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Are you wondering if you’re experiencing a mature hairline, or if you are noticing signs of receding hairline? These two go hand-in-hand and are very similar to one another. However, you will experience a maturing hairline and male pattern baldness at different times. Figure out what is the difference & learn how to embrace the maturing hairline with the right hairstyle ideas.

What Is A Mature Hairline?

A mature hairline is also known as a good hairline. This is something that every guy will experience on his own between the ages of 17-28. This hairline is a part of a maturing hairline process that is the type of hairline which is normal to have at this age. This hairline will pull back 1-1.5 cm from your first and natural male hairline. This natural hairline is also called juvenile hairline. According to many different articles, this is pretty normal & will develop as you age on its own.

What Causes A Mature Hairline?

This will happen with most men so slowly that they won’t even notice this change. It can take years for you to notice that your hairline has switched & pulled back on the sides behind your ears. In most cases, this will happen because of DHT – a hormone that causes hair loss in men who are genetically susceptible to it. You can’t cure DHT, but you can work your way around it by achieving a stylish haircut!

Top 9 Different Mature Hairline Hairstyles

1. Straight Hairlines For Men With Thin Short Hair

Stylish cut @jimmylaunay

A mature hairline haircut will look a lot like this. So, if you’re wondering and searching for “is my hairline receding,” have no worries. This hairstyle and hairline are completely fine & normal if you are wondering how to look & style your hair. You are not balding, but you are going to enjoy this normal hairline/mature hairline. Show off your forehead with this hairdo & style it with just a bit of hair gel and hairspray.

2. High Taper Haircut With Bangs

High cut @joeylondonstyle

If your hair is naturally a bit longer and thicker, but you still have a mature hairline or a v-shaped hairline – you can still wear something like this. It is stylish & long, as well as perfect for men who have voluminous hairstyles. You can hide & mimic the appearance of your mature hairline by focusing a lot of texture & product on top of your fringe or your bangs. Apply a hefty amount of product & move your hair to the side.

3. Side Swept Hairstyle With M Shaped Hairline

Side swept hair @stevecalder

A mature hairline will have slow hair growth. You may notice some thinning around the corners of your forehead, which is typically a normal & genetic process for plenty of men. Make sure you show off your temples and go for the right hairstyle. In this case, this hairdo is often worn by men in their thirties who need a quick & easy cut for the office.

4. Short V Shaped Hairline

Short hair @isaaclikes_

If your hair is naturally short & you have baby hairs, know that you can wear them with confidence. This short hairdo is perfect for your day-to-day life and is easy to style. Male pattern baldness is a real thing, but once accompanied with this hairstyle, no one will be able to tell that your hair is thinning or that you are experiencing maturing hairline.

5. Voluminous Mature Hairline

Voluminous haircut @kleidsam

Both an M shaped hairline, and a V-shaped hairline is a sign of receding hairline stages. Mature guys often wear their hair this frizzy & voluminous. It can be pretty distracting from the edges that are thinning + no one will notice your scalp since your strands are this long & voluminous. The main difference between this hairstyle and others is that this one needs to be treated with a proper conditioner & some hair-care treatments since it is quite long. Make sure you are up for this before you commit to this hair growth process.

6. Faux Hawk Haircut With Mature Hairline

High cut @darrenkennedyofficial

A faux hawk is perfect for hiding your hairline maturation! This hairdo needs to be styled in a particular way. Once done, no one will be able to tell that you have a mature hairline. Instead, everyone will think that your barber has done an amazing & precise cut! Your hair follicles will seamlessly blend with this cut, and you will be left with the perfect haircut for your head shape!

7. Short Crew Cut For Mature Hairline

Crew cut @jordanbunker

If you have baby hairs & you can’t naturally grow out your hair, go for this pretty common cut. Also, if you have hairline receding on one side & you are not too sure what to do – simply cut your hair short and even out both sides. A mature hairline will look a lot like this, and this crew cut will suit younger men who are dealing with poor & slow hair growth.

8. Side Swept Long Hair For Maturing Hairline

Side-swept cut @joeylondonstyle

Push all of your hair to one side & hide your annoying forehead wrinkle! This hairstyle will look amazing on men who want to hide some minor imperfections. No need to lose your confidence – simply get this haircut & embrace it along with your mature hairline. This hairdo will suit you no matter if you are in your twenties or thirties.

9. Defined Taper Cut For V Shaped Hairline

A guy in a car @nikitadobrynin

Last, but not least, this juvenile hairline is the perfect example of guys who are just going through the hairline recedes process. If genetic is the main cause of your hair thinning & is where all of your problems have started – make sure you go for this hairstyle. It will emphasize your head shape & will look pretty natural. It also won’t look ugly or attention-seeking.

What Age Does Your Hairline Mature?

As previously mentioned, your mature hairline will happen around your teenage years (usually around 17-18). The maturing hairline can happen even sooner if this runs in your family.

Does Everyone Get A Mature Hairline?

A maturing hairline will happen to everyone. As you age, your body changes, your hormones change & your genetic will have a huge role in this hair growth process, as well as the hairline recedes. Believe it or not, only 5% of Caucasian men will be able to keep their natural hairline (also known as juvenile hairline) throughout their lifetime. Every guy will, at one point, experience either a widow’s peak, hair shedding, thinning, receding hairline, or balding. Unfortunately, aging will occur & you can’t avoid it. This is why you should accept maturation & switch up your hairstyle as time passes by.

How Long Does A Mature Hairline Last?

Hairline maturation will stop after you reach your thirties. At that part, everything will go back to “normal.” However, typically, at this point, you will experience some new complications. Guys at this stage have passed their mature years, and they can experience male pattern baldness. At this point, a receding hairline is more than likely to happen.

Receding Hairline Signs: Why Does It Happen?


Some research says that up to 80% of European men will have a receding hairline by the age of 70. If you damage your hair follicles in any way, you will experience hair loss.

Hormonal Changes

DHT hormone is linked to baldness. If any drastic hormonal changes happen, you will experience baldness.

Your Family History

Family history has a major role in receding hairlines & hairstyles. Make sure you talk about this topic with anyone in your household.


A lot of stress can lead to hair loss called telogen effluvium. People will experience a lot of shedding during a short period of time.

Lifestyle choice

Lifestyle choices can have an impact on your hair loss. If you smoke, eat a lot of junk food, and you don’t care about your body – you can experience a receding hairline.

On That Note

And so, now you know all about hair thinning, male pattern baldness, as well as the juvenile hairline. As you can see, our guide is mostly focused on presenting you with different hairstyle options that can help you deal with this condition. However, since it is caused by genetics, you can’t really do a lot about your hairline. No specific treatment should be on your go-to list. Just make sure you find the perfect hairstyle & embrace it! You will enjoy it, you’ll feel very confident, and you will love the differences that the perfect hairline style can do!

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