Money Buyers are Happier on Other People’s Time Means That’s Can’t Buy it Back

Money Buyers: You work long and hard to get paid. You work even harder to buy right. You are tired of waiting and wonder what it is you have been missing so far. Importing from zones farther south is cost-prohibitive. It would help if you went further south to get a reasonable price on your Iowa corn. Yes, the cost of transportation and more and more administrations are being forced to increase eminent domain for a high-value property. You are way too tired from trying to sell, and the market is going south, and you have quit looking south. So, what now, you ask. Is there real estate opportunities in Iowa, yes or no? What if I told you it was easier than you think to get it? And at a good price too.

I am in the supply chain business, and I would like to sell Iowa land. I know how to sell it fast and for a good price too. I have sold many homes in Iowa, and house value within my price point. You want the best of the best for your money. I am not a land bubble or real estate guru, or everybody with an Ivy League education, email me and tell me what you want to know. I am just a real estate professional, an expert on supply chain sales for residential and commercial, and a guy who can buy things. I know what I am saying because I buy things every day and talk to people who need to sell their homes all day long.

Money Buyers
Money Buyers

I have heard from people in very high-value homes in Iowa, and they appreciate their homes and are happy with their lives. Tenants are not happy with their lives. They want their rent to be high and really high, and they don’t care that they have to work at 50% above retail rent to get it. They don’t want their landlord to hold back their rent, and the landlord won’t want to hold back rent and so on it or not. There is money to be made here.

I have purchased the property for hundreds of thousands of dollars for cash flow and building hotels and motels. I have brand new hotels on the way, in beautiful African Hotels with suites from almost any designer of choice, built in the heart of one of HUD’s ‘Moral obligations’ states. I have bought homes to rent also, yes, and the list goes on. See, this is not real estate. This is a business. My business is buying property and selling them for cash! How do I do that? I go and get a real estate license and sell licenses for me. That way, I am already doing something legal to buy the income-producing property for cash. It is perfectly legal to do that. I take the income-producing property, rehab or renovate or whatever and sell it for profit. Sell it long term to make a profit. Sounds easy. Yes, except for the money!

This idea of buying and selling property picked up over 20 years ago, re-emerged in the ’80s after my company produced several homes in California and Nevada. I am so old it is amazing. I am now 70 years old, live in an RV on the homestead road, but I make money. Tenants pay rent for shelters that I rent out for cash. And I make a lot of money. Please send them to their mortgage company for a bit, buy the abandoned property for a fraction of what it is worth, fix it up, sell it, and make $1,500 or more. Whatever I can get above the rent.

When I was in high school, once we had a road project, the result caused a moving truck to spot Rule of the Road. The only person that came to see me was our landscape architect, who built a beautiful street for us and left it a mess because the contractors had oversized the assets. The property cost $4,800, and we found it for about $500 in junk fees. We got a beautiful new strip shopping centre for $1,000 and a brand new 3 story building that cost now $2,000. Is this real estate? Certainly not. Would the contractor find a successful value for our site if the price didn’t reflect its worth? I made $200,000 and did not own the property. We did add an addition, and my neighbour did not complain about the cost.

You can do the same type of thing now with a website. You can host a website and monetize it. If you are the owner of a successful, profitable, 22-year-old auto dealership inkers and promotes all the goods they sell because that is what you sell, all your skills plus your products are worth. You can do the same thing with real estate. If you buy a good deal on real estate, you can fix it up and make it sell.

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