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Denim is that one staple that everybody always comes back to; in denim we trust. Whether we’re talking about your favourite pair of worn-in jeans or an innovated denim jacket to see you from season to season, no man should go without at least some denim in his wardrobe. Stuck on how to wear it this summer? Read on to find out how.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your style is like, denim will always (or should always) play a dominant role in your wardrobe. A pair of jeans, a jacket, a denim shirt or even denim accessories are easy, effortless ways to vamp up your wardrobe, so read on for our guide on why you (and everybody else) should be wearing denim this summer.

Don’t Rule It Out

We know that just the thought of wearing denim in the summer might make you break out in hot sweats, but really, we promise it’s not all bad. Denim is actually one of the most transitional fabrics around, making it ideal to wear in both the summer and the winter. It’s one of those materials that keep you warm in the cold and cool in the warm, so you can’t really go too wrong here.

So, with that in mind, don’t rule it out. There are so many denim options available, so you should look at opening your wardrobe up to a whole load of denim pieces to incorporate into your style this summer. From denim jackets to a pair of trusted denim jeans, we will explore all of the different options so you can see why you should be wearing denim this season.

Find Your Fit

The first place to start is establishing the fit of denim that suits you most. It’s about finding something that complements your body shape as well as being comfortable. These are the two main factors which, together, will give you your all-time, go-to item of denim.

There are multiple fits of denim available. Let’s start with jeans. Think of it as a fitting scale, starting from slim to large. This has nothing to do with your body type, this is solely relative to the style and cut of the denim jeans. We have skinny, slim-fit, straight leg, dad jeans, and wide/cropped jeans as the main contenders. You won’t often find anything other than these styles in the store. Each of these fits of jean will work best for different styles, for example, if you usually dress smart/casual, a pair of slim-fit jeans are the best, obvious option. If you like to dress a bit more of the edgy side, dad style jeans and wide leg/cropped jeans should be your go-to.

Find Your Colour

Obviously, denim comes in a multitude of colours as well as a few different fits. The main denim colour is naturally the denim blue, known best for pulling off jeans and jackets for that 90s double denim ensemble. However, the game is always changing, and now coloured denim is the new in. We are loving denim jeans in black or white colourways. Denim jackets look great in white, black, grey or even in pink. By mixing up the colours, it means you can pull off a double denim look with much more ease. For example, if you were to wear a pair of black jeans with a white denim jacket, you probably wouldn’t even look like you were wearing double denim. It’s all about the tricks of the trade.

Our staple denim jacket comes in three colourways of black, white and grey. Each of these jackets are more than easy to style. When going for a smart/casual outfit, opt for some black slim-fit jeans, a plain white T-shirt and a black denim jacket to style over the top. For a really casual outfit, the white denim jacket is the best to go for, and for anything in the middle, opt for the grey. You can also wear blue denim jean jackets, but this summer it’s all about bringing in a twist of the timeless, so dare to go that step further.

Find Your Staple

Finding your denim staple is no walk in the park. Every man has one (or some) pieces of denim clothing in their wardrobe that they swear by. For some guys, it’s wearing that pair of jeans that they can never stray from. For others, it’s that worn-in denim jacket that takes them from season to season. Some guys, however, prefer to wear denim shirts to layer up their outfits where others opt for denim accessories to finish off an outfit.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a denim jacket this summer (because, granted, on a really hot day it might be a bit too much), why not look to a Denim Zip Through Overshirt in blue instead? Made in a regular fit, this overshirt will complement most body shapes acting as the perfect extra layer for warmer days. It has details of a front zip placket so you can wear it undone or zipped up as well as having chest pockets for you to keep your valuables in. Partner this jacket with some white jeans and a pair of Converse for a fail-safe summer style.

How You Should Be Wearing Denim This Summer

  • Denim comes in a whole load of stylesso don’t feel like you’re limited to the thick versions for your summer style.
  • Find your fit. You can still wear jeans throughout the summer. Decide which ones suit your style the best. From skinny jeans to dad style, wider jeans, there are plenty of styles to choose from.
  • Find your colour. Who said jeans have to be blue? At Curated Mint, we’re loving black, white and grey denim to mix up the palette of your wardrobe.
  • Find your staple. Denim is best worn when you feel comfortable in it. Make sure it flows with your style but that you also feel good wearing it to get the most out of your denim this summer.

On That Note

Wearing denim in the summer is a breeze. Once you have found the items you pull off best, there is absolutely no reason that you should limit your denim attire to the winter. Jackets, shirts and jeans all wor in the heat. If you think a denim jacket is too heavy on the particularly hot days then go for a denim shirt instead. There are always options!

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