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We go through everything you need to know about the classic Nike Air Huarache Triple White trainer, from its origins to its place in sneaker history

White trainers are the staples of our wardrobes, but its when brands try to do something different with the classic designs that we get something really special. Nike created the Air Huarache back in the 1990s, with the specialised technology improving the overall performance of the shoes, with Nike claiming the trainers were ‘striped to the bare essentials’ and only including the necessary pieces, rather than unnecessary bells and whistles.

Through their experimentation with strong design and minimalist features, Nike created a variety of shoes that effortlessly blended the two together. Their collection of Air Huarache trainers took bold, statement silhouettes and combined them with a range of block colours, and their Triple White Huaraches were one of their most iconic pieces yet.

Nike Huarache Triple White

At first glance these trainers appear to just be a classic pair of white trainers in a chunky, statement finish. However, looking closer it’s easy to see the variation of textures, and whites that give it its name. Its clean mix of leather and mesh, along with its assortment of patterns and detailing ensures the all white finish looks dynamic and unique.

Nike Air Huarache Ultra BR Triple White


  • Neoprene footsock
  • Embosses plastic ankle strap
  • Classic Huarache tongue


In 2015 Nike released the Air Huarache Triple White, featuring a strong rope lacing design and textured finish. The crowds went wild, and the trainers sold out almost instantly, creating a need for a re-release as soon as possible. The next year Nike changed up the design of the Triple White design, offering a cleaner, more minimalist white finish, with a more streamlined lacing system, and a textured mesh outing.

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Nike Air Huarache Triple White
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Nike Air Huarache Triple White
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Nike Air Huarache Triple White
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