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Ripped jeans can add a hint of modern day grunge to your outfit. Whether you opt for the subtle option of simply distressing your denim or completely immerse yourself in the trend and rip or wrench your jeans into something resembling distressed shorts, we guarantee you can make the ripped jean work for you.

Ripped Jeans Style

Distressed denim has never really gone out of style and ripped jeans are the easiest way to achieve the look. Injecting an element of street wear edge into your everyday casual wear has never been easier and believe it or not, the ripped jean is probably more versatile than you think. You might assume torn jeans are difficult to style, but that’s because you’ve never been shown how to or you’ve just not been shown properly. Well, this is all about to change. You’ll be styling them in no time as they’re functional, easy to wear and can add a bit of personality to your look.

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Casual Day Wear

Ripped Jeans are the ultimate dressed down casual wear staple. They represent more than just jeans with holes. For maximum effect, we’d suggest pairing with a simple T-shirt and a pair of sneakers or desert boots. Distressed denim will give your everyday look an edgier aesthetic, plus, it’s worth remembering that the jeans should be the focal point of your outfit so there’s no need to overpower them with loads of other pieces. Over complicating the look will make your outfit feel very unnatural and too over styled. We are aiming for effortless, not try hard.


Smart-Casual Wear

Believe it or not, ripped jeans can actually be up-styled and incorporated into a smart wardrobe. Perfect if you have a casual office dress code, or if you’re looking to stray from your regular, uninspiring pair of standard blue rinse, straight or skinny jeans. With a smarter top half, attention is drawn away from the casual, distressed aspect of your ripped jeans, and with the right styling you can get away with pulling it off.

If you’re looking to incorporate the best ripped jeans into your smart casual wardrobe it’s surprisingly simpler than you think. Teaming the ripped jeans with a shirt under a jumper and pairing this with some smart shoes like brogues or dessert boots you’ll be able to wear your jeans to all them smart casual occasions.


Alternative Ripped Jeans

Many would associate ripped jeans with punk and grunge fashion, and they’d be correct, but that doesn’t mean the guys that aren’t really gunge wearers can’t rock a pair of holey jeans. So, take a pair of ripped black denim jeans and couple it with a chunky grey jumper. This keeps the outfit all in one similar colour palette while also giving the look that slightly more edgy feel. Teamed with a pair of brown boots will add to the alternative style you’re aiming for, easy.


DIY Ripped Jeans How To

If you want to take the ripped jeans trend to the extreme, or you have an old pair that you think need a revamp, you can make your own rips (and if this goes wrong you can just cut yourself a new pair of denim shorts). Frayed hems and distressed patches will bring your tired out denim right into the continuously growing trend, but beware; this is not a free for all, there needs to be a slight element of planning.

Of course, you can buy your denim already distressed, but if you want a completely unique look there’s always this option of doing it yourself. Distressing your jeans with rips and cuts is fairly easy and straightforward. It’ll fill a bleak Sunday afternoon and is easily achieved with a few household items you probably have already lying about.

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Knees and Hems: Traditionally, torn up denim focuses on the knee and hem areas. So to start of easy, try cutting the hems off of each jean leg and then using tweezers (or your fingers) to pick away at the loose threads to create a frayed effect. You can then take some sandpaper to the frayed edges to create a rougher texture. To get that ripped look on the knees of your jeans, make small incisions with scissors in the area that you want a bit holey and then by pulling the vertical threads out with tweezers and leaving behind any horizontal white strands of fabric will leave you with some knee holes.

Extra Distressed: If you want a more extreme distressed look for your jeans rather than just frayed rips then try dragging course sandpaper across seems or larger surfaces of denim. Use the sandpaper to rub down some front parts of your denim, this will create a patch of distressed denim where the fabric has been given a coarse feel. There really are no rules when it comes to ripped or distressing jeans so the more creative you are with it the better.

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Celebrities Wearing Ripped Jeans

If you were still in any doubt as to how versatile and stylish the ripped jeans trend really is, look into the world of celebrities and you’ll be able to see how popular the jeans are. Whether you’re after smart look that’ll dress up your ripped jeans or just fancy going all out casual and opting for a sweatshirt and cap, Kanye West is the ultimate ripped jean inspo. The possibilities are enless, check out how he styles them.


Kanye West will, in more cases than most, always go for a light coloured blue jean when he decides to wear a ripped style. This helps them to stand out from the rest of his outfit, plus, the rips will always vary as more pairs are more ripped than others. With his brown Chelsea boots he wears an oversized sweatshirt (casual on top, smarter shoes) and when he wears trainers, he goes for a smarter top half with a leather jacket (Smarter top, casual shoes). Kanye, most of the time, mixes both smart and casual pieces with his ripped jeans, perfecting the ripped jean look.


How to wear Ripped Jeans

  • Ripped jeans can be paired simply with trainers and a plain T-shirt and leather jacket.
  • The jeans can be dressed up with a pair of dessert boots and a smarter jacket, perfect for any smart casual events.
  • Mix and match the outfit with a smart top and casual shoes, or vice versa. Keep the colours simple however as it may appear to in your face.
  • Kanye West loves a pair of ripped jeans, always in a light blue colour and paired with either a jumper or jacket.

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On That Note

If you’re in any doubt that the ripped jean is a fleeting trend, you’d be wrong. Distressed denim has been around for a while and it’s not going anywhere in a hurry. It’s a look that’ll take you through every season from Spring into Summer and back into Winter. Ready your tweezers and have a rummage in your toolbox for some good quality sandpaper; ripped jeans are big this season and if you want to be ahead of the style stakes ripped jeans are worth a buy.

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