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We couldn’t work out what the FXX in MT580FXX stood for. It transpires that it reps for Fingercroxx, who’ve got plenty of stores rolled out across Hong Kong, as well as Hong Kong’s Double-Park.

With a utilitarian skate and hip-hop aesthetic that’s not a million miles from Tokyo’s real mad HECTIC. They, after mita, made us love the New Balance MT580 in the first place. Back when it cropped up occasionally in Stussy stores or Footpatrol and cost a zillion pounds a pair. But that was a decade ago. Now it seems that the tech trail looks of the MT580 are catching on globally.

new balance fingercroxx

Leaves You Guessing

One of the best things about the MT580 is that it’s so damned mysterious — it has little relation to other New Balance like the 1990s 580 running silhouette and appeared in Japanese stores in the late 1990s, upgrading an existing shoe number like the MT575 did a few years before for some fictional mountain use. But whereas the Rollbar assisted 585 and 586 from around the same time were real performance, the MT580 was presumably made for posing.

new balance fingercroxx

New Balance US put out an American-made 587 that brings back another part of the 580 series for your edification. But the hype hordes had no time for that shoe — they’re all about these SMUs, which we’re assuming were created for Fingercroxx’s 10th anniversary in 2012. And who can blame them? The details are on point throughout and what looked a little messy on first impressions has understandable appeal.

A Wanted Item

The light brown suede, off-white midsole, lime/electric green Rollbar and the fact they sourced a matching green Scotchlite backing for the ‘N’ as well as brown Scotchlite too to accompany the the duck-style camo lining, leather lace “jewel”, corresponding camo lace option and a thoughtful Scotchguard application all indicates that some thought went into the process. After the success of the West edition, the New Balance MT580FXX flew off the shelves.

new balance fingercroxx

Where to buy a pair of New Balance MT580

new balance mt580
StockX – check the latest price – click here
new balance mt580
Flight Club – check the latest price – click here

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