Japanese Sleeping Pod Offers Comfort Amid Long Working Hours

Even though I spend more than eight hours in my office, I find it difficult to concentrate for more than three hours. Before you start assuming me to be an inefficient employee, I’d like to clarify it’s not negligence on my part but basic human tendency that find it difficult to concentrate for more than 90 minutes in a go. The possible reason behind this saturation could be the natural variations in our cycle of alertness.

Whatever might be the case, it is better we look out for a solution and an office pod seems like the perfect answer. Sleeping pods are getting immensely popular all across the globe. More and more companies are realizing the importance of little naps that must be granted to employees between working hours. It not only helps the employees stay fresh but also rejuvenates a whole new level of energy in their body. These little naps can help them stay alert and be more productive for long shifts.

Given this, two Japanese companies, furniture specialist Itoki Corporation and plywood supplier Koyoju Gohan KK are working together to introduce a vertical ‘nap box’ as reported by Bloomberg. Looking like a large capsule, the users will have to sleep ‘standing up’ inside the box.

Sleeping upright sounds strange but the box provides enough support to the head, knees and rear so that the person will not fall over while sleeping. Poised on four wooden legs, the sleeping box features a small opening I presume is a handle used to open and close the pod.

While it may not be as ergonomic and airy as the WeNap Office Pod but something is better than nothing. Moreover, I am not familiar with the final design yet; though, if it comes out same as the artist’s illustration, I’d look for some other pod may be one that allows me to relax my legs and spine.

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In case you were looking for something fancy and luxurious, it might not be the case with the vertical nap box; however, it is definitely much better than locking oneself up in the bathroom and catching a quick nap or drooling inside your cubicle.

The design process in underway and we might have to wait a little longer before we get some word on pricing and availability.

nap box by itoki corporation
Image: Itoki Corporation

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