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Jorts are the perfect summer solution to anyone who loves a good pair of jeans. Check out our complete guide on how to wear denim shorts including all the questions you might have regarding colour, the fit and how to style them.

Ah, denim. Where would we be without you? It’s a material that basically forms the backbone of many-a-man’s wardrobe and, let’s be honest, what doesn’t look good with denim? As a result of it’s popularity, practicality and the range of styles available, it can easily find it’s away into any outfit – regardless of season.

However, due to their robust nature, jeans aren’t always the most comfortable in summer. So step forward with us into the future and welcome jorts into your life. Shorts are the best option when it comes to summer style due to their practical nature and ease of styling. While there are many other styles of shorts available to the modern man, such as chino shorts, this guide will teach you the wonders of denim shorts, how to style them and what to consider when purchasing.

What are Jorts?

We’ll start with the most obvious question, in case you haven’t figured it out already. What are jorts? Simply put, the word jorts comes from combining the word jeans and shorts, which, for some reason, is what we always seem to do with two words that often come together. You should treat jorts like any other style of shorts. They should be a slim fit and sit just above the knee, with a little room for your thighs to breathe.

Are Jean Shorts in Style?

Are jorts back in fashion? Yes they are. After years of being indecisive, it’s finally time we gave up and embraced the trend. Although they were once considered a sartorially questionable, they have slowly but surely developed into one of SS17’s must haves.

Jorts come in a variety of colours, just like jeans do. But we particularly like to stick to our basic colours of black, grey and shades of blue. Dress them casually, but properly, with a simple t-shirt and trainers. However, if you plan on wearing jorts to a smart-casual occasion, don’t be afraid to dress them up a little with a simple cotton shirt and come loafers.

How to Wear Denim Shorts for Men

The Fit

All shorts are ultimately meant to be comfortable and casual, providing you with freedom of movement and keeping you cool in the summer. Denim is a little less comfortable than let’s say, cotton, but it does provide a stretcher and more fitted, relaxed feel than most other materials.

As with any pair of shorts, the fit should also relate to your body shape and proportions. They should always be fitted, but also have a little room to manoeuvre. If you’re quite tall, consider going for a longer pair to avoid them riding up and crushing the… ahem, crown jewels.

Different styles should be considered depending on the shape of your legs and how tall you are; for example, shorter guys should be going for shorter denim shorts as they’ll create the illusion of longer legs. The same principle applies if you’re shorter, you don’t want your shorts falling below the knee as this will cut you off completely.

If you’re a stockier build, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy a looser pair, as this may result in you looking a little scruffy. Stick to a fitted regular fit for a comfortable yet stylish summer outfit.

The Colour

Denim shorts are available in many colours, which is great. But we do like to stick to neutral and basic colours such as black, grey, blue and even khaki sometimes. The majority of guys will keep it simple, and/or stick to the colour we would usually wear with jeans.

Remember there should be a balance between the jean shorts and what you’re wearing on top. Neutral colours are a favourite because they’re versatile and pretty much suit everyone and go with everything.

Of course it is summer though, so don’t be afraid to add some colours, prints and patterns to any section of your outfit. If you do opt for a more colourful pair of jean shorts then pair them with a fresh plain white tee.

Blue Denim Shorts

Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the originals. A pair of blue denim shorts are perfect way to add some texture and depth to an outfit for summer, especially in lighter shades. While you can pair them with almost anything, a simple white t-shirt will always look fantastic.

Black Denim Shorts

Black denim shorts offer a slightly cleaner look than that of it’s grey or blue counterparts. Ideal for the minimalist, monochrome style mavens among us, they’ll look best paired with a white t-shirt also. That being said, a pop of colour won’t look out of place either – as we all know, black goes with everything.

Grey Denim Shorts

Almost describable as a mid-point between the blue and black options, grey denim is another brilliant alternative to the age-old blue. Paired with a black t-shirt, grey denim shorts can give off an air of mystery and will also look incredibly stylish. Win – win!

The StyleDenim shorts are extremely casual and a significant staple among the summer street-style lovers. In short, this means that there aren’t many formal rules you need to follow (phew) and so, they can be completely adapted your personal style.

Jorts were once considered controversial, or perhaps something only dads would wear, but in recent years have become very popular. A pair of denim shorts will definitely look more appealing when fitted to the leg, as opposed a loose board short fit which can look quite sloppy.

You should also consider going for a higher cut when considering a jean shorts style, which some may say is it a bit risky, but if you’ve got the legs – shorter shorts have become more acceptable in recent years.

Usually, the hem is rolled up to create a fresher, trendier look; this can be achieved by simply folding in part of the inseam, and then rolling up the hem by one or two inches. Usually, jean shorts are already created in this style, but it is easy enough to recreate at home yourself if not.

For a funkier look, why not try denim shorts with a print on the turn-ups of the hem. If this doesn’t suit your taste, men’s cut off jeans, or ripped denim, is a stylish alternative that’s proving to be one of the most popular styles this year. Men’s Levi shorts are a great choice for your wardrobe and they’re amazing quality for the price.

What to Wear with Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are a great addition to any man’s summer wardrobe and can pretty much go with anything. It’s best to keep it simple, with a plain tee, or minimal patterns and some canvas footwear or trainers.

The T-shirt

When choosing a t-shirt to wear with your shorts, it’s best to go for something simple, like a basic white t-shirt. Wearing jean shorts is definitely considered an off-duty look, so don’t overthink it.

That being said, florals and bold colours have been major trends this summer season so why not work them into your outfit with a bright or printed a t-shirt and finish it off with a pair of canvas trainers.

Monochrome, pastels and stripes are also a popular summer trends you should consider. Avoid darker coloured t-shirts and instead mix it up with a soft coloured pastel polo shirt. If you fancy wearing darker coloured denim jorts or even black, pair it up with something white on top to achieve that classic monochrome look.

The Shirt

If you’re more of a shirt kind of guy, or perhaps you’re just thinking of wearing jorts to a BBQ or casual summer event, it’s best to stick with something plain – don’t go whipping out the Hawaiian shirt, just don’t. Another option to consider would be mixing a plain tee with an undone casual shirt over the top.

The Outerwear

Bomber jackets and coach jackets are great for SS17. Both are a great addition to your outfit if you’re feeling a little chilly this summer. Denim jackets can be worn over denim shorts but make sure you know what you’re doing. Double denim is a tough thing to get right so make sure they don’t clash.

The Accessories

Add some accessories to the rest of the outfit, but keep it minimal or a single statement piece. Watches are our favourite kind of accessory. If you decide to keep this look simple, then simply dress it up or add a good statement piece such as a Nixon watch.

Belts should definitely be kept simple, light and also match with the rest of your outfit. If you’re not one for colour, keep it black or brown. Baseball caps are an ongoing trend and show no sign of falling back this summer. It’s definitely the style you should be wearing as opposed to the bucket or snap-back. For the final touches to the summer chill vibe, you’ve got to add a pair of sunglasses to the mix. Ray-Ban, Consortium, and Persol offer a cool range of sunglasses in iconic styles and a variety of colours.

The Shoes

Your best bet is to stick with trainers, preferably white or grey as they’ll carry you through the summer, being such a versatile colour to wear. Converse, Garment Project and K-Swiss all offer some brilliant options for you to try out with your jorts.

You don’t necessarily have to wear white, but stick with a neutral grounded colour like blue, black or green otherwise.

Loafers may also be a good choice of footwear if you decide to incorporate jorts in a smart-casual outfit. They are certainly the most sophisticated option when it comes to summer style and will definitely inject a smarter sense of style into your look. Pair with a casual t-shirt and a pair of blue or black denim shorts.

Alternatively, for that chill, casual summer look, sandals and flip flops are a great option too. They may not be to everyone’s taste, but if you feel comfortable or maybe you just fancy a change from trainers, go for it!

How to Wear Denim Shorts

  • Style not too high above the knee, and definitely not below
  • Fit oversized shorts are a big no-no, they have to be slim or skinny fit
  • Colour stick to blue, black or grey as they’re the easiest to match with the rest of your outfit
  • Outfit – A plain t-shirt, a casual shirt or a light jacket all make perfect matches for denim shorts
  • Shoes – trainers are best but loafers or slip on are also great

On That Note

Jean shorts are fast becoming the epitome of street style, so be the first to try them out and them wear this summer. Wearing shorts has always been about being confident and embracing your body type and denim shorts are undeniably the way to do that this summer.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t pull them off, they are an easy trend to get used to. Treat them like you would jeans, and simply add a basic tee, hoodie and some trainers for the ultimate casual summer style.

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