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Are you looking for some unique Lord of the Rings cast tattoo ideas? Keep reading to discover some of the most excellent Lord of the Rings tattoos.

lord of the rings cast tattoo
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Based on the classic J. R. R. Tolkien, Peter Jackson’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is a trilogy of epic fantasy adventure movies.

The Lord of the Rings cast members has left a mark on the show’s viewers with their performance. The star-studded cast is very famous for its role in the movie series.

The LOTR movie series is a favorite for many people due to its excellent storyline and fantastic cast members. The viewers of the movie series are very fond of the series, and a tattoo is a great way to commemorate their love for the show. The reason Lord of the Rings is a well-known series stems from its epic vision and original material, as well as its extraordinary production efforts, impressive runtime, and faultless continuity. This movie series has been a way for its viewers to escape reality. If you are in search of LOTR tattoo cast ideas, we’ve got you covered. We have made a list of some most astonishing LOTR tattoo ideas for your upcoming tattoo choice.

Bilbo’s Door Minimalistic Tattoo

bilbo's door minimalistic tattoo
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Have you ever seen the movie series Lord of the Rings? Ian Holm, the professional actor, played a role in the movie Lord of the Rings. Without giving any spoilers, we can say that the door played a significant role in the tattoo. Rings director Peter Jackson has done an excellent job carrying the entire story around the door.

This Bilbo’s door tattoo is perfect if you are a LOTR fan. The tattoo shows a round door made using a fine black line. The door perfectly represents the one seen in the movie. There are also some stones and leaves around the tattoo, making it look even more realistic. If you want to make it look more life-like, you can always add colors to the tattoo. Make sure you get this tattoo inked from the best tattoo parlor near you to achieve the best look of the tattoo.

Beautiful Argonath Lord Of The Rings Cast Tattoo Locations

beautiful argonath lord of the rings cast tattoo locations
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The Argonath, often referred to as The Gates of Argonath or The Pillars of Kings, was a structure made up of two colossal sculptures of Isildur and Anárion that stood on opposite sides of River Anduin at the northern entrance to Nen Hithoel. This realistic tattoo looks so beautiful due to the proportion and the detailing of the tattoo.

The Argonath gate has been shown in a circular frame. Rings Director Peter Jackson has done an excellent job in creating the structure. Some gorgeous colors are used in the tattoo, adding a pop of color to the piece. Get this ink done from the best tattoo parlor near you to do proper justice to the ink.

Gimli Lord Of The Rings Tattoo

gimli lord of the rings tattoo
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Gandalf is one of the famous and influential characters as he was among the five highest Istari and other Istari to be sent to earth. The exceptional acting of Sir Ian McKellen and artistry made the character eternal for Lord of the Rings fans. This Gandalf tattoo idea where Sir Ian McKellen is seen holding his stick and sword and wearing the iconic cap of the Gandalf character from Lord of the Rings.

You can get this fantastic tattoo inked on your upper- legs, arm, or at the center of your chest. This Rings tattoo is inked precisely with black color, and all the shading is done using a grey hue to make the tattoo more realistic and pleasing to the fan eyes of the show- Lord of the Rings.

King Of The Dead Para LOTR Cast Tattoo

king of the dead para lotr cast tattoo
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Boromir tattoos symbolize someone who considers themselves extremely strong to combat as the character was a brave warrior from Gondor. The character Boromir played by exceptionally talented Sean Bean has a dark touch which is also portrayed in these Boromir character tattoos from Lord of the Rings. The tattoo keeps all the character elements, as shown in Lord of the Rings and portrait by Sean Bean breathing, taking acting.

The whole tattoo of Sean Bean’s Boromir character from Lord of the Rings lying down, wounded by arrows and the one single flower up the top of his head inked with black color can be one of the symbolic Rings tattoos for the fans of the Lord of the Rings cast, or Sean Bean or the other Rings cast.

Witch King Of Angmar Tattoo

witch king of angmar tattoo
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Eowyn is one most robust characters in the Lord of the Rings. This tattoo of Eowyn, played by Miranda Otto, is highly detailed. The tattoo is drawn with hands that know the precision needed for all the elements necessary for the Lord of the Rings character and set it apart from other Rings cast. Since the character from the show Lord of the Rings was an action character, the stunt double used instead of Miranda Otto also did a good job.

The tattoo holds all the details like the facial structure of Miranda Otto and other elements like the crown with the horse flag, the sword, and the shield inked with just black color. Women who are a fan of the show Lord of the Rings and wish to show homage to the Lord of the Rings character have their portrait inked the Rings tattoo on their upper arm or somewhere where it’s visible.

Hyper-Realistic Frodo Full Sleeve Rings Cast Tattoo

hyper-realistic frodo full sleeve rings cast tattoo
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Legolas is another popular and strong male character from Lord of the Rings, played by Orlando Bloom. This tattoo is the outline of the Legolas character played by Orlando Bloom from the show Lord of the Rings. The character had his origin as a prince from the woodland Realm of North Mirkwood.

The unique attire of the character from the Lord of the Rings show sets it apart from the rest of the cast. And all these character elements are kept intact in these tattoos by outlining them with fine lines of black ink and is one of the best ring tattoos to opt for if you are a big fan of Orlando Bloom’s played character Legolas or the Lord of the Rings cast.

Gandalf Sir Ian McKellen Tattoo Idea

gandalf sir ian mckellen tattoo idea
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The Gimli character of the show Lord of the Rings had a unique face and character traits. The face of John Rhys Davies, who played the character Gimli in Lord of the Rings, added to the character arc of an extraordinarily loyal and peace-loving companion.

This Rings tattoo of the character played by John Rhys Davies inked with black color can be unique. You can be inked on your upper arm to pay tribute to the surface or relate with the nature of the character concerning another Lord of the Rings cast.

Boromir Sean Bean Lord Of The Rings Tattoo

boromir sean bean lord of the rings tattoo
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People who are a bit familiar with characters from the Lord of the Rings show will know that face of the character of the King of the Dead is a highly eye-catching ring tattoo idea. The character was the King of all the people who were dead in Dwimorberg. This character was unique compared to characters like Aragorn, played by Viggo Mortensen, or Merry Brandybuck, played by Dominic Monaghan.

The entire tattoo perfectly portrays the character’s scary face and is inked with just the black color to develop the character’s dark nature. This Rings tattoo is unique compared to the rest Lord of the Rings cast.

Eowyn Miranda Otto Hyper-Realistic Tattoo

eowyn miranda otto hyper-realistic tattoo
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Witch-King of Angmar was a character whose true identity remained unknown in the Lord of the Rings show. We know that the character was once a mortal man like Samwise Gamgee, played by Sean Astin. This Rings tattoo portraying the face of Witch-King of Angmar is completely inked with black color with grey hues for shading and to make the tattoo pretty realistic.

The ring’s tattoo also has a pattern, as shown in the Lord of the Rings, behind his face. People related to such characters became fans of the show the LOTR cast. These fans of the Lord of the Rings show get this tattoo inked to their body like on the upper arm where it is visible as a tribute to the show or the Rings cast.

Fine-Line Orlando Bloom Legolas Tattoo

fine-line orlando bloom legolas tattoo
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Elijah Wood is extraordinarily unique and heart-melting, acting for the character Frodo in the Lord of the Rings. This Rings tattoo is the portrait of the character shown in the show. The essential element of the show- the ring sketched near his heart depicts the pure and incorruptible nature of the character.

The character Frodo played by Elijah Wood, nailed the character arc and depicted well the mission to destroy the rings, which involved him in countless dangers and treacherous journeys along with the rest LOTR cast. The eyes shown in the LOTR tattoo are inked with yellow, and to set the dark tone of the character, the rest part is inked with black.

The movie trilogy of Lord of the Rings has left a mark on all its viewers. People from all across the world have found themselves hooked to the movies. It is not only due to every professional actor present in the film but also to its magnificent storyline. Also, have you ever wondered what tattoo the cast of LOTR gets? They inked the number nine in the Elvish Tengwar script of J.R.R. Tolkien. The cast members and the series have left a mark on people’s lives, so we couldn’t help but add a few more to the list.

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