.

The Boots

The great thing about wearing a grey suit is that you aren’t limited to just one colour when it comes to your boots. Once you’ve got your suit on you can go for either a black or brown pair of Chelsea boots. If you do decide to go for a brown pair make sure that you keep the shade of the boot itself quite dark, as a lighter pair wouldn’t work and would throw off the entire look.

How To Wear Chelsea Boots With A Suit

  • Never tuck your trousers into your bootsno matter how tempting.
  • Focus on the detail of the fabric rather than the design.
  • Don’t always play safe with your colour coordinations. If you are wearing a navy suit, always opt for the classic tanned/brown Chelsea Boot.
  • Chelsea Boots are seasonless. So when you invest in your next pair – always consider the longevity and quality.

On That Note

It doesn’t matter what colour suit you’re planning to wear, you can always find a pair of Chelsea boots that will fit the bill nicely and keep you looking smart no matter what the season. If you’re going with a black suit then keep your Chelsea boots in that same colour palette. Avoid wearing a brown pair as these two colours don’t mix well together, especially when it comes to suiting. Go for a navy suit if you want to sport a pair of brown Chelsea boots as you can really vary up the shades of brown you wear. Navy is a great base colour for brown as it highlights the blue – essentially a clash that works. If you’re wearing a grey suit then the world of boots is your oyster. With so many brands jumping on to make the sharpest of boots, the choice is yours. So don’t worry, if the commute to work turns into a bit of a cold one – you know which shoes to consider.

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