Minimalist Lip Coffee Table Features a Split Top for Storage

If you are someone who enjoys checking out unique designs on social media, just like me, look out for Deniz Aktay’s work. The furniture designer from Stuttgart, Germany, is gaining a lot of followers and plenty of coverage for his conceptual designs. Earlier, Aktay introduced his peculiar spinning coffee table which garnered much love. The 3D designer is at it again and this time, his can-inspired Lip coffee table is making rounds on social media.

The design of the Lip coffee table looks like a casket to me, irrespective of what the design nerds think. Simple and minimal in construction, the solid plywood body formulates the top of the table that is split to create storage space. Contouring the outline of the wooden top, an aluminum base firmly holds two plywood parts constituting the table.

Deniz Aktay’s told Homecrux,

Actually I was inspired by an open can. I’d like the image of a container where its content urges to
break free, like it happens here with the books that want to get out and be read. So I came to this
design idea offering a low tabletop with a small and easy to reach book storage.

The tabletop features a distinctive opening. Splitting the tabletop into two halves are two-lipped edges of the table with a storage section in the middle. It also hints that there is concealed storage space inside the base. Add a book or a magazine there and it looks like a tongue sticking out between the lips. Pretty lofty, right!

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The designer created the table using additional help from software like Maxon’s Cinema4D and Corona Renderer. Although the design is simple and minimalist, the making of the tabletop would require steam bending, which in itself is a challenge. Metal could be a good alternative but the designer opted natural material for the top to add a pleasant touch.

lip coffee table by deniz aktay

Image: Deniz Aktay

lip coffee table by deniz aktay_1

Image: Deniz Aktay

lip coffee table by deniz aktay_3

Image: Deniz Aktay

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