Looking For A Leather Satchel For Men? Here Are 14 Of The Best | Curated Mint

Don’t shoot the messenger, but a leather satchel could be the bag you’ve been looking for.

It can be hard to find the perfect bag that’s in between holding your stuff in pockets and carrying an overly large rucksack – because everyone’s decided they want you to help carry their things, too.

This is where the satchel perfectly fits in. Initially designed as a piece of light luggage, this is the kind of men’s bag that works from a day in the office through to a chic piece of arm-candy in the evening. We’ve put together a list of the best leather satchels for men available right now to save you the search.

A Brief History Of The Messenger Bag For Men

Image Credit: The Daily Beast

Don’t be confused – a messenger bag and a satchel are two different choices, all dependent on whether you choose to add a shoulder strap. From first being associated with book carrying, these leather bags have only continued to grow in popularity as the years have passed.

A leather bag is one that is going to last you a lifetime, keeping its durability and aging well. A style that always makes practicality a priority, the convenience of a satchel has become an essential.

For an updated twist on the look, a satchel style rucksack is a perfect hybrid. Still in-keeping with the messenger bag feel, additional storage keeps those all-important essentials in easy to use reach.

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