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Are you looking for a new fashion trend to adopt this summertime? If so, stripes should be your go-to. Stripes are a classic and versatile pattern that can add interest to most of your outfits, so embrace the look and follow our quick and easy guide on how to wear stripes three ways this summer.

Put down the baguette and the beret; you don’t have to be an outdated cliche of a French man in order to pull off stripes. In fact, there are a number of subtle ways of incorporating stripes into your wardrobe and the remaining months of warm weather is a good time to do so.

Stripes are so easy to incorporate into your already existing wardrobe; they are easy to style with other pieces and they give off a timeless, minimal vibe. From classic Breton stripe T-shirts to understated accessories, here are three easy ways to wear stripes this summer (if you’re not doing it already).

Striped T-shirts

Whether you’re jetting off to the French Riviera, or simply looking to liven up your T-shirt drawer, striped tees are a menswear staple that every guy should invest in. Sometimes an outfit can look really dull or a little on the boring side, and more often than not, it’s because there’s either a lack of colour or a lack of pattern in the ensemble. An easy solution to this is the striped T-shirt. It is such a simple piece that isn’t too in-your-face, yet still brings another dimension to your look. You don’t have to worry about pairing it with other colours either, because the striped T-shirt is usually white and black or white and navy only.

Wear yours with a pair of tailored shorts and some clean white trainers for a simple look, or layer it up underneath a half-buttoned over a shirt or unstructured blazer, such as a chore jacket, for an alternative take on the formal look. You’ll quickly begin to appreciate its versatility and effortless appeal.

A Striped Shirt

Striped shirts are one of our favourite ways to bring in this subtle summer pattern. We love how the stripes act as another layer, making it the perfect choice for when you’re not quite sure which way the weather is looking. It brings a cool vibe to a look whilst also acting as another layer that you can work with for cooler evenings, bringing both style and practicality to the table.

To style a striped shirt, we suggest wearing a short-sleeved summery one layered over a plain white T-shirt. You can then wear a pair of shorts and some white trainers to tie the whole look together. In the evening, all you need to do is switch up the shorts for some chinos and the trainers for some loafers or boat shoes and you’re good to go – that’s how versatile the striped shirt can be.


How to wear stripes in summer

Striped Shorts

While you can’t go wrong with a solid rotation of tailored, colour block shorts for the summer months, the striped variety can offer a refreshing alternative to both smart and casual situations. True, you won’t be able to find these shorts everywhere, and not all men will be able to pull them off, but for those who can, they’re a great addition to the summer wardrobe.

You can get striped shorts in a variety of colours and styles. However, we don’t recommend you go all out for a pair that is really bold and statement. Instead, opt for a subtle stripe that adds a bit of pattern to your look without overpowering the whole outfit. For example, a pair of lightly striped chino shorts teamed with a well-fitting pique polo shirt and a pair of boat shoes is an effortlessly cool ensemble that you can pull off for multiple occasions throughout the summer.

Striped Accessories

Of course, if striped tops or shorts don’t do it for you, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the print entirely. Instead, you can opt for striped accessories to add a subtle element of interest to your outfit without the risk of going overboard. Think along the lines of blue and white striped headwear or, alternatively, switch your metal watch bracelet for a striped watch strap instead.

One of our favourite ways to accessorise an outfit is with socks. We love a good pair of socks, and quite often, these can change up an outfit entirely. Take a suit, for example. What looks better? A suit with a pair of black or grey socks or some bright fun ones? We know what we prefer.

How to Wear Stripes Three Ways this Summer

  • T-shirts are the best and easiest way to incorporate stripes into an outfit. It’s a fail-safe method to bring some detail and excitement to an otherwise plain outfit.
  • Striped shirts look great when worn on their own or when layered over the top of a plain white T-shirt. It also helps with summer layering to make sure you stay warmer during the breezy evenings.
  • If you can pull off striped shorts, do it. However, we think you should always stick to a subtle pair so they’re not too bold and overpowering.
  • Accessorise with stripes. Whether you opt for a striped cap or even a pair of striped socks, a little bit of detail will go a long way.


On That Note

Stripes are the easiest pattern for any man to wear. They are understated and easy to style; they look good without you making too much effort and they bring a natural dimension to every outfit. You could go for a striped T-shirt, a striped shirt to layer over a T-shirt, some striped shorts or even a cool pair of striped socks to give your summer outfit that something extra. Now you know the most basic ways to wear stripes, what are you waiting for?

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