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Men finally get the chance to buy these Air Jordans a full 14 years after their original release, but all is not what it seems. Check out our guide to a the Nike Air Jordan Retro 11 Low GG Citrus Trainers.

Anyone who remembers this release from 2001 may also remember being desperate to find a pair in your size and that might still be the case. Nike have released them in extended youth sizes, you can cop a pair up to a US youth 9.5 which equals an 8-8.5 here in the UK.

A plus for anyone with narrow feet means you’ll find these fit a lot better than your standard Jordans as youth sizes come in a more snug fit. We all love a pair of White Jordans but take care, the patent leather on these might fade sooner than you’d like. That’s no reason to ignore this release, the striking translucent citrus outsole is more than worth it, as long as you can find them in your size!

Nike Air Jordan Retro 11 Low GG Citrus

There’s no denying these will be turning heads. If you can manage to fit into them it’s an easy way to get a pair of sneakers none of your friends will be able to copy. The design comes with Nike’s standard comfort features, you know you’ll be able to wear these for hours on end without feeling like you want to kick them off.


  • In your face bright citrus orange outsole
  • Patent and smooth leather upper in white.
  • Iconic Jordan logo on the heel and tongue.
  • Available in youth sizes up to UK 8.5
  • Smaller youth design suits narrow feet.
  • Round laces.

Drop Date:

20th June 2015




Originally released in 2001 and exclusively in women’s sizes there was a huge demand for these trainers. A retro release in 2015 saw these sneakers put out in an extended youth sizing, which meant men in the UK up to a size 8.5 were lucky enough to buy a pair. Unfortunately for those looking for these sneakers in larger sizes, they’re not available. Maybe in a decade’s time Nike might schedule another re release, who knows what goes through their heads!

There’s no doubting these are fresh, if you want to grab a pair you can still find some on Ebay but most other retailers have now sold out. Released just at the start of summer these trainers are made to be shown off in the sun.

Where to buy a pair of Nike Air Jordan Retro 11 Low GG Citrus

Nike Air Jordan Retro 11 Low GG Citrus
Stadium Goods – check the latest price – click here
StockX – check the latest price – click here
Nike Air Jordan Retro 11 Low GG Citrus
Flight Club – check the latest price – click here

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