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Owning a good pair of boots becomes a necessity during the winter months. As a true heritage brand, Grenson shoes makes some top quality boots for all occasions which are a timeless addition to your foot-drobe. Here’s our guide on how to wear them.

Shoes are important, (well, obviously) and its even more important to pair them with the right outfits. You need to match your shoe style to the weather because you can’t really be seen wandering around in flip flops when it’s raining outside can you or wearing boots on the beach. You may think this examples a bit extreme but you can never be too sure, but generally speaking it’s a lot harder to choose you’re shoes when it gets to that awkward, in-between season stage. So we’ve got you covered, now is a perfect opportunity to try out some leather boots. Here’s all you need to know about the different styles and how to wear Grenson shoe boots.

Grenson Brogue Boots

Originated from Ireland, Grenson brogue boots (also known as Grenson Fred boot) are the definition of dapper. Widely recognised for its decorative design embedded within the leather, it’s the shoe that can be worn throughout most of the year. The lines of holes and perforations that follow the shape of the upper are what differentiates this style from an Oxford or a Derby. The holes in the leather were originally there to help drainage when crossing wet terrain. However, since then they have become a staple of men’s fashion.

Although they’re not as smart as some shoes, meaning you probably shouldn’t wear them with a tuxedo, they can look great with a number of professional outfits. Men’s brogue boots are a great way to smarten up any winter look. Their heavy duty design makes them perfect for a more rustic and hipster outfit, while also being hugely reliable when it comes to trekking through snow.

How to Wear the Grenson Brogue Boots

Although you may believe that wearing a double denim outfit is a fashion faux pas, if you wear it correctly, it can be extremely stylish. Admittedly, when done badly, double denim can make your outfit too uniform, calling too much attention to your look. However, as long as you get the tone and shade right, then you’ll be fine.

Obviously, you don’t want your double denim to be too overpowering. To keep it muted, opt for a blue denim jacket and a slim pair of black jeans. Combining this with some Grenson men’s Brogue Boots in tan is a perfect way to add some stylish detail to a look that would otherwise be rather dark. You can also add a light grey Oxford shirt underneath your denim jacket to add some contrast and balance within the outfit. Now all you need is a beard and a craft beer to get the ultimate hipster look.

Grenson Grover Boot

Other than brogues, Grenson has become renowned for producing a much wider variety of boot designs, this includes the Grover. This is a French style that is sometimes known as Chasse or Y-tip due to the distinctive stitching on the front of the shoe’s upper. Grover have taken the traditional country style and re-invented it with a rugged commando sole and a natural split welt.

How to Wear the Grenson Grover Boot

Try wearing these boots with dark pair of chinos, preferably wide leg. The brown from the shoe will compliment the dark tones of your trousers and give you a smart rustic look. If you cuff or pin-roll the bottom of your chinos you can show off more of the footwear, adding another dimension to your outfit.

To turn this into a more casual look, think biker inspiration. Wear the boots with a pair of dark blue jeans, plain white tee and of course a leather jacket. If you’d like to accessorise your outfit, try adding a beanie hat making it perfect for a casual autumn winter look.

Grenson Hobson Boot

If you look into the Grenson archive you’ll find the Hobson. Known for its  moccasin style the boot is a classic.Using ancient shoemaking techniques, the upper of the shoe is wrapped around the foot with an apron stitched on top. The Hobson is a combination of tumbled leather and suede, with authentic rawhide leather laces. Unlike most of the Grenson boots, this one does not come with a heel, and instead, has a lightweight wedge on the bottom.

What to Wear with Grenson Hobson Boot

Commuting into work during the winter can be an extremely cold and depressing task, especially if it decides to sleet or snow. Although a pair of black leather shoes may look good with your work suit, they won’t do once you’ve had to tread through a load of snow. Instead, a sturdy pair of Hobson boots is a practical and stylish alternative. By having no heel, the sole maintains a larger surface area on the floor, giving you more grip in slippery conditions. Additionally, the thick wrap of leather on the bottom of the upper adds a warm layer of protection from the elements.

Pair these boots with some black straight jeans or smart trousers. If you need to maintain your smart image for work, opt for a shirt layered over a jumper. Finally, finish with a classic piece of outerwear fashion, the parka. This is a staple coat that goes with many different outfits, whilst also being extremely practical for your commute and the cold weather.

Grenson Chelsea Boot

Out of all the styles in this list, the Chelsea boot is probably the best smart casual shoe and the most iconic. Due to its simple slip-on design, this piece of footwear can easily be dressed up for formal look as well as dressed down for any casual events. A pair of these will see you right through work all the way to a night out with your mates.

Grenson Chelsea Boot Outfit

The easiest way to achieve a great smart casual look is by layering. Through a combination of formal and casual clothes you can create a balance within your outfit that is both stylish and versatile. For instance, wearing a denim blue button up shirt is relatively clean-cut, especially with an black overcoat. Black skinny jeans are great for this because they sit on the fence between formal and casual, meaning that when you team them with a pair of brown suede Chelsea boots you have the ultimate combination.

How to Clean and Maintain your Grenson Boots

Although Grenson prides themselves on making extremely durable and well lasting boots, if you clean and maintain them properly, you can make them last for decades. The majority of your shoes will come in either leather or suede, and as long as you put in a little bit of effort, both are easy to look after.


The best way to maintain a pair of leather shoes is by polishing them. If you have black leather boots then it’s easy to find the right colour of polish. However, if they’re tan or brown it may be trickier to find the right shade. If you’re struggling to find one then stick with a neutral polish.

To polish a pair of leather boots you’ll need: Shoe polish, application brush, clean shoe brush and a clean soft cloth. Use the application brush to rub the polish into the leather of the shoe, making sure you cover the entire upper. Leave them to dry for about ten minutes before using a clean shoe brush to remove any left over product. Finally, use a clean soft cloth to buff the leather into a shine. Spray them with Crep Protect to maintain them afterwards. Watch the video below if you’re still struggling.



To clean a pair of suede boots you’ll need: Shoe brush, suede rubber, suede brush and Crep Protect spray. Begin by removing any loose dirt on the surface with a normal shoe brush. Use a suede rubber to remove any stubborn marks by disturbing the nap of the material. Once this is done, use a suede brush to restore the nap back into place. Finally, spray them with Crep Protect to maintain them in future. For more information, check out the video below.

Further Reading: Grenson History

If you hadn’t realised already, Grenson is a classic heritage brand that combines quality and style in a contemporary way. It all began in 1866 when William Green starts making shoes by hand in a loft in Northamptonshire. The company grew for several decades until it changed its name to Grenson and began making shoes for soldiers in both World War I and II.

However, it wasn’t until 2008, after many years experimenting with different materials and styles, that the first ever Grenson shop opened in Liverpool Street, London. From then until the present day, the Grenson brand has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the largest shoe heritage brands around. Today they produce a wide variety of shoe and boot ranges, all combining a long history of shoemaking with a contemporary style.

How to Wear Grenson Boots

  • Grenson brogue boots work well with double denim, so keep the outfit simple and make sure you don’t overly match the denim tones too much.
  • Grenson Grover boots are perfect for the biker look, a leather jacket, jeans and classic T-shirt will be the best option.
  • Grenson Hobson boots work well in the cold icy weather, having no heel makes these ideal for the snowy months.
  • Grenson Chelsea boots are the ultimate smart casual shoe, you can dress these up and down making them perfect when you’re going out straight from work.
  • Keep your shoes as good as new by cleaning and maintaining the hard handcrafted work that went into them in the first place. The boots will last for decades and get you through m any winters.

On That Note

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that are warm, practical and stylish for this winter season then you can’t get much better than a pair of Grenson boots. Despite the huge variety of brands and styles, investing in a heritage brand such as this will certainly be beneficial in the long run. Other than being extremely stylish, if you look after them properly, a pair of Grenson’s will also last you for years.

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