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Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you have to compromise style in your footwear. This is our guide to the best winter shoes to buy.

Winter’s well and truly on its way, it’s time to get some practical footwear to face the frosty ground. If you’re thinking about picking up a new pair of shoes for the winter, we’ve got you covered.

Men’s Winter Boots

Boots are an essential part of winter shoes, their practicality and durability in the harsh weather make them a staple for every man. But having a practical boot doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, you can still look good whilst battling the harsh conditions. When buying a pair of boots for the winter you’re going to want to consider what they’ll work best with. You’re going to be wearing them with darker colours so think about what will work in contrast and also what will compliment your winter style.

Dr Martens

A classic British men’s boot. DM’s have been built in the UK since 1960 and have had cult status ever since. Whether it was icons like Sid Vicious wearing them in the 70s or the punk revival taking place today, these boots have been worn by men across the World.

We’ve put together some classic Dr. Marten’s but we thought we should show off a few more you could give a go. There’s no reason why green can’t be smart! We also think the Leopard print Monk Strap shoes would work well with a fitted black suit. There are also two options in brown with a high 8 eye boot and the rugged 3 eye shoe. They all come with the instantly recognisable chunky clear sole that Dr. Marten fans can’t help but love.

8 Eye Dr. Marten Boot

The original look boot has to be the 8 eye in black. They look great with darker colours, a pair of Edwin Jeans work well with a leather jacket.

3 Eye Dr. Marten Shoe

A classic look is the 3 eye shoe, great in black and works well in a casual or smart outfit. This is a shoe that’s going to last a long time and still be comfortable. The outfit below is a great example of adding a splash of colour to your look by going for a bright yellow coat. The DM 3 eye shoes boast the iconic chunky sole and you can choose between a patent or matt leather upper.

Steed 3 Eye Dr. Marten Shoe

Not all Dr. Marten shoes have to be bulky. The Steed 3 eye shoes in black leather are a smart addition to any wardrobe. Get the outfit below ready for winter by throwing on a jumper or a wool coat. These shoes would look great with a casual outfit but can bring a smart outfit together. Dr. Martens are perfect for so many outfits.

Classic Monkey Dr. Marten Boot Black & Brown

They’re a mid-top version of the classic DM style. Take a look at the two shades below, with both brown and black available you get to pick which works best with your winter outfit. They’re less bulky than the standard boots and you could wear them with trousers or jeans without them taking up too much room. After all, men’s leather boots are some of the best options for winter.


One of the few on our list that isn’t British! The American mega brand has been manufacturing boots for over a century. There’s also a plus to wearing these boots in the rain as they’re guaranteed waterproof. They’re great for winter but you will want to make sure the suede versions are protected before you head out into the elements.

Timberland 6″ Lace Up Boot Gold

They’re probably the most easily recognised of the Timberland boot range. Their gold boot rekindles memories of 90s Hip-Hop stars, with baggy white tees and a pair of dungarees. Thankfully, we’ve moved on a bit since then. Take a look at the outfit below to see how it’s done in the 21st century. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Nudie jeans. The T-Shirt from Edwin is an easy combination of grey and blue that shows off the gold boots.

Timberland 6″ Lace Up Boot Black

The black option is clearly a prime choice for winter. It’ll go with most of the outfits you pick throughout the colder months. You’ll find they don’t stand out as much as the lighter gold or sand colours. That doesn’t mean they’re nt impressive. Check them out with a pair of dark jeans and a big lapelled coat, you’ll be impressing with every step.

G.H.Bass & Co.

They have a reputation for making some incredible loafers but they also have some boots in their arsenal. Check out some of their leather designs. They’ve got a couple of choices below ranging from the Camp Mock Ranger in mid & dark brown but also Lindon Mid Ranger Boot in navy.

Mens Brogues

Brogues are a classic men’s shoe design. It was originally designed for outdoor wear, the brogue’s now suitable for almost any situation. Dr. Martens do a classic brogue shoe and the design below is from Hudson. Check out the look below to see a smart option for your winter shoes. The brown shoes work well with the outfit but black brogues are perfect for a smarter evening. Men’s tan brogues are also the perfect choice for a winter outfit.

Brogue Boots

Boots are perfect for winter and a pair of brogue boots could be the perfect addition to your collection. Try out a pair in burgundy if you want to wear something a little different.

Men’s Wellington Boots

The summer might seem like prime Wellies time with the sheer amount of festivals you can attend, but the winter is when their waterproof qualities come into their own. There’s only really one brand to think about when it comes to wellies.


Hunter Wellies are another classic British boot for this list. Originally called the North British Rubber Company it since changed its name to the much easier to manage, Hunter. Take a look at some of the styles below, with black, navy and different shades of Green you can get a look that combines country and chic. The boots retail for around £80 to £100.

Men’s Chelsea Boots

They’re a classic boot that look great with skinny jeans. Everyone wants a pair of brown suede chelsea boots but black is also a great choice in an all black outfit. Men’s ankle boots are everywhere now but the original design dates back to Victorian Britain but they were taken up in a big way in the 1960s with mods taking on the look as their own.

Hudson Boots

The Hudson Chelsea boots below are a great choice for the winter but protect them beforehand to avoid the suede getting damaged. Crep Protect is a great choice for protecting everything from trainers to suede shoes. It doesn’t even take too long and it’ll be worth it when you have a fresh looking pair of shoes through the summer.

Try out something like the look below that is so smart but also incredibly easy to do. A pair of skinny jeans with a white T-Shirt looks so much smarter with a Farah coat thrown on top. Consider investing in a decent coat this winter because it will make any outfit instantly smarter.

Men’s Desert Boots

Desert boots might be more casual then Chelsea boots but that doesn’t mean they’re not smart. You can get a pair in suede or classic leather. Suede shoes are an easy way to make a casual outfit smarter but also there’s no reason not to wear them with a suit. We’ve got a couple of styles you can consider for the upcoming winter season.

Clarks Desert Boot Black

The black suede desert boot from Clarks works with smarter looks but is at it’s best with a pair of black skinny jeans. Try them with a smart navy coat and you’ve got a winter outfit that easy to create. Aside from the black you can pick up a pair in grey suede or brown leather.

Clarks Desert Boot Brown

The brown suede option is a reliable choice. We’ve mentioned this a few times but make sure you protect the suede before you wear them out in wet condition. Nobody wants rain stained suede shoes! The outfit below is easy to put together. Any colour jumper would work well but a deep red contrasts with the black jeans well. A Herschel bag is a sturdy addition.

Your Quick Guide to Men’s Smart Winter Shoes

  • Dr. Martens are a great choice in smart shoes with so many more options available than the standard 8 eye boot we’re so used to seeing.
  • Timberland create smart looking boots for the winter and as they’re waterproof you’ll appreciate the protection during the next storm.
  • Clarks have some smart suede shoe options available, with the black desert boots boasting some of the most impressive in their collection.
  • Hudson have some smart shoes and Chelsea boots that will compliment most smart looks.
  • Wellies might not count as a smart shoes but you can get a pair of smart looking Hunter Wellington boots that will take you off the beaten track.
  • G.H Bass also have some smart options available for the winter. You can leave your loafers for your summer wardrobe and check out their mid top boots.
  • Make sure if you’re getting a pair of suede shoes or boots you should invest in protection. There’s no need to be walking around in rain stained shoes!

On That Note

The smartest shoes can still be worn with a casual outfit. Don’t feel like the two can’t be combined! Whether it’s a smart pair of Dr. Martens or a pair of Timberland boots you can always get something to suit your look. The smartest shoes are often simply clean so be sure to invest in some kind of protection if you’re getting a pair of suede shoes. They might look smart the first time you wear them, but you’re just one puddle away from destroying them.

We’ve taken a look at a few of the shoes we have available but if you can’t see something you love, check the site to get a few more idea of what you can wear.

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