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It’s classic, minimalistic and with so many shapes, styles and variations available the white trainer is a men’s wardrobe essential. Wear them with jeans, your suit, a pair of shorts or a tracksuit, no matter what your style is there is bound to be a white trainer for you.

The classic white trainer is one of the best men’s shoes – it surpasses trends and only grows in popularity and style. A staple in many men’s wardrobes, the white trainer has the ability to be teamed with a plethora of looks and styles. So with so many styles and variations of the classic white trainer available, you’ll never struggle to find a pair that suits both you and your style. To start off, you’ll need to know one thing. You have to keep them clean. There’s nothing worse than a pair of white classic trainers that are scuffed, muddy and starting to yellow because of the sunlight band wear you’ve got out of them. Other than keeping them clean, you’re free to do what ever you want with this versatile shoe.

White Trainers with Chinos

There can’t be a much more iconic look than some crisp tan chinos and a clean pair of white sneakers for men. It’s a look that’s been passed down the generations. In the 1940s when white tennis shoes began to be used for a lot more besides just being worn on the tennis court, the trainers became a staple for every guy. It was made hugely popular by Steve McQueen for one. This is a classically preppy look that lends itself well to most occasions. The trainers in this case should be fairly chunky and by chunky we mean with a decent sized sole. A white shirt or T-shirt will brighten up this look and make it a summer must.

Dark Denim with White Trainers

If you’re more of a jean guy or simply into darker pieces, your white fashion sneakers can look just as good with dark denim. The contrast of the dark and light colours helps the trainers feel more like they’re the centre of attention. You can pair these darker jeans with navy, black or even white shirts and T-shirts, the limits are endless. This is a good look for the winter or autumn months as the darker jeans make the trainers look and feel less bright and summery, and weather appropriate.

Minimal & Modern

Despite how long they’ve been around, white tennis shoes can, if worn and used correctly, still manage to look young, bright and modern. And nothing proves that point more clearly than when they’re paired with a smart casual outfit in a contrasting colour. A pair of grey wool trousers, work jacket and shirt in similar tonal colours will create an effortless, casual yet pub appropriate attire. The design of the white trainer may be minimal, but the impact when used in the right way never is.

White Trainers with Shorts

White is a summery colour – that can’t be denied. It’s bright, fresh and looks light on your feet. So when it comes to deciding what shoes to chuck on when you’re ready to go out in a simple shorts and T-shirt combo, white classic trainers are the easiest and most stylish option. Unless you’re on the beach you don’t want to be wearing flip flops, and a pair of boots won’t go down well in the summer. White fashion trainers can come in all sorts of shapes and variations, so depending on whether you’re in denim shorts or chino shorts you can go for high or low tops. Converse will give you that kind of 70s sports look, especially if you go for the Chuck Taylor All Star 70′.

Casual White Trainer Outfits

Casual wear and trainers go hand in hand. There’s not a better casual, street-styled look that would be more appropriate for if you were off shopping or to the pub for some Sunday drinks. A relaxed pair of black jeans, or blue if you prefer, paired with a leather jacket creates a look that is effortlessly cool. A leather jacket over the top of any outfit, plus white tennis shoes on your feet will give you the confidence you need for that ideal date you’re just about to cancel on. Don’t do it, once you’re in the trainers and got the leather on your shoulders, there’ll be no stopping you.

White Trainers with a Suit

The best white trainers can even be worn with a suit and not look out of place. Have you got the confidence to wear your cool white trainers with a three piece? Sneakers are more than appropriate if you style them correctly as you don’t want to be in a really smart, tailored suit and ruin the whole smart ambience with some trainers. If you’re doing it with a suit then go for a textured material and try to stay away from black, unless you’re switching the blazer for a casual jacket. The tennis trainers need to of course been clean and fresh, and make sure your trousers end just before the shoes start (because there’s nothing worse than a baggy, over-long pair of trousers). Don’t worry about what others may say about it, just enjoy being different and fashionable (and comfortable – it’s a definitely added bonus).

White Trainers in Winter

All right, even we can’t promise that the sun will shine all year round (if you live in the UK), but we can promise that no matter what the weather, a pair of classic white tennis shoes will be suitable attire. Men’s white shoes look totally stellar when paired with a long winter’s coat; it turns out that David Tenant’s Doctor Who knew a thing or two about fashion as well as time travel. It will definitely be harder to keep the shoes clean, so you may have to restrict the wear when it starts to rain, but if you look after them you’ll have a look that can take you through all of the seasons.

David Beckham In White Trainers

Celebrities are big fans of the white trainer style, wearing them casually and embracing the suit and trainer look. Considering how Mr Beckham started his career, it’s perhaps not surprising that he likes to wear trainers. But remember that he is a style icon and one of the most famous men in the world when it comes to what to wear and when. And if he thinks rocking the classic white sneaker look is a good idea, who are we to argue?

Ryan Reynolds In White Trainers

The ultra cool Deadpool star has always had an eye for the most fashionable attire, and he wears it all without making it look like a chore. His choice to wear classic white trainers with pretty much anything is a good one, and it’s practical too. Ryan Reynold’s makes his chinos and white trainers seem like they were just thrown on with minimal effort and major style.

How to Clean White Trainers

Once you’ve found the perfect pair of men’s classic white trainers, you’ll want to look after them. Wearing them so often and with so many different outfits will mean that they get grubby pretty quickly. When that happens, the effortless chic look you’ve been rocking becomes more like the’ couldn’t be bothered to make an effort’ look – and that’s not what we’re after.

The best way to keep your tennis shoes looking their best is to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. A good covering with a leather or canvas protection spray is a great way to keep the dirt at a distance. Keep the process up every few weeks or otherwise it will wear off (and probably at the worst moment possible).

If they do suffer from a bit of grime, don’t panic. They’re (probably) not done for. Make sure you wipe off the mark as soon as you can to prevent it from staining – once the muck has penetrated the material, there isn’t too much that can be done. Every time you take those trainers off check them over for dirt, cleaning as you go.

How to Wear White Trainers

  • White trainers should look crisp, clean and fresh so make sure you look after them. This is the most important thing to remember.
  • Chino’s are just a light as the trainers feel so they make it easy to put together a chino and trainer outfit.
  • If you want to wear the tennis shoes with something darker, navy chinos or black jeans will always work well.
  • White is summery, so why wouldn’t you wear them with your shorts. It’s the ideal short shoe that’ll be comfortable and stylish in the summer months.

On That Note

White trainers are the perfect wardrobe essential that every man needs to have in their wardrobe. Their versatility speaks for themselves as they work with near enough any outfit. No matter what the season, you can throw them on. Worn casually with a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt or smartened up with a sharp suit, the white trainer is definitely here to stay.

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