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Leonardo DiCaprio’s been mauled by a bear, suffered in freezing cold waters, scammed half of New York, and had a big party in the 1920s. Despite all that, we’re going to focus on his hairline, because sure, it’s not as interesting as his eclectic film roles, but we’re petty. So, let’s have a look at his hair’s slow decline and how he’s managing it.

How Do You Get A Leo Hair?

Leo hair has been looking different for years & years now. Older men experience mild hair loss, which is why bald men tend to look for something different that suits their age. As maturing, you may want to focus on:

  • Trying out a stylish slick back Oscar haircut. This often looks the best for formal events and when you wish to look elegant. Show off your forehead and focus most of your hair growth only on the middle portion. When styled the right way this hairdo will look Hollywood and red carpet like.
  • Embrace a fade. If you’re struggling with bald spots only in some areas go for a fade that will put an emphasis on some parts of your head.
  • Go for a ponytail as Leo and Jared Leto do. This suits mature hairlines so well, perfect for everyday casual and simple styling.

Leonardo DiCaprio Young Hair

leonardo dicaprio young hair
“Found Slide — Ira Richolson Collection — Leonardo DiCaprio” by Thomas Hawk via WordPress

When you look at young Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair, you can see that he’s working with a decent amount of fine, straight blonde locks. While he’s not got thick, coarse hair, he’s got enough to style into a number of looks, and the Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle he sported in both Romeo and Juliet and Titanic, with the slightly swept back curtain cut, became a huge hit in the 90s.

There’s no real sign of any male pattern baldness here, and while his hair isn’t naturally thick it’s still plentiful and, most importantly, healthy. It’s not too hard to imagine why, as if you’re the poster boy of the 90s it’s likely that you’ve got a whole load of people making sure every part of you is in good condition. On top of that, although it’s not always clear how much they can affect hair loss, it can’t have done any harm that DiCaprio never touched drugs in his life, staying clear of an unhealthy, damaging lifestyle.

Leonardo DiCaprio Hits 30

leonardo dicaprio hits 30
“Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio” by El Informador Digital via WordPress

It was only when he hit 30 that the start of male pattern baldness began to creep into the spotlight. However, like a lot of men with the condition, Leonardo DiCaprio’s hairline didn’t really look out of place or even take away from his youthful look, only providing him with a slightly different shape.

It helped that the rest of his hair was still full and healthy, and he had no sign of a balding crown, one of the signs of male pattern baldness that’s harder to work with. The defined hairline actually helped to elongate his face, hiding any roundness that comes with age and giving more shape to his slicked back hairstyles.

leonardo dicaprio beard
@Presidency of the Mexican Republic via WordPress

Then, then came the beard, and with that the start of the whole hair loss rumours. There’s a popular belief that when men begin to lose hair on their head they compensate by growing some on their chin. It’s as though beards and hair loss are intrinsically linked, and that they’re dozens of bald actors with beards hoping no one’s noticed something’s missing.

Still, it didn’t really seem like DiCaprio was pulling this supposed trick, and although there were still signs of his receding hairline, the rest of his hair was thick and even long enough to pull into a, possibly ill-advised, man bun.

On That Note

What we’re really noticing here is that although male pattern baldness can hit when you’re young, and charge full speed ahead, it can also move very slowly. Leonardo DiCaprio clearly has some male pattern baldness to work with, but his crown has stayed full, he’s not suffering from overall thinning hair, and even his receding hairline hasn’t progressed too far back.

Male pattern baldness moves at its own pace, so if you’re in your 20s and you’re already seeing signs of it, you might be lucky like Leonardo and not have it affect your appearance all that much. If you are worried about this or your current rate of hair loss then it is best to speak to a professional hair restoration clinic.

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