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Jägermeister are teaming up with KangaROOS for the iconic booze company’s first ever footwear collaboration. The sneaker, in Jäger’s classic green, orange and black will be available from December 16th.

This liquor themed collaboration is packed with references to the famous brand from Lower Saxony, all whilst keeping in line with a classic KangaROOS silhouette. Jägermeister’s first ever footwear collaboration is sure to make a splash in the Sneakerhead community as more of a novelty collectors item than a serious piece to rock. Regardless of the reasons this sneaker is bought for, its expected to sell out pretty soon after release.

Jägermeister x KangaROOS Insole

Featuring an all white midsole and a black underneath brandishing the Jägermeister logo, the lower half of the sneaker perfectly complements the companies classic orange, green and black on the upper. Speaking of which, the upper is constructed out of a plush, premium suede with KangaROOS logo on the side in the form of a green kangaroo.

Jaegermeister x KangaROOS logos

Jägermeister x KangaROOS side

Some further not-so-subtle brand references dot the sneaker, such has the “56” on tongue tab – a nod to the 56 herbs and spices in Jägermeister’s secret recipe. Alongside that are Jägermeister x KangaROOS branded insoles in a deep Jäger orange, constructed of premier leather to give you a bouncy, kangaroo-esque ride. Completing the sneaker is a massive Jägermeister logo on the back of the heel – in a metallic gold colour, it’s a really eye catching addition.

Jägermeister x KangaROOS tongue tabs

This sneaker really champions Jägermeister’s heritage, dripping in Jäger references. Available from December 16th, this collaboration could be KangaROOS pathway back into the sneaker market after a disappointing few decades. For Jägermeister, this collaboration seems like a jovial way to get some free advertising.

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December 16th
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Jaegermeister x KangaROOS
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