The New Balance M991 is kind of underrated. Commercially, this design killed it: it’s an iconic dad shoe design, but unlike say, the MW558 (another paternal favourite) it’s a decent looking shoe. The M991 isn’t necessarily a thing of beauty though: the tongue branding and heel branding is terrible though and has never looked particularly good. But that’s part of this design’s charm though. even though we deliberately ironed out both those issues (the heel was a more problematic thing to alter) for our CT collaboration when it came to this silhouette. This design is also Steve Jobs affiliated, seemingly functioning well enough to become part of Jobs’ regular wardrobe — still, it’s curious that such a details and design guy should pick this look when it came to shoes. Perhaps, with that comfort, costliness and ease of use it paralleled the Apple approach. In 1998, it seemed that New Balance needed to follow up 1996’s M999 — part of a series that had started in 1982 with the expensive OG M990 design — they presumably decided that the M1000 wasn’t going to work, so they took it back to the original numerical name with the M990 and its ABZORB technology and new shape and different form. Then New Balance started creating the 99X numbers that the skip from 990 to 995 between 1982 and 1985 never included — 2001’s M991 put ABZORB windows on the sole. 2006’s M992 with the upgraded cushioning and ABZORB-DTS was present on the 2008’s M993, but a lot of those shoes looked very, very similar. The M991 is still the best of that triple-digit quartet.Punchable idiots might call this shoe norm core — we just call it the beautifully-made alternative to the rest of the shoes on shelves. In Italy and France (as well as Japan and America), the M991 seems to get a lot of love. Despite the UK-manufacture when it comes to the shoe, this country never seems to give it the respect that it deserves. These blue and yellow colourways are incredible…

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new balance m991 steve jobs favourite shoe gets colourful
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