Kohler Purist Suspend Smart Faucet Hangs Down From the Ceiling


kohler purist suspend

When it comes to designing kitchen and bathroom accessories, a simple philosophy comes into play. What’s new, functional and aesthetic will stand the test of time while the rest will perish. One such leading manufacturer of kitchen accessories especially faucets are Moen. Moen has been boasting its smart faucet at CES 2022 that comes with advanced motion controls. However, Kohler is equally confronting its rival with the latest innovation it terms Purist Suspend.

Kohler latest kitchen faucet hangs from the ceiling. Designed to make cleaning easier, the faucet comes equipped with a fully adjustable hose with 180-degree rotation which one can control wirelessly.

Purist Suspend streamlines your kitchen tasks without adding clutter to your workspace. The suspended kitchen faucet features a waterproof, battery-operated Bluetooth remote puck that manages activation, temperature, and volume of water to be dispensed. The controller can be used anywhere with its battery lasting up to a month.

Furthermore, the controller offers users a range of functions. A user can pause, play (turn the faucet on and off) and boost the water flow with a simple button depending upon their requirement. This not only decreases the mess but also saves water from being wasted.

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With a ceiling mount and wireless functionality, cleaning up would become a little easier as one would get plenty of space in the sink which was previously occupied by ordinary faucets. In addition, one can install the faucet hose at any height they prefer. The remote control faucet will cost you around $4,300 to $6,235 depending on the finish and will be available from February onward.

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Image: Kohler

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Image: Kohler

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Image: Kohler

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