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Everything you need to know about one of most iconic Air Jordan designs, with its patent leather finish and famous icon.

There’s few trainers that have gathered the same amount of success and worldwide love as the range of Air Jordans from Nike. With their quality design, clean support and unique style they’ve been a hit since their introduction in 1984. With Michael Jordan continuing to successfully market the trainers, even the ones that originally weren’t as successful as the rest have now become classic pieces. The once shunned Air Jordan Concords are now arguably one of the most popular Air Jordan styles so far.

Nike Air Jordan Original OG 11 Concords

The 1995 OG Air Jordan 11 Concord was a bold step up from its predecessors, moving away from the bright colour ways that fans had come to know, and instead opting for a sleek black and white design. That wasn’t the only thing though, and even when it came to materials there were some changes going on.

Black patent leather, usually seen on women’s shoes at the time, covered the shoe from toe to heel, giving a streamlined, high shine finish. Contrasting against it was a pure white upper that rose to the ankle, giving ample support, and cut with a black inner sole. The sole of the shoe featured a clear outer sole, yet many fans were disappointed when, with the technology of the 90s, it turned yellow after time.

nike air jordan original – og 11 (xi) concords white – black – dark concord


  • Patent leather encompassing the base of the shoe
  • Carbon fiber plate in sole of the shoe
  • Ballistic nylon uppers
  • Huarache inner sleeve
  • Quick lace system
  • Clear outer sole

nike air jordan original – og 11


Space Jam was a big part of people’s childhoods, whether you hated the film or still love it to this day. Michael Jordan sported a version of the Jordan 11 Concord in the cult film, showcasing the unique patent leather rim and a black mesh upper, and immortalising it along side Bugs Bunny. The first commercial design differed however and featured a white mesh upper rather than a black one, and giving the shoe a more striking contrast, as well as emphasising the black patent leather.

Nike worked hard on marketing, creating the famous 100ft dunk advert, which captured the essence of the shoes – hardwearing, technologically advanced, but not to be taken too seriously. However despite the popularity of the ads the shoes themselves were a little too out there for the 90s audience and sales were poor. Like many pieces that weren’t appreciated at first it took a few years and some re-releases before the popularity of the shoe grew, and its now seen as an iconic piece in the Nike collection.



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