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Denim is one of life’s biggest fashion staples for both men and women. From denim jeans to a denim jacket in black or bleach wash, everybody owns at least something in this material. This year, denim isn’t going anywhere, so we’re going to take a look at what denim will be on trend in 2018 as well as how we should all be wearing it.

Denim Trends 2018

Denim is one of those trusted materials that never wavers out of fashion. No matter what year or what season, there will always be at least one variation of denim that is on-trend. This year, we are going to see denim being worn a lot, so we’re here to tell you what the biggest and latest denim fashion trends are, from spring denim trends for men, to winter denim jeans trends. In addition to this, we’ll give you some styling tips along the way.

Jeans Fits 2018

One of the top denim trends is always going to be jeans. From flared to bootcut to skinny and wide leg, jeans are coming in and out of fashion trends all of the time. This year, jeans are settling for a more classic fit. They’re not skinny, they’re not baggy – they sit somewhere perfectly in between. Slim fit and dad fit jeans are the biggest contenders for 2018, so take a look at our top picks below.

Straight Leg Dad Fit Jeans Black

Dad jeans took the fashion industry by surprise last year when suddenly, out of nowhere, they became cool. We guess we have a few mainstream brands to thank for the rise of the dad jean, Vetements being one of the main ones. Even though dad jeans are ‘traditionally’ a stonewash blue, we have adapted them to meet the needs of 2018 trends by creating them in a black variation. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of black jeans, no matter what style you want to go for. As one of the most versatile items of clothing, black jeans can be dressed up, dressed down and dressed with just about anything. These jeans are the perfect style for anyone who likes to wear jeans in a relaxed, casual way, or to dress them up with a pair of smart dress shoes.

When it comes to the fit of dad jeans, we create ours with a tighter, fitted thigh and a tapered leg. Coming in a stretch fabric, these jeans will be comfortable to wear even if you’re not used to wearing a tapered, fitted jean. If your legs are on the skinnier side, wearing these straight leg dad jeans will give them a bit more shape, so you could easily get away with wearing baggier T-shirts or tops without looking too top heavy.

Our Straight Leg Dad Fit Jeans in black go with everything, so there are a plethora of styles you can adopt them with. For a casual style, they can be paired with a plain T-shirt in any colour and a pair of trainers. For a more formal, smarter style, an Oxford shirt tucked or untucked in the jeans matched with a pair of loafers and a blazer will look great.

Straight Leg Dad Fit Stonewash Jeans

We all remember dad jeans being washed out or too dark blue, so if you really want to capture the dad jean in all of its glory, there is no colourway to go for other than our stonewash colourway. We don’t, however, expect you adopt the dad jean trend as it was, which is why we have tweaked the design to suit 2018’s upcoming trends. This jean is the most classic dad jean style, originally designed to be worn by the typical dad but reworked to be worn by all upcoming fashion enthusiasts as it is one of the best latest denim trends for men.

Dressing up blue dad style jeans isn’t as easy as dressing up a pair of black ones – black is generally deemed as a smarter colour to wear. Nonetheless, these dad style stone wash jeans can still be made to look fairly smart by adding a plain white T-shirt with a blazer layered over the top. You can pair this look with some Clarks Originals Wallabees shoes to complete the look.

Slim Fit Jeans Black

If the dad style jean is a little too on the baggy side, a slim fit jean is your next best option. A pair of slim fit jeans is the happy medium between skinny and baggy/dad jeans. Slim fit will hug the leg without being stuck to it, giving you enough space to style them well without them being too tight or restricting, but also without being too baggy that you lose your form or proportioned silhouette.

Our slim fit jeans come in a longer rise and they look good folded up at the hem (or unfolded, depending on what style you want to go for). The fabric of these jeans has a certain amount of stretch to them, so they’re equally comfortable options for this season and every other one, too. If you want to stick to the latest denim fashion trends, these are the jeans for you.

Slim Fit Jeans Stone Wash

Our slim fit jeans also come in a stone wash colourway. What’s great about these slim fit jeans is that they can be easily transitioned from day to evening wear through the change of a few key pieces. For example, switch a T-shirt for a shirt or a sweatshirt for a knitted jumper. Change your trainers for a pair of loafers which you can wear without socks, depending on the weather, or add a blazer instead of a bomber jacket. There are so many ways you can accomplish a smart casual style by doing very little.

What we love about our Slim Fit Jeans in Stone Wash are the roll-up hems (the same as on the black slim-fit pair). Our slim fit stonewash jeans are made to be that little bit longer so you can easily achieve the roll up at the end. The bottoms of these jeans are tapered in towards the leg, so the roll-ups sit neatly around the ankle without swinging about.


Stretch Skinny Fit Stonewash Jeans

Finally, let’s look into the skinny jeans trend. If dad jeans are a little too baggy for you and you can’t shake off the skinny jean trend, then these jeans are for you. They aren’t that in-trend for 2018, however, you can still make them work when they’re paired with the right clothes. Again, just like with most jeans, these can be styled in both casual and formal outfits, meaning they can quickly become your go-to pair if this is the fit you prefer.

Although skinny jeans aren’t the most ‘in’ this year, they will work well for spring. The blue of these jeans goes hand in hand with this spring’s denim trends, adding a touch of colour to an outfit. Where blue jeans used to be a dark denim (like the raw denim jeans you can buy), they are now a continuous shade of lighter blue without looking too bleached. This is what allows them to be so versatile – they are light enough to pass for casual but dark enough to pass for smarter wear. Still with us?

To dress these jeans up, you could wear them with a shirt and some loafers or Chelsea boots. Chelsea boots work well when worn with skinny fit jeans as there is a smoother transition between the hem of the jeans and the top of the boot. For a casual look, go for a sweatshirt and a pair of trainers. If you want to meet the looks somewhere in between and go for a smart casual attire, try wearing a plain T-shirt tucked into the jeans with the addition of some Chelsea boots – the best of both worlds.

Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans Black

We also created these skinny jeans in a black colourway. They can be styled with a multitude of outfits and can easily take you from daytime to evening. Just be warned – skinny jeans on a night out can look a little bit childish.

These skinny fit jeans have a stretch fabric, making them extremely comfortable to wear and highly adaptable for men’s sizes. With five pockets, button zip detailing and a tapered leg, these jeans will be your new go-to. The stretch skinny jeans also have the turn-up hem on the bottoms of the legs, making them easy to wear with trainers, loafers or even a pair of Chelsea boots or Dr Martens.

mens white t-shirt black jeans white trainers-min

How to style black skinny jeans

How To Wear Denim In 2018

  • Denim is one of, if not the most popular material in the fashion world. Make sure you own denim in a whole load of different styles so you can always keep up with the recycled trends.
  • No matter what time of the year it isa pair of high-quality jeans will be your most favourite item of clothing.
  • Black and stonewash jeans are the most common and most worn colourway for a staple pair of jeans. Try to stick with either of these for a classic, timeless style.
  • Dad jeans. Whether you get yours in a black or stonewash colourway, you can style them with just about anything.
  • Slim fit jeans are also a great style to wear this year. These are a little bit easier to dress up with than the dad style jeans.
  • Skinny fit jeans, when they’re styled with the right outfit, they can still look great.


On That Note

Just like every year, the trends have crept up on us and changed. What we do know about trends, however, is that they will always involve some cut and fit of jean. That’s why we have selected the best styles and colours you should be owning this year. We hope this article has successfully highlighted a few of the best jeans that you can wear in 2018. Some may be more in style in 2018 than others, but by following the style guide outfit inspiration, you should just be just fine putting some great outfits together on your own. No matter whether you want to dress casual, smart casual or even smart, at least one of these jeans styles will be able to easily incorporate in your whole wardrobe. This means there are endless opportunities to create plenty of different looks. If you need any help, check out our store for some further ideas.

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